Hitler Abortion Billboard Up in Poland

March 1, 2010 at 6:23 pm

Imagine a similar billboard (see below for an example of censorship) being displayed in the U.S.

Hitler/abortion billboard up in Poland – Jill Stanek

I reported February 12 that the Polish arm of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was pursuing an opportunity to display a huge 74 ft x 32 ft billboard alerting some and reminding others that it was Adolf Hitler who brought abortion to Poland.
Polish pro-lifers erected the Hitler billboard to coincide with the March 8 celebration of International Women’s Day, when Polish feminists organize marches and demand abortion without limits. This billboard will certainly stymie that hoopla.

Translation: "Abortion for Polish women introduced by Hitler on March 9, 1943."

I can’t imagine such a billboard going up in America, where MSM consistently censors the truth about abortion. In fact, a pro-family group in Chicago, where the 2nd largest Polish metropolitan population resides next to Warsaw, has thus far been unable to locate a billboard company willing to run an English version.

Gee I guess the Chicago area bill board companies don’t want to get on the wrong side of  ‘Baby Killers INC.” OKA Planned Parenthood.

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