New Black Panther Leader King Samir Shabazz “You’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill their babies.” [Video & Transcript]

July 6, 2010 at 11:22 am

King Samir Shabazz of the NBPP, sharing the opposite side of the race hate coin with the KKK. Each just as caustic and virulently racist as the other. Both deplorable. Both evil. If you denounce the KKK or any racist white supremacist group (as any decent human being should) you should by all rights denounce the NBPP as well. And call them out for what they truly are, and what they stand for, pure unadulterated hate.

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Transcript in full context:

Samir: My job is to educate black people, whether they want to be educated or not. I don’t give a damn what they may think about white people, I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker I hate him. Because we are still in this condition.
Narrator: Samir will use any opportunity to shout his message. Even at a festival to celebrating African heritage.

Samir: “We didn’t come out here to play. There is to much serious business going on in your black community to be sliding through south street with white, dirty cracker whores on your arms. What’s a matter with you black man, you got a doomsday with a white woman on your arm.
We keep begging white people for freedom. No wonder we’re not free. Your enemy can not make you free fool. You want freedom you’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies.”

More racist vitriol spewed by Shabazz:

The Cats Came Back

Philadelphia Weekly

“I can’t wait for the day that they’re all dead. I won’t be completely happy until I see our people free and Whitey dead.


“When you have 10 brothers in uniform, suited and booted and ready for war, white folks know these niggas aint their niggas. We kick white folks asses. We take it right to the cracker.

We’re going to keep putting our foot up the white man’s ass until they understand completely. We want freedom, justice and mutha[expletive] equality. Period. If you aint gonna give it to us, mutha[expletive], we’re gonna take it, in the name of freedom.”

Death threats against whites and their babies. Babies! The incitement of murder on the basis of one’s race. Evil incarnate. A fine example for today’s youth. Blood may already be on his hands.
The New Black Panther Party, who as you may know, had their Philly voter intimidation case dropped by the Obama Dept of Justice. (See related links below.)

And in fact Samir (the vile man in the above video) was the night stick brandishing jack booted thug intimidating voters in Philly. They were caught in the act in this now infamous viral video.

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Update: Killing white babies is okay in context.

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