Rep Russ Carnahan (D-MO) Admits Firebomber Was Ex-Campaign Worker [update: TPM Reports Story but Denies Powers is a TPM Blogger]

August 25, 2010 at 7:07 pm

The left-wing extremist has been officially smoked out…

carnahan firebomber chris powers 2010

(R) Chris Powers

Congressman Russ Carnahan held a press conference confirming that the person St. Louis police arrested and released for last week’s firebombing of his campaign headquarters did in fact work for his re-election campaign.


Carnahan did not say the man’s name but did confirm that the name Chris Powers made public this morning on a right-wing blog was accurate. According to Carnahan, the suspect volunteered for his campaign in July and was hired this month as a political canvasser — a job he kept for five days before being let go for “failing to do his job.”

This afternoon Daily RFT left a message with a Chris Powers listed in the St. Louis phone book but has heard no response.

Via Jim Hoft who adds:

Russ forgot to mention that this radical staffer also also has a history of harassing tea party patriots.

Carnahan claims Powers was fired for “failing to do his job.” And reportedly Powers accuses the Carnahan camp of failure to pay. Who is right is anybody’s guess but the sideshow is entertaining…

BTW Here is a delicious tidbit, not only is Chris Powers of the leftist persuasion and a former Carnahan staffer, he blogs at one of the larger left-wing sites; Talking Points Memo under the pseudonym Ripper McCord.

Just think if the Tea Party went all radical extremist like the left is prone to (see related links) …there would be complete chaos. Thank God on the right, cooler heads prevail.



Powers’ identity was first reported yesterday by the St. Louis blog Gateway Pundit. After the claim gathered steam online, Carnahan held a press conference and confirmed that Powers is a former campaign worker. Carnahan said Powers was paid as a canvassing worker for about a week, but was fired for “not doing his job.”

When TPM asked Powers if he was the person initially arrested by police, Powers referred us to his lawyer, who was not immediately available for comment.

As several blogs have reported, Powers wrote a reader blog at TPMCafe under the name Ripper McCord. (Any TPM reader can create a reader blog and comment on the site, and Powers is not affiliated with TPM.)

Quick! Someone alert St Louisan Chris “Ripper McCord” Powers that TPM does not claim he or his punditry.

carnahan firebomber chris powers TPM screenshot

Note: The post in above screenshot is dated July 21, 2008.

What does a left-wing whackjob have to do to get respect from his own kind? Firebombing the office of a Dem congressman, seems to be the trick. We must keep in mind there is the possibility that Ripper McCord impersonated Chris Powers alleged firebomber a good two years in advance just for kicks…or to pull a fast one on TPM. Or not.

Exit question: What the hell is “Liberal Eco-Communal Welfare Party”