Video: Wisconsin Capitol Protesters Disrespect the Veterans Memorial

February 26, 2011 at 6:41 am

Full frontal, blatant disrespect!

Filthy commies only care about their ‘visibility’, not that they are trashing a Veterans Memorial. They place their ‘needs’ above fallen soldiers.

Via Ann Althouse.

Meade and I confront them, and we’re told we’re the first people who’ve had a problem with it. I try to explain how that attempted defense of the behavior is only going to make it look worse. It means that of all these crowds of people in the Capitol, no one else has noticed or cared enough to say anything.

YouTube Preview Image

Actions speak louder than words. And with their trashing of the Veterans memorial inside the Wisconsin capitol building, these progressive punk’s lack of respect for fallen veterans ring loud and clear.

Of course we have always known which side progressives are [really] on haven’t we?