Doc Drop: “Unmasking Muhammad The Malignant Narcissist and His Grand Delusion Allah”

April 3, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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"This book is dedicated to: The Human Race Whose march towards perfection has been disrupted by some devious imposters who pose as direct spokesmen of God to fool and misguide a large number of people."

A Note to the Readers

Islam stands or falls on the credibility of Muhammad on which we do not have single evidence but unfathomable doubts because his conduct was immoral. But he successfully twisted the sense of morality of his followers, distorted their sense of ‘Humanness’ and linked “doing good” and “a service to God” to all ungodly things. Briefly, he had given a sacred aura to crime and terrorism.

Was Muhammad truthful and sincere when he claimed to the title of prophet? Or, was he a vulgar imposter, who posed as a prophet with his eyes upon a throne from the beginning? Where we can find some concrete evidence that Qur’anic revelations were not Muhammad’s delusions or his conscious fabrications?
Where is the ‘divine’ verification for ‘divine’ revelations? If we put the Qur’an in chronological order and correlate it with the context of Muhammad’s life as was reported in Sira, Sunnah and Hadith we find Allah mirrored Muhammad’s character. Allah was too dumb to be God and too immoral to be Divine.

In this treatise I have no intention to test God. I just want to test Muhammad’s claim to the
title of messenger of God because I cannot blindly accept his claim. Throughout the
recorded history of Mankind, many imposters had posed as God-man and fooled us.
Muhammad may be a true prophet or he may be an imposter. We must test him to see
which he is. Anyone who claims to be a prophet must be prepared to have his prophecy

This treatise is a critical investigation, where I have probed deep into the strange imaginary
fantasy world of Muhammad not only in search of an answer but also to unfold many mysteries
of Islam and Muslims. First, I had looked at Muhammad through the spectacle of blind faith and
then through the spectacle of science, logic and modern development of Psychological and
Mental Disorder studies. This document contains the findings of my investigation.

When an investigation is done in any intellectual field, no investigator can claim that his
academic research work is complete in every respect and the conclusions are final. It is always
like an open loop and there is constantly a scope for further research. I sincerely hope that the
enthusiastic readers (both Muslim and non-Muslim) with further investigation will come out with more interesting facts on different aspects of the same topic.

This document is heavy reading, and lengthy. I ask for reader’s patience on this.

Thank you.

Sujit Das (e-mail: counter.jihad (at)

Mumbai (India)


This book is under no copyright Law. You may translate, publish and distribute this book by any means and without any legal restriction or prior permission, but at least let me know by sending me a mail counter.jihad (at)

Sujit Das’ on “Unmasking Muhammad The Malignant Narcissist and His Grand Delusion Allah” –here, more of his work here.

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