Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority & Fatah: ‘No Peace, No Israel’

May 22, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Present day Palestine following in the footsteps of their ancestral Islamic brethren, allies of Hitler during the Holocaust:

Our Fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world”
-Grand Mufti of Palestine 1930′s Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ words meant for western consumption drip with taqiya.

The State of Palestine intends to be a peace-loving nation, committed to human rights, democracy, the rule of law and the principles of the United Nations Charter.

And I hate to break it to the appeaser in chief O but, Abbas/PA/Fatah loathes Israel as much as Hamas. Vile Islamic birds of a feather, who all call for the destruction of Israel.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas holds up a “map of Palestine” that includes all of Israel


Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 26, 2010 -This picture appeared in the official PA daily and the caption read: “President Abbas holds up a stone model of the map of Palestine.” that includes ALL of Israel

Abbas and PA leaders attend Fatah performance presenting Israel as “Palestine”

YouTube Preview Image

Source: Palestinian TV (Fatah), May 12, 2011
Palestinian singer at Fatah concert:
“We commit and promise to stand behind you, oh Mahmoud Abbas, until Judgment Day. I am returning to you, the purest land, oh land of the free. No matter how long the nights of exile, I am returning to you, oh land. From Rafah to Rosh Hanikra (northern Israel) our coast, and Beit Shean (Israeli city). Above your soil, oh my land, is a picture of Garden of Eden. From Rafah to Rosh Hanikra our coast, and Beit Shean. Above your soil, oh my land, is a picture of Garden of Eden. From Rafah to Rosh Hanikra, north and south, are the picture’s borders. From Haifa (Israeli city) and Tantura to the [Jordan] valley (i.e., all of Israel). I am returning to you, the purest land, oh land of the free.”

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Note: The following PA officials are shown sitting in the audience: Mahmoud Abbas, PA Chairman, Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Fatah Central Committee, Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Executive Committee, Abbas Zaki, Fatah Central Committee, Al-Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim, President’s office Sec. Gen., Yasser Abd Rabbo, PLO Sec. Gen., Ahmad Tibi, Israeli Arab Member of Knesset.
This video originally aired on Feb. 27, 2011 and was rebroadcast May 12, 2011.

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Palestinian Authority depicts a world without Israel

The Palestinian Authority makes no attempt to educate its people towards peace and coexistence with Israel. On the contrary, from every possible platform it repeatedly rejects Israel’s right to exist, presents the conflict as a religious battle for Islam, depicts the establishment of Israel as an act of imperialism, and perpetuates a picture of the Middle East, both verbally and visually, in which Israel does not exist at all. Israel’s destruction is said to be both inevitable and a Palestinian obligation.

Map after map after map of Palestine’s genocidal vision of Palestine in a world in which Israel does not exist. Displayed in schools, in textbooks, on flags, Palestinian Authority government usage and —terror organization logos:  Palestinian Authority depicts a world without Israel – “Palestine” replaces Israel

PA Minister of Tourism defines goal as “end to Israel”

Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 1, 2010
“[PA Minister of Tourism, Khuloud] Daibes, said: ‘This day [Festival for Tourism and Cultural Heritage] is meant to bring joy to people’s hearts and to preserve the Palestinian heritage. Moreover, it is part of the popular resistance whose goal is to bring about an end to Israel.’”

Fatah MP hopes for “the end of Israel”

Source: Palestinian TV (Fatah), June 1, 2010
PA TV daily talk show and news program Palestine This Morning:
Subject: Israeli boarding of the Gaza flotilla ship
Interview with Najat Abu Bakr, member (Fatah) of Palestinian Parliament

Abu Bakr: “I am certain that the State of Israel – this entity which the world implanted in our body, in our bones, in our history – this [Gaza flotilla incident] is the beginning of the end of this oppressive entity.”
Host: “Correct.” (Video)

The armed resistance will continue

Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 4, 2009
Marwan Barghouti, Fatah Secretary in the West Bank and member of Fatah Central Committee:
“Finally, Barghouti once again renewed the promise and the oath to our people and to Fatah members everywhere, that the flag of the resistance will remain flying and will not come down until the occupation ended, and that we will continue in the path of the Shahids (Martyrs) [jihadists]and the prisoners – ‘the way of Fatah,’ the way of the struggle. [He added:] ‘The last day of the period of occupation is the first day of peace in the region; there is no peace, no security and no stability except with the disappearance of the occupation and the settlers, and the end of the occupation is closer than many imagine it to be. The fate of the settlements in the [West] Bank and in Jerusalem will be no better than that of Gush Katif and Kfar Darom in Gaza. The occupation will end up in the dustbin of history as an example of the racism and of the Fascist and Nazi regimes. Our people, bearing the most noble, respectable and just cause known to humankind in modern history, will prevail.’”

Note: Marwan Barghouti is serving five life sentences in Israel for terror activities.

PA daily: Israel is a passing, transient spirit

Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 24, 2009
Yihya Rabah, daily columnist in official PA newspaper
“The Palestinians left their homeland [during the 1948 war] and did not return… They left, thinking that their absence would not last long… By now it has reached sixty one years… The State of Israel cannot bear the contradiction, being a country that lives like a demon that takes possession of another body. The State of Israel lives within the Palestinian body, in Palestinian land and Palestinian cities… and despite all the aggression, and despite the whole ugly deception, Israel… looks like a demon that enters a person’s body, causing him suffering and depriving him of sleep and torturing him. But it remains… a passing, transient spirit, which dwells in a body in an abnormal manner, and one day it will leave him, as soon as the sick body is restored to physical and spiritual health… All of Palestine, from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, from Rosh ha-Nikra to Rafiah, is the homeland of the absent Palestinian.”

[‘From the river to the sea’ = destruction of Israel -Ed.]

Hamas the Palestinian Authority’s new BFF:

Hamas Foreign Minister: Jews were destined for destruction and are heading towards it [Jews deserved horrors of the Holocaust]

Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Mar. 15, 2010
Hamas Foreign Minister, Mahmoud A-Zahar, at National Conference for Maintaining Principles and for Support of Jerusalem, held in Gaza and broadcast live:
“On behalf of all of you [present at the event] I direct a clear message to the Israeli enemy: We say, at the very moments that you are inaugurating the new House of Destruction [the Hurva synagogue] – Oh historical project of destruction! At this moment we must make a recommendation to you. You, who killed your prophets, and whose fate throughout history has been destruction; you – even if you have an atom bomb – you are headed for destruction. You, who ruined every country you lived in – [it was] because of your actions [that] you were killed, you were expelled. You were destined for destruction and you remain so.”

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And on…

Palestinian Authority TV song states Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, Nazareth and more are Palestinian

YouTube Preview Image

“Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, and Nazareth are ours.
[I] Muhammad sing about the Galilee and the Golan (Heights).
Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Nazareth are ours.
[I] Kabha sing about the Galilee and the Golan (Heights).
From Bethlehem to Jenin is Palestinian,
Ramle, Lod and Sakhnin are Palestinian.
Nowhere is more beautiful than Jerusalem;
no matter how much we travel
From Safed to Al-Badhan (near Nablus) is Palestinian;
Tiberias and Ashkelon are Palestinian.”
[PA TV (Fatah), May 13, 2011]

…and on…

Fatah official: Our goal has never been peace

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“Fatah is facing a challenge, because [Fatah] says that we perceive peace as one of the strategies, but we say that all forms of the struggle exist, and we do not rule out the possibility of the armed struggle or any other struggle. The struggle exists in all its forms, on the basis of what we are capable of at a given time, and according to what seems right…
What exactly do we want? It has been said that we are negotiating for peace, but our goal has never been peace. Peace is a means; and the goal is Palestine. I do not negotiate in order to achieve peace. I negotiate for Palestine, in order to achieve a state.” — [PA (Fatah) TV July 7, 2009]

…and on…

It should be noted that when Fatah refers to “Palestine,” it is routinely referring to all of Israel.
Some examples:
1. The Fatah flag still shows the map of Israel under rifles. The same symbol (see right) appears on the Fatah website ( and other official Fatah publications.

…and on…

2. Fatah MP Najat Abu-Bakr said in a PA TV interview last year that Fatah’s goal remains the destruction of Israel, but that their political plan is to focus on the West Bank and Gaza Strip:

PA Fatah MP: Destroy Israel in stages in religious war

YouTube Preview Image

“It doesn’t mean that we don’t want the 1948 borders [all of Israel]…but our current political program is to say that we want the 1967 borders.” –[PA (Fatah) TV, Aug. 25 2008]

…and on…

3. A PA TV educational documentary broadcast monthly since 2007 includes the following words denying the existence of Israel:

Palestinian Authority TV documentary presents Israel’s coastal cities as ‘Palestinian’

YouTube Preview Image

“Another section in Palestine which is the Palestinian coast that spreads along the [Mediterranean] sea, from… Ashkelon in the south, until Haifa, in the Carmel Mountains. Haifa is a well-known Palestinian port. [Haifa] enjoyed a high status among Arabs and Palestinians especially before it fell to the ‘occupation’ [Israel] in 1948. To its north, we find Acre. East of Acre, we reach a city with history and importance, the city of Tiberius, near a famous lake, the lake of Tiberius [Kinneret- Sea of Galilee]. Jaffa, an ancient coastal city, is the bride of the sea, and Palestine’s gateway to the world.” –[PA (Fatah) TV, August 2007-June 7, 2009, dozens of times]

…and on…it goes.

4. Muhammad Dahlan, senior PA official, recently stressed that Fatah adamantly refuses to recognize Israel, and that even Palestinian Authority recognition is to have better standing internationally in order to receive foreign aid:

Fatah still refuses to recognize Israel, 2009

YouTube Preview Image

“I want to say for the thousandth time, in my own name and in the name of all of my fellow members of the Fatah movement: We do not demand that the Hamas movement recognize Israel. On the contrary, we demand of the Hamas movement not to recognize Israel, because the Fatah movement does not recognize Israel, even today… It’s required of the government but not of Hamas; it’s required of the government but not of the Fatah, so that this government will be able to offer the necessary assistance, to carry out the necessary reconstruction, to offer assistance to the sick, to bring relief to needy families… This can be dealt with [only] by a government that has relations with the international community, one that is acceptable to the international community, in order that we can work together and benefit from the international community.” –[PA (Fatah) TV, March 17, 2009]

All of the above just the tip of the vitriolic, evil iceberg known as Islam, beginning with Muhammed and continuing to present day.

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