Occupy Wall Street Day of Rage in Pictures

September 17, 2011 at 4:06 pm

A garden variety assortment of various anti-American revolutionaries, ne’er-do-wells & malcontents.

America’s Domestic enemies….Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Fascists, Anarchists, Fifth Column, Radicals, and Traitors all. ~ FarxistReport

Need to catch up? Learn who is behind the ‘Day of Rage’ here.

Because every good revolutionary knows the revolution begins with an evil corp made t-shirt that says 'revolution'. Hey poseur, I heard the Gap has 'useful idiots' tees in stock, get yourself one.

Represent! Arafat pali keffiyeh dude hangin' with commie sickle & hammer t-shirt wearing anarchist communist flag bearer.

Pali keffiyeh wearing anarchist punk commie and flag

From the looks of this aged hippie, drug induced escape from reality, would be my guess.

The revolutionary communist party begging for attention. Props though for keepin it real with the home made sign.

Code Pinkos make the scene, while a flower man-child sashays by.

Throwback to tent revival preaching? The Good Humor man? Why no, it's the Reverend Billy: "Peaceallujah"!

Anonymous, with the exception of tell tale tats.

A refreshing change of pace, far from the maddening crowd: Support for Israel against Palestinian jihad.

Day of Rage sideshow freaks.

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Teh occupation on teh Twitter:

#OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet #Sept17 #USDOR

Also see Urban Infidel’s photo/video essay. Anyone who braved being among the foul smelling throng to document the rage fest, deserves a visit.


Zombie has an extensive photo essay “Day of FAIL: Nationwide anti-capitalist revolution flops” here. Magnificent as always.


#occupywallstreet speaker: “I don’t care if you are communist or socialist, we need to stand together comrade”. I rest my case. #usdor