Squalid Rat Infested Neo-Com Drug Haven #OccupyOakland Commune –TORN DOWN

October 25, 2011 at 11:46 am

The Hella Occupy Oakland Obamaville cesspool has been –drained.

"To show how egalitarian and open-minded the whole Occupy Oakland movement is, they have workshops both in Marxism 101 and in anarchism. Being mutually exclusive philosophies doesn’t matter — as long as they’re both devoted to destroying capitalism, we can work out the details later in a brutal post-revolution civil war. Sound familiar?" ~Zombie

(Oakland Tribune) –Early Tuesday, the city began ousting protesters who have camped out for two weeks at the Occupy Oakland tent city on Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Police started assembling around the tent city at 14th Street and Broadway at about 3 a.m.
7:15 a.m. Snow Park camp closed

Police have shut down the Snow Park encampment at 19th and Harrison streets near Lake Merritt.

"Everywhere I went, I encountered people taking drugs — mostly marijuana. Many of them were understandably camera-shy. But this guy stood right on the main walkway and puffed away on a drug pipe." ~ Zombie

Several protestors ran around into the nearby streets upending trash cans and dumpsters, throwing trash into the streets.
6:15 a.m. Police descend on Snow Park camp

Dozens of police officers are moving into Snow Park near Lake Merritt. An officer is using a bullhorn to tell protesters to leave the small park. Police are ripping down the tents and protesters are yelling “go away, go away.”

Attention protesters at Snow Park, this is the Oakland Police Department, you are in violation of the law. You must comply with this announcement. It has been determined that you are illegally lodging and are subject to arrest. To avoid arrest, you must gather all your belongings and vacate the park. You must comply with this announcement now.”

"Some of the speakers addressing the rally wanted to go “the full Lenin.”" ~Zombie

Protesters are yelling “police state, police state” and “rise up, rise up, against your masters.” Police are forming a line to protect the people who have been arrested and put in police vehicles. Protesters claim they have the right to assemble and yell “shame, shame, shame, shame,”

5:30 a.m. Protesters cleared from plaza, tent city gone

On a side street off Broadway between 14th and 15th streets, a police line is keeping about 20 or 30 people out of the plaza as the protesters chant: “rise up, rise up, come on people rise up.” Police said there were about 200 police from Oakland and other agencies involved in the raid. Police said a few protesters threw bottles at first, but then stopped.
5:15 a.m. Tent city destroyed
5 a.m. Police move in
Protesters are sitting down, and police are now leading them away, handcuffed. Police in masks are moving into the camps.

4:50 a.m. Police surround camp
4:40 a.m. Police arrive

Several police cars have arrived. The protesters are running around, throwing things at the police. Riot police with batons full riot gear have assembled on the corner of 14th and Broadway.

Police are lined up from 14th to 15th, at least 100 riot police. Protesters are chanting “Police go home, cops go home ” and banging sticks on anything they can find.
City officials began stepping up pressure on the protesters last week and on Friday upped the stakes by issuing a letter stating that the encampment on Frank H. Ogawa Plaza was “a violation of the law” and threatening violators with immediate arrest.

Occupy Oakland food area "Paradise for rats." ~ Zombie

The “notice of violations and demand to cease violations” came a day after a preliminary letter that urged the residents to vacate the camp because of what the city said were a host of problems, including fighting, vandalism, public urination and other sanitation and public health issues. Officials said an existing rat problem in the area was being made worse by the encampment, which had about 100 tents at one point.

"The ground around and inside the camp was also littered with other evidence of drug use, such as this crack cocaine baggie that had been dropped or discarded." ~ Zombie

A spokeswoman for the mayor, Karen Boyd, said Friday that the protesters had shown themselves incapable of self-governance. “As a collective, they cannot maintain the plaza in a safe condition,” she said.

Read full time line.

The Revolutionaries’ Revenge

It’s Mourning in America, friends.  Wake up to the fetid smell of Marxism taking over Main Street, intent on crushing Wall Street.
The Bay of Rage website unabashedly explains that they are “an anti-capitalist initiative” that will “function during this period of austerity” as a “clearing house” for information and action.  At the bottom of the home page, the stakes are clearly laid out: “austerity or civil war.”

Still don’t believe me?  From the Bay of Rage website:

This Friday, Oct 14th, the 5th day of Occupy Oakland, an anti-capitalist bloc led the first march out of Oscar Grant Plaza (Frank Ogawa Plaza). A diverse crowd of at least 200 chanted “Fuck the police, we don’t need ‘em. All we want is total freedom“, “Burn the Banks“, and ” 1, 2, 3, 4 – organize for social war” throughout the demonstration.

Read it all.

Photos and captions by Zombie. View the entire photo essay here, segregation (yes you read that right), communist related signage and MORE.