Canada: Imam Says Muslims Being Treated Like Jews in Nazi Germany

December 14, 2011 at 9:47 am

Oh the horror! Canada prefers to see who exactly is being sworn into citizenship.

Toronto Sun:

Syed Soharwardy, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, says a regulation change requiring Muslim women to remove their niqabs and burkas when swearing the oath to become a Canadian amounts to Muslim bashing.

“Muslims are going through that situation right now that the Jews faced before the Holocaust,” Soharwardy told CFCN TV in Alberta.

“That was going on in Germany before the Holocaust, same thing is happening now about Muslims. So this is absolutely an alarming situation.”

So says an Imam of Islam, the ideology which played a HEAVY hand in the holocaust, as an ally of Hitler. AND is persecuting/assaulting/slaughtering/jailing Christians in Muslim dominated countries –present day. Just BECAUSE they are of the Christian faith. Which suffice it to say, goes way beyond “bashing”.

Kenney says the issue is not about religion, and says if Muslim women don’t like the changes they picked the wrong country to call home.

Ditto that.

The back story:

In the announcement, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney explained that the decision came as a result of complaints from lawmakers, judges and citizens who said they could not tell whether those with covered faces were saying the oath.

“All we ask of people is to fulfill the requirements of citizenship and to swear an oath before one’s fellow citizens that one will be loyal to our traditions that go back centuries. This common pledge is the bedrock on which Canadian society rests,” he said Monday. “That is why starting today, my department will require that all those taking the oath do so openly. From today, all persons will be required to show their face when swearing the oath.”

Kenney added that the act of taking the citizenship oath “is a quintessentially public act” to show that one is joining the “Canadian family.”

“To segregate one group of Canadians or allow them to hide their faces, to hide their identity from us precisely when they are joining our community is contrary to Canada’s proud commitment to openness and to social cohesion,” Kenney said. “It’s important to note that this is an expectation. If Canada is to be true to our history and to our highest ideals, we cannot tolerate two classes of citizens. We cannot have two classes of citizenship ceremonies.”

Islam teaches that it should be placed on a pedestal above all others, even in the west. A separate, privileged class of citizenship at the very top of the citizenry totem pole.

And yet many useful idiots continue decry the truth behind Islamic supremacy and Islam’s goal for global domination.

In their own words:

The B.C. Muslim Association expects Muslim women will follow the new regulation, but takes issue with how the government characterized the ban.

“We feel that the government should have consulted experts on Islamic law before enforcing the regulation in order to understand the correct position of niqab in Islam. The minister’s remarks about niqab being a completely cultural practice are inaccurate and Islamic legal texts can be referred to in this matter,” said BCMA president Musa Ismail and BCMA religious affairs spokesman Mufti Aasim Rashid in a statement.

The Canadian government should of consulted Islamic law before they made their decision. How islamophobic of them! Spit.

No need to worry about the attempt of Muslims to inject Islamic sharia into western law.

None …what…so…ever…