Ode To The Welfare State Circa 1949

December 18, 2011 at 7:17 am

The poem “Democrat Dialog” (below the fold), allegedly by a prominent Georgia Democrat and referred to as an ‘Ode To The Welfare State’ by Clarence J. Brown (R-Ohio). Who inserted it into congressional record, in response to Harry Trueman’s November 3, 1949 “pie for everybody” speech:


The policies we advocate are based on these convictions.

We maintain that farmers, like businessmen, should receive a fair price for the products they sell.

We maintain that workers are entitled to good wages and to equality of bargaining power with their employers.

We believe that cooperatives and small business should have a fair opportunity to achieve success, and should not be smothered by monopolies.

We hold that our great natural resources should be protected and developed for the benefit of all our people, and not exploited for private greed.

We believe that old people and the disabled should have an assured income to keep them from being dependent on charity.

We believe that families should have protection against loss of income resulting from accident, illness, or unemployment.

We hold that our citizens should have decent housing at prices they can afford to pay.

We believe in assuring educational opportunities for all our young people in order that we may have an enlightened citizenry.

We believe in better health and medical care for everyone–not for just a few.

We hold that all Americans are entitled to equal rights and equal opportunities under the law, and to equal participation in our national life, free from fear and discrimination.

‘Ode To The Welfare State – Democrat Dialog’

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