Obama’s First 2012 Campaign Offense is Defense?

January 19, 2012 at 4:55 pm

In the first 2012 campaign season ad out of the gate, Obama doubles down on the bankrupt, scandal ridden, taxpayer funded (one half of a BILLION dollars) crap sandwich Solyndra.

AllahPundit opines:

By “secretive oil billionaires” he means Americans For Prosperity, the Koch brothers outfit that’s running a tough ad about Solyndra against him right now. Once upon a time, they would have been described here as “right-wing special interests.” Obama being Obama, though, the conflict is framed overtly in terms of wealth and the damage its shadowy possessors inflict on the world. What’s next in this crude left-wing class-resentment campaign? Comparing Mitt Romney’s private equity firm to vultures?

Ten and a half months of this, guys. All spring, all summer, well into fall. Every day. There isn’t enough beer in the world to cure the tedium. Even so, I give The One credit for having the sheer stones to run an ad touting his record on energy jobs on the very day he torpedoed the Keystone pipeline. (See the Boehner snippet below for more on that.) I hope he’s saving the big “Mubarak toppled in Egypt!” ad for the day the new Islamist parliament is sworn in too. Exit question: Are those solar panels I see? He’s actually … advertising his administration’s track record on solar-energy ventures?

The ad:

YouTube Preview Image

Sooooo…Obama claims his Solyndra ‘green jobs” epic failure is a success?

Let’s check in with Fact Check –ABC:

The “unprecedented” line comes from a statement by a coalition of government watchdogs in 2009, just three months after Obama took office, who referred specifically to steps pledged early on to boost transparency and end the “revolving door” of former lobbyists becoming presidential appointees.

Since that time, however, Obama has appointed two former lobbyists to posts inside his administration, including most recently Cecilia Munoz to be his chief domestic policy adviser. Politifact – the nonpartisan fact checking group — calls this a “broken promise” by Obama.


Turning to the economy, the ad hails “2.7 million Clean-Energy American Jobs,” citing a July report from the Brookings Institution, the suggestion being that Obama deserves credit for the employment in those industries.

But the Brookings report does not claim Obama created or maintained those jobs, just that 2.7 million exist in that sector – which encompasses a diverse array of roles and industries, including all of the nation’s mass transit workers (e.g. bus drivers).

On American dependence on foreign oil, the ad credits Obama with reducing foreign imports below 50 percent for the first time in 13 years, but fails to mention that the downward trend, which began under President George W. Bush, is the result of a broad array of factors.

“There is no single explanation for the decline in U.S. oil import dependence since 2005,” the Energy Department report from May 2011 cited in the ad reads. “Rather, the trend results from a variety of factors. Chief among those is a significant contraction in consumption. … The downward trend in consumption started two years before the 2008 crisis and reflects factors such as changes in efficiency and consumer behavior as well as patterns of economic growth.”

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Oops! Sounds like Obama’s ad is “not tethered to facts”.


And unfortunately what is not “unprecedented”, is the Obama’s twisting of facts.