Burn A Virtual Quran! [Update 2: Burn-The-Koran.com Taken Down DDoS Attack]

February 24, 2012 at 12:41 pm

What a find!

“Burn a Koran online –The one-stop shop for all your Koran-burning needs!”

I will not submit. Lan Astaslem. لن استسلم

Each time this page is loaded a fresh, new copy of the Holy Koran is downloaded from one of several different sites.
Pressing the Burn It! button will permanently delete (“burn”) that copy of the Koran forever.
After the current copy is burned you may then burn another copy.

Why are we doing this?

We’re doing this for several reasons:

  • To call attention to Radical Muslims who threaten people with death for burning or disrespecting their so-called “Holy Book”.
  •  To show Radical Muslims that they cannot control people all over the world just because they hold a particular set of beliefs.
  •  To show Radical Muslims that non-Muslims are NOT bound by any Muslim law, scripture, or rule.

In short, we are not Muslims. We are NOT subject to Islamic laws.

But you’ll offend Muslims all over the world!
Yes, we know that. What’s your point?

Isn’t it wrong to offend people (Muslims) like this?
Isn’t it wrong to threaten people with death [and kill–Ed.] for burning a book?

Do you have any pictures or cartoons of Mohammed on this site?
No. You’re probably thinking of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. We heartily endorse Draw Mohammed Day and we hope you participate. But hey, why don’t you burn a few Korans first?

Is this site a joke?
Absolutely not. This site is our way of making a personal, heartfelt statement that NO group should dictate to or control the actions of other individuals, and especially not a group whose beliefs are based on the scribblings of a murderous, pedophile madman like Mohammed. Believe whatever you want, but DON’T try to impose your rules or beliefs on others, and certainly not by force or threat of death or bodily harm.

Do you really download a new copy of the Koran each time?
Yup, we sure do. Korans are downloaded from one or more of the following sites: http://islamway.com/SF/quran/, http://qurandownload.com/, http://islamtomorrow.com/free/, http://mideastweb.org/quran.htm, and others.

What do Muslims think about this site?
We don’t know, and we don’t care. (Actually, we’d guess that they don’t like it much, but we still don’t care.)

What if we were to make fun of your beliefs?
Feel free. We believe in science and knowledge, and you’re welcome to make as much fun of them as you like.

About Us

There’s not much to tell about us, really. We’re a small group of people who believe strongly in freedom of expression and who take issue with any religious group who tries to dictate to other people what they should think, what they should believe, or how they should act.

If you burned or desecrated a Bible, a Torah, the Hindu Vedas, or any other “holy book” you would no doubt face some criticism, some of it very harsh. But if you burn or disrespect a Koran, many Muslims will call for you to be put to death. That’s right, they feel that burning their holy book should be punishable by death. That seems a bit extreme to us, frankly, especially since Islam touts itself as “the religion of peace”.


If your holy book tells you to kill people for things like this, it’s not a holy book and if you follow its teachings, you are insane.

I am thrilled to say that I just burned the 223,062 copy (image at top the actual copy I burned). So go ahead get your infidel groove on, burn your own copy of the unholy Quran. It feels damn good –do it!

Then go here: Prophet of Doom and learn just how inherently evil and violent Islam and Mohammed’s Islamic jihad manifesto (the Quran) truly is.


Works for me. In case you missed it, deets on Sharia Judge Martin here.

Update 2: Thanks to commenter Shawna for bringing this to my attention. Burn-The-Koran.com has been taken down.

From what I have gathered from a quick search on the internet and Twitter, it appears that it was a DDoS attack:

Here are two twitter accounts that are claiming responsibility:

And here is a link to a Malay blog ‘Darisungaiderhaka.blogspot.com’ who called for a DDoS attack to be launched against Burn-The-Koran:


David Pax at Infidels United links…thanks!

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