Online Virtual Quran Burning Reloaded!

March 12, 2012 at 10:54 am

Do not be dismayed fellow Infidels, enemies of freedom may have taken down Burn The, the leader of the online Quran burning pack. But another website Stop Islamization Of The World has stepped up to the plate, to help to fulfill your burning desire to torch the un-Holy Quran.

This updated version of virtual Quran burning adds an extra-bit-o Quran burning fun.
online quran burning

Once your copy of the Quran is burned –all is left is the ashes.

quran ashes

Each time this page is loaded, a fresh, new copy of the Quran will appear.
Pressing the Burn It! button will permanently delete (“burn”) that copy of the Quran forever.
After the current copy is burned you may then burn another copy.
Why should you burn a Quran? Read it and find out.

Burn baby, BURN.

H/T TaterSalad

If you are more the explode the Quran to smithereens type, see Infidels United Blow Up The Quran“.

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