Obama Admin. Fast and Furious Propaganda Machine: DOJ Refers Reporter To Media Matters

April 21, 2012 at 10:55 am

Washington Free Beacon reporter CJ Ciaramella requested a comment from the Obama DOJ regarding Katie Pavlich’s new book, ‘Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up‘.

And this is the unacceptable, deflective reply he received:

“Per your request for information on a Fast and Furious book, I was told to direct your questions to the FBI, and also to provide you a link to this (Media Matters) story”

Are we to presume, that the propaganda spewed by anti-Semitic, Soros funded Media Matters for America, is the official DOJ comment regarding Pavlich’s scathing expose on the Fast and Furious scandal?

(Edited 4/22/12) CJ Ciaramella address’ the DOJ MM referral in his article ‘The Third Gun” here. (Piece includes a link to the specific MM article he was directed to via the DOJ )

Lee Stranahan sends out as request of his own via Twitter:

That is the million dollar question my friends.

Below a screenshot (courtesy of Lee Stranahan) of Kattie Dixon’s Linkedin profile description of her current position at the Dept. of Justice. Official title ‘Confidential Assistant to (DOJ) Director of Public Affairs (Tracy Schmaler).

More here and here and here.

Here is a screencap of Katie Dixon’s past and current positions as listed on Linkedin. Quite the resume, DOJ (Dept. of Justice), OFA (Obama’s Organizing for America and the DNC (Democratic National Committee).

Mary Chastain, investigative journalist for Brietbart.com is in the process of debunking the linked Media Matters Fast and Furious article. Keep an eye on her Twitter account for further details.

BTW: Regular readers may recall that Katie Dixon’s superior at the DOJ is the same Tracy Schmaler who yelled at CBS News investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson re: Fast and Furious.

FYI: Media Matters and the Obama Administration are as thick as thieves, and there are many MSM hacks who gladly do their bidding:

Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations

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The left-wing’s conspiratorial rabbit hole of collusion, is as deep as it is wide.

Update: Katie Pavlich responds to the scandalous referral.

An excerpt:

The Justice Department has blood on its hands, there are at least 300 Mexican citizens dead and two of our federal agents have been murdered as a result of this program. The Obama administration as a whole refuses to take responsibility and provide transparency for an American public outraged by this scandal. The Justice Department is responsible for upholding the law in a fair, unbiased and non-political manner, but the current politically appointed DOJ leadership has chosen to engage in promoting a far Left and controversial agenda.

Apparently, the new spokesperson for the Justice Department is Media Matters, and just in case you’re wondering, Media Matters is headed by David Brock, who just so happens to be in charge of a pro-Obama super PAC. Media Matters also enjoys tax exempt status as a non-profit, despite being a mouth piece for the White House and the DOJ.