Fluke Fails To Make Georgetown Flinch –No Change In Birth Control Policy

April 27, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Memo to Sandra Fluke: Georgetown University ALREADY covers birth control for health related reasons. Then again, you probably were already aware of that fact, well before your dog and pony show trolloped galloped up the hill. Even if it did not, you and all of your little pretend(?) friends have ALWAYS been free to look elsewhere for insurance coverage.

(LifeNews.com) –Georgetown University has rejected attempts by liberal pro-abortion activists and Sandra Fluke to reject attempts by her to get the Catholic college to change its birth control coverage policy.

Today, Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia released a public letter saying Georgetown will not change its policy unless legally forced to do so.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I write to you regarding Georgetown’s health insurance and contraceptive coverage in our plans. Many members of our community have expressed different perspectives on this issue.I am grateful for the respectful ways in which you have shared your opinions.

As you know, like most universities, Georgetown requires that students have health insurance. Students are not required to purchase their health insurance through Georgetown University and are free to acquire health insurance through a third party. The student plan offered by Georgetown is consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity and does not cover prescription contraceptives for birth control. It does provide coverage for these prescriptions for students who require them for health reasons unrelated to birth control, as determined by a physician.

After thoughtful and careful consideration, we will continue our current practice for contraceptive coverage in our student health insurance for the coming year, as allowed for under the current rules issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

There will also be no change to the University’s approach to contraceptive coverage for employees for 2013.

We will be monitoring further regulatory and judicial developments related to the Affordable Care Act. I hope this is helpful in clarifying a matter of concern to many of you.

You have my very best wishes as we conclude our academic year.

John J. DeGioia

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When all else fails, lie?

While the letter doesn’t mention Fluke directly, DeGioia clearly responds to several of her claims. In her testimony, Fluke argued that contraception coverage is necessary for health care reasons, and recounted a story about one fellow student who was allegedly forced to have an ovary removed after the university health insurance refused to cover the contraception that would have treated her polycystic disorder. DeGioia reiterated that Georgetown’s health insurance covers contraception as long as it is for medical reasons unrelated to birth control.

DeGioia also pointed out that students aren’t required to purchase the Georgetown health insurance and have the option to buy outside plans instead.

Another option that has always been readily available to Fluke, is to not have enrolled at Georgetown in the first place. But that would have defeated her purpose, which was not free birth control, but attacking a Catholic institution from within.