First Burning Mo Protest Photo!

April 28, 2012 at 2:22 pm


Then very first burning Mo image comes from a participant in Germany:

Hi Dr. Jones, I saw your video on Facebook/Youtube and have taken a photo for you showing me burning an image of Muham-Mad. Hope you like it. I really admire your passion and all your work for America, freedom and christianity! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! — in Hamburg, Germany.

Need a mo image? Here ya go:

Charley Worange I will have 58 pictures to show you! LOL This zip file has 58 images in it, one for every nation in the OIC plus the OIC itself. Start printing and let’s get ready to burn some images of that evil bastard!

Don’t forget to tune in to Terry Jones’ live stream Quran burning protest at 5pm EST today.

Stay tuned…


Pastor Terry Jones Worldwide Quran & Mohammed Image Burning Day Has Arrived