Video: #OccupySF Anarchist Vandals Jump The Gun On May Day General Strike Riots — #OSF Scrubs Denouncement

May 1, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Violent Occupy May Day General Strike festivities began a day early in San Fran.

A stealth attack or impatient to get the violent riotous ball rolling? Or both?

(Mission Local) –A group of protesters vandalized dozens of businesses, cars and any property they came across as they marched through the Mission on Monday night [April 30, 2012].

The mile-long trek of vandalism began at 18th and Dolores streets, where a group of more than 100 protesters met as part of an early May Day march. The protesters walked west on 18th Street, turned left on Valencia Street, right on Duboce Avenue, and another made a right on Mission Street before being confronted by riot police at 14th and Mission, according to Justin Beck, an independent journalist who followed the protesters.

It was not immediately known how many people were arrested. In a statement released early Tuesday morning, Occupy San Francisco said that the vandals were not associated with the movement, but the statement was taken down shortly after. [See screenshot below –Ed.]

Posted by OccupySF communications at 10:52 pm April 30 2012

Original link:

Note the wording: “OccupySF does not endorse this kind of destruction of the 99%’s property”.

That leaves this 1%’er victim out:

More from Mission Local:

The vandalism began almost immediately after the group took off from Dolores Park at around 9 p.m. The protesters paint-bombed Tartine Bakery on 18th and Guerrero streets. When they reached Farina, one protester grabbed a chair and attempted to break a window but was not successful, said police officer D. Daza. Several of the protesters, dressed in black clothing and with their faces covered, threw sacks filled with paint at the restaurant’s windows, drew anarchist symbols on them and spraypainted “Yuppies out!”
Armed with crowbars, bats and other metal objects, some of the protesters smashed the windows of businesses along a five-block stretch of Valencia Street, from 18th Street to Duboce Avenue.
An officer told victims standing by the cars that police had received 500 calls reporting damage that included smashed windows and slashed tires. Late Monday night, business owners were cleaning up and officers patrolled the streets after dispersing the crowd at 14th and Mission.

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Additional photos of the destruction at link.

Citizen Journalist caught Occupy’s publicity arm ‘Sparrow Media’ tweet gushing over the damage:

Link at Twitter.

The Sparrow Media Project, a major part of Occupy Media, the producer of the OWS media pamphlet “Declaration Of Occupation of NYC” among other media efforts, seemed to drop its media face just a bit in a moment of uncharacteristic honesty, noting “Gorgeous Photo of Mission Police Station destruction” at the paint bombed and damaged building.

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As always Occupy protests …to much. Says one thing, and does another.

Video of the anarchist Occupy SF anarchist vandals in action:


The current powers that be, stand in solidarity with their violent, left-wing extremist Occupy comrades:

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