IslamOphobia! No Islamic Hijabs Were Allowed Behind Obama At Detroit 2008 Campaign Rally

May 7, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Oh noes! The Obama campaign was rife with Muslim profiling Islamophobic volunteers back in 2008. What is the deal with Obama campaign rallies and  Muslims?

(MSNBC AP) –DETROIT –A young Muslim woman said she and another woman were refused seats directly behind Barack Obama — and in front of TV cameras — at a Detroit rally because they wear head scarfs.

Hebba Aref said Wednesday that she and Shimaa Abdelfadeel were among 20,000 supporters who gathered to see Obama on Monday at the Joe Louis Arena when the groups they were with were separately invited by Obama campaign volunteers to sit behind the podium. But Aref said the volunteers told members of both parties in separate discussions that women wearing hijabs, the traditional Muslim head scarves, weren’t included in the invitation and couldn’t sit behind the podium.

Aref, a 25-year-old lawyer, said a member of her group was told by a volunteer that she could not invite Aref because of “a sensitive political climate.”

Obama spokesman Bill Burton issued a statement saying such actions are “not the policy of the campaign.”
Aref said she replied by thanking Burton, but requested Obama apologize directly to her and Abdelfadeel, as well as invitations to sit behind him at a future campaign event. Obama spokeswoman Amy Brundage said the campaign has apologized.
Still, she [Aref] said, it was difficult to hear a Obama’s message of unity among races.

“As he’s saying it, I’m thinking, ‘Well, wait a minute, I was obviously … profiled and discriminated against an hour ago.’”



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Updated May 8, 2012