The Truth Smack Muslim-Dem Keith Ellison Twitter Blocked Me Over

July 22, 2012 at 9:17 am

In light of the controversy swirling around Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, A FACT which he has vehemently denied (of course), I thought I would share a personal account of an online exchange I had with Ellison on Twitter in 2010. An interaction that damn near immediately resulted in his blocking me. His refusal to admit to well documented truths concerning his associations that are, let’s say, less than exemplary, speaks to Ellison’s character, or lack thereof. Ellison is a sneaky bald faced lying bastard, that much is evident.


And that dear readers was the end of our convo. Ellison did not reply. Not one word. Not a peep. The lying coward instead hit the block button. Wham, bam –BLOCK, no thank you mam.

lying coward keith ellison twitter block

Because I had his back against the wall. Because I had the nerve to challenge him. To confront him on his notorious past. A task the politically correct dhimmi press refused to do, when he first entered the political arena.

To be clear, my intention was not only to share information with EternalRiteWing but to also bait Ellison. And much to my surprise, he took the bait; hook, line and sinker. But alas, only in an attempt to sweep the charges under the rug as quickly as possible.

The [eyeopening] article I linked to that obviously got under Ellison’s skin –big time. So much so that he –an elected official –a sitting congressman blocked little ‘ol me. Me oh my! I must of hit a nerve!:

Enlightening is it not?

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