Ha! New Yorker Cover Features Romney Debating ‘Empty Chair’ Obama Update 2: Artist: “This image seemed like a proper response to the first debate”

October 5, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Make my day! The New Yorker has Eastwooded Obama.

“One on One” by Barry Blitt

Via Ace who adds:

@benhowe notes the silly stunt by the babbling, incoherent old man Clint Eastwood seems to have… resonated in the public consciousness precisely as he intended it to.

The left immediately wrote off Eastwood as a “babbling, incoherent old man ” in order to tamp down any future impact his brilliant improv may have.

And from the looks of this New Yorker cover…. They. Failed. Miserably.

Steak dinner being delivered and now this. I’d say my Friday night is getting off to one hell of a start.

Update: A oh so pithy comment left on Ace’s post, which caught my discerning eye.

26 Yeah that empty chair is going to linger. Clint is no fool, he’s spent an entire career knowing how to build powerful cultural images and impressions. This one is going to burn a long, long time. People think back to Washington and that cherry tree, Lincoln and the Ford Theater, Nixon and his dog Checkers. People are going to think of Obama and the empty chair.

Posted by: Christopher Taylor at October 05, 2012 05:42 PM (r4wIV)

Yep, much to O’s chagrin (I am sure) ‘Empty Chair Obama’ will go down in the annals of history.

Update 2:

(New Yorker) –Here’s a sneak preview of next week’s cover, “One on One,” by Barry Blitt. “This image seemed like a proper response to the first Presidential debate,” says Blitt, “but I’m not sure I realized how hard it is to caricature furniture.”

An image of ‘Empty Chair Obama’ and the first presidential debate were made for each other. It’s kismet!

The Republican National Convention is long over, but Clint Eastwoods Barack ‘Empty Chair’ Obama is an iconic image that will be forever seared on America’s memory.