Violence Erupts In Tahir Square Pro-Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi Supporters Attack Protesting Opponents [Video]

October 12, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Gee, who didn’t see this coming… besides Obama, progs wearing blinders and clueless RINO’s?

The Times Of Israel:

CAIRO (AP) —For the first time since Egypt’s new Islamist president took office, his supporters clashed with liberal and leftist protesters in Cairo, storming a stage erected by the opposition activists, smashing loudspeakers and tearing the structure down during competing rallies Friday [Oct. 12, 2012]

The mass demonstration, “Accountability Friday,” was organized by more than 21 political groups against what they claimed was President Mohammed Morsi’s failure to fulfill his promises for social justice and democratic reforms. Clashes erupted between pro-Muslim Brotherhood activists and their opponents.

Demonstrators threw stones and Molotov cocktails into the crowd. The BBC reported on Twitter that its news crew had to leave the scene because “there was so much stone throwing.” Other local activists stated that at least 40 were injured, and that women were fighting with clerics for their right to attend the rally.

Friday evening, Egypt’s Al-Ahram reported that hundreds were hospitalized after the protests, and that the Muslim Brotherhood was “widely blamed for the chaos,” but that the group denied responsibility.
Egyptians are struggling with a plunging economy, deteriorating security and disputes over the writing of the country’s new constitution. They were also stunned by a verdict earlier this week that acquitted 25 Mubarak loyalists on charges of manslaughter and attempted murder during last year’s revolt.

Liberal and leftist groups had called Friday’s protest to demand more action from Morsi after his first 100 days in office. The liberals also want greater diversity on the panel tasked with writing Egypt’s new constitution, which has been packed with Islamists, including members of Morsi’s fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

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