Muslim Pair Get Life Sentences For Racially Motivated Random Jihad Resulting In Death Of 57 Year Old White Man Near His Home

November 29, 2012 at 8:31 am

Baby faced barbarians – Asif Rehman, 20, and Adel Ishaq, 19,

I guess the expectation of safely walking home in ones own neighborhood is to much to ask when one lives among islamic barbarians.

(Scotsman) –Two men have been given life sentences for the “brutal and merciless” murder of a man outside his home.

Asif Rehman, 20, and Adel Ishaq, 20, knocked William McKeeney unconscious and repeatedly stamped on his head and body in the street in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow on January 15.

Victim William McKeeney, 57

The 57-year-old was walking home from a nearby pub with a fish supper when he was set upon by the pair in an attack witnessed by Mr McKeeney’s girlfriend from the window of their home. The “friendly and popular working man” died later in hospital.
The judge said the “ferocity” of the attack led Mr McKeeney’s girlfriend to believe they were breaking up a piece of furniture. It was not until she was able to get a better look that she realised it was a person. Lord Uist said both men had been roaming the streets “looking for trouble” on the night of the murder. [...]

For some reason, *roll eyes* the muslim thugs describing their victim as a “white cu*t” fell by the wayside and the charge of ‘racially aggravated murder’ was dropped. Which would not be the case had they been white…bet on it.

(Daily Express) –Rehman and Ishaq were charged with racially aggravated murder after describing Mr McKeeney, originally from Ireland, as “a white c***”.

However, the racist element was deleted from the charge and the pair were found guilty of murder.

Afterwards, one of the animals phoned a friend to brag that the two had “splattered” someone.

The trial heard from Ishaq’s friend, Imran Khan, 19.

He said Rehman had warned him in a phone call that they had just “splattered” someone outside his house.