Segregation In Colorado: “Students Of Color Only” Racist Black Principal Bans White Students From Tutoring Program

February 15, 2013 at 8:45 am

If it were the other way around, all hell would break lose. It would become national news, the principal would be publicly castrated, removed from his position, charged with a hate crime and the Obama would hold a press conference.
segregation in colorado Racist Black Principal Excludes White Students From Tutoring Program

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A school principal said no white children were allowed at an after-school tutoring program, and now some parents call it discrimination.

The principal at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora sent a letter telling parents the program is only for students of color. Parents CBS4 talked with said they were shocked to see, in this day and age, what they consider to be segregation.

“I was infuriated. I didn’t understand why they would include or exclude certain groups,” said parent Nicole Cox, who is white.

Cox’s 10-year-old daughter needs tutoring. After receiving the notice, other parents complained to the school’s principal, Andre Pearson.
Before Cox could complain to the school, Pearson contacted her directly. His voicemail only seemed to reinforce the segregated tutoring idea.

“This is Andre Pearson. It’s focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs,” Pearson told Cox in the voicemail.

Video report at link.  In which you can  see racist coward principal Pearson eluding reporters and hear the voice mail as mentioned above.
The official white students NOT allowed PASS info as posted on Mission Viejo’s website :
pass “All parents”?? What would be the point of ‘white’ parents of ‘white’ students attending PASS meetings???

Pearson’s sanctimonious backpedal:

Letter to Parents

​February 12, 2013

Mission Viejo Parents,

I want to express my regret for the communication sent last Friday describing the PASS Tutoring program sponsored by our PASS parent committee (Partnership for Academically Successful Students). The PASS committee is focused on partnering with the principal to close the racial achievement gap; however the tutoring program is open for all students, regardless of race/ethnicity, and on a first come, first served basis.  As your child’s principal, I am equally concerned about the success of all students who attend our wonderfully diverse school.

I have deep convictions and take my responsibility as a school principal very seriously.  This situation has not deterred me in any way from continuing to do my job with a dedication to excellence.  I am committed to ensuring every child in our school succeeds while closing the achievement gap…it is a moral imperative for me as a public educator.  I will continue to do both of those things with great passion.

In alignment with our District Performance Plan, Mission Viejo has set goals to increase the achievement of all students while eliminating differences in academic performance and growth by race. I welcome input from any and all community members to help us achieve these goals. As a community we will continue to work hard to establish strong positive relationships with parents through PASS, PTCO and Accountability meetings.

In addition to the PASS Tutoring Program, we have many other programs that are intended to help students including, but not limited to, Reading Together, Saturday Academy, Math Club, and Reading Clubs, as well as teachers who make themselves available for afterschool tutoring. If you have concerns about your child’s academic progress, please notify your child’s teacher and they will give you guidance on what steps we can take, together, to ensure your child’s success.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, do not hesitate to contact me.


André Pearson, Principal

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