Video: Obama Funded Syrian Rebels To Christian In Sharia Court; Convert Or Be “Slaughtered”

March 1, 2013 at 11:28 am

As reported in WaPo yesterday, the Obama regime will be directly funding the Syrian islamic rebels to the tune of $110 MILLION.

Now watch as O’s Syrian islamic BFF’s threaten a Christian to either convert or be “slaughtered”. Which is persecutarial torture in and of itself.

“Let me tell you the system here, is when you worship the messiah it scares the ummah (muslim community). The muslims don’t like you, this is a muslim state. And they will slaughter you. You must convert.”

Not an isolated case, of that you can be sure.

H/T KGS at Tundra Tabloids who adds:

I agree with Vlad, it’s a bit difficult to understand the reasons why this Syrian jihadi rebel group would want this video published at all, it does them no favors whatsoever, but then again they’ve shown themselves tormenting people before finally executing them and shoving their bodies into a sewer they sat beside.

Update: Too risky to fund Syrian rebels, Canada says

Ottawa has long expressed worries about the fractious nature of the Syrian opposition and about Islamist extremists in their midst.