#IRSHearing: #IRS Commish “I Don’t Remember” Names Of Who Is Responsible For Targeting Conservatives [Video]

May 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm

Miller; meet nail, meet wall.

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Rep. Dave Reichert: Your the commissioner. Who is responsible. You Conducted the investigation. Who was responsible?

Steven Miller: I don’t have that name sir.

Rep. Dave Reichert: Why don’t you have that name? Did you ask anybody.

Steven Miller: Yes.

Rep. Dave Reichert: Who did you ask? Or do you not have that name either?

Steven Miller: I asked the senior technical adviser.

Rep. Dave Reichert: What’s the senior technical adviser’s name?

Steven Miller: Nancy Marks.

Rep. Dave Reichert: And what did Nancy tell you? Who’s responsible?

Steven Miller: By that I don’t remember to be honest with you.

Rep. Dave Reichert: You don’t remember again.

Of course Miller knows. And he knows we know he knows. Yet he sat there and had the gall to say; “I don’t remember to be honest with you” while under oath.