London: War Memorials Defaced With Islam Graffiti –Update 3: Sponsoring Charity Stuck With Cost Of Cleanup [Photos]

May 27, 2013 at 8:25 am

Muslim scum.
london animals in war memorial vandalised with islamic graffitti may 2013Via @honey_trapped

(BBC) –Vandals have daubed the word Islam in spray paint on war memorials in Green Park and Hyde Park in London.

Police were called to the RAF Bomber Command War Memorial at 05:00 BST and found engravings on the monument covered with paint.

Vandals did the same thing at the Animals in War Memorial in Hyde Park.

A police spokesman said Royal Parks officers were investigating and Westminster City Council had been informed.

Westminster City Council cabinet member for city management councillor Ed Argar said: “We deplore any act of vandalism or graffiti that desecrates memorials put in place to honour those who fought for our country’s freedom.

“We will do everything we can to clean and restore the memorials as swiftly as possible.”
No arrests have been made.

This London photog has been sharing images of the scrawlings already covered up by authorities.

Image of the defaced/covered up Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London:

Eyewitness’ tweet reporting on the vandalization of the Bomber Command:
bomber command memorial defaced tweet london may 2013
The tweet has since been deleted. I have inquired as to why the tweet was deleted, awaiting a response.
Update: A closeup photo of the defaced Animals In War Memorial.

london animals in war memorial vandalised with islamic graffitti may 2013 2

Metro News (UK):Vandals daub word ‘Islam’ on two London war memorials

Another photo of the now covered up Bomber Command war memorial with a policeman standing guard:

bomber command memorial defaced london may 2013 2

A police officer and Douglas Radcliffe, the Secretary of the Bomber Command Association, stand next to the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial, with black plastic covering graffitti after it was defaced, in London May 27, 2013. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN – Tags: MILITARY POLITICS SOCIETY)

I am unable to find a photo of the defaced Bomber Command memorial prior to the covering. If you know of one, please leave info in a comment.
Update 2: Found one.
bomber command memorial defaced london may 2013 3

Update 3: The cleanup begins.

london war memorial bommer command cleanup muslim islam vandalism

(Daily Mail) –Police are yet to make arrests over the vandalism, which was today cleaned by workmen using high pressure steam and solvent dispersing chemicals.

At the Bomber Command monument, two contractors worked for over an hour removing the metre high bright red letters spelling ‘Islam’, which were scrawled underneath the Bomber Command’s crest, which reads ‘Bomber Command Royal Airforce, Strike Hard Strike Sure.’
Head of facilities at the RAF Benevolent Fund Gary Ross said the organisation was saddened by the vandalism, especially given the charity now had to pay for its removal.
‘We are obviously very upset by anybody defacing what is a piece of history now. We have had calls through from veterans about it, obviously they’re very disturbed by the whole situation and now we have to pay for its removal,’ Mr Ross said.

‘We are the RAFs leading welfare charity, supporting serving and ex-service personal.

‘We provide things like wheelchairs and motor scooters, we help with cost of living for service and ex service personal going through hard times, respite care, even helping with housing.

‘It’s taking money away from a charity which in this economic climate we could do without but it’s our responsibility to keep the memorial in good order.’ [...]

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