Video: Obama’s Syrian Muslim Allies Behead Catholic Priest & Another Christian In Front Of Large Cheering Crowd –Incl. Kids *GRAPHIC*

June 28, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Satan’s savage minions.

(Syria Report) –Two Christians, one of them a priest, have been beheaded by militants because they were suspected of cooperating with the Syrian military, according to an Al-Alam report.

A video uploaded to the internet yesterday [June 25, 2013] shows two men with their hands bound, surrounded by dozens of people, many of them armed and cheering in celebration.

The two are brutally executed beheaded with a small combat knife. Echoing previous beheading recorded by insurgents, the head is held up to the cheers of onlookers and then placed on the body.

This month has seen an escalation in sectarian atrocities committed by insurgents, who have been publicly armed and supported by America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other actors. Indeed, the atrocities are coinciding with further arms transfers with new advanced weaponry witnessed in the hands of militants in the past number of weeks.

This most recent beheading recorded on video and uploaded to the internet, reportedly took place in Idlib countryside.

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