*GRAPHIC VIDEO* Muslim Brotherhood Morsi Supporting Mob Hurl Young Boys Off A Roof, al-Qaeda Flag

July 7, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Obama’s pals…don’t play nice.
al qaeda flag egypt rooftop toss off anti-morsi youths tabrizi79:

English description of what’s happening in the video:

Two teens atop a two-story building in Alexandria, Egypt Friday were hurled off of it by apparently pro-Morsi supporters. After failed attempts by the group of men, one of whom is carrying an al-qaeada flag, to try and remove the kids from elevated the roof top by throwing stones at the young boys, one man begins to scale his way towards the boys. He and his other cohorts grab both teens and throw them off the roof.

Seriously savagely evil.
H/T Maggie who adds:

Hours before Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was sidelined by the military council, Muhammad al-Zawahiri, Egypt’s al-Qaeda leader, declared that the terrorist organization would wage a jihad to save Morsi and his Islamist agenda for Egypt. (They would not be the first Islamic terrorists to come to his aid; Hamas members were earlier arrested from inside Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, where they opened fire on protesters.) Source: Gatestone Institute


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