93 Year Old Woman Dies After Being Brutally Beaten & Raped In Her Home By 19 Year Old Illegal Alien

July 25, 2013 at 11:34 am

“There was blood on the walls and ceiling. On the floor and on the bed.” The sick dog needs to be put down.

The Obama “dreamer” amnesty candidate was drunk and “angry with women”.


Sergio Perez, 19
First-degree sexual assault, first-degree assault and burglary

(Omaha.com) ….And it was where the 93-year-old woman met her end in brutal fashion, where she was sexually assaulted and pummeled in her bed by an intruder, according to Omaha police.Sollowin died Wednesday at the Nebraska Medical Center, four days after the attack carried out by a man she did not know.

“She loved her family,” said granddaughter Teresa Hartzell. “And her family loved her.”

Sergio Martinez-Perez, 19, beat and raped Sollowin because he had been drinking much of the previous night and was “angry with women,” a prosecutor told a Douglas County Court judge Wednesday.

Martinez-Perez told police that he beat and raped the victim, the prosecutor said.

Police said they found him in the house, where Sollowin had lived for 71 years. When they arrived, Martinez-Perez was nude and on top of Sollowin in her bedroom. There was blood on the walls and ceiling. On the floor and on the bed.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said he is considering charging Martinez-Perez with first-degree murder under Nebraska’s felony murder law, which applies when a victim dies during the commission of another felony, such as sexual assault.

Judge Thomas K. Harmon ordered Martinez-Perez, who is charged with first-degree sexual assault, first-degree assault and burglary, held without bail.

Martinez-Perez, who has no permanent address, told Harmon through an interpreter that he has been working in the area as a roofer.

Hartzell’s husband, Bill Hart­zell, said a detective told him that Martinez-Perez had been living in Omaha for four months.
Martinez-Perez entered the woman’s home at 1921 S. 10th St. through an unlocked door, the prosecutor said. He allegedly beat and raped her before falling asleep on top of her about 9 a.m.

Sollowin’s daughter, who had returned to live with her mother earlier this year, heard Sollowin’s calls for help and found the man when she went to investigate.

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“Dream Defenders” will probably blame the woman for leaving her door unlocked.

Video: Family reacts to assault