Black Kids Bully 3Yr Old White Girl,Titles Video Of The Assault “When White People Piss Black People Off” August 2013] UPDATE 2: AUDIO: Boy’s Mother Ranika Wills “Just a joke” “It is not like they really f*cked this little girl up, she’s fine.”

August 26, 2013 at 3:07 pm

Trickle down angry racism spawning mini wilding thugs???

bulied white 3 yr old girl and her black attackers

Still frame of the bully video shows the size differential between the victim and her assailants.

Hands on hateful bullying. The (girl) bullies look like they are between the ages 6 and 8. The boy in the video who eggs them on seems older. He should know better. But far from it, the sadistic junior bully is so thrilled over the bullying that he does acrobatic moves in gleeful celebration. Then he posted the ‘trophy’ hate crime video on Facebook. SICKENING! The 4th party; the videographer is an anonymous accessory to the act of unknown age but he sounds like a an older kid.

Via Live Leak user ussygussy:

A group of kids and a pre-teen bully a three year old girl and make her cry at least twice on camera. The cameraman (a 12 year old boy) brags on Facebook and titled his video “When white people piss black people off.”

This must be an example of “white privilege” I keep hearing about:

Little monsters, their teeny victim could have been me 30 years ago.

Screenshot of the video post on Facebook by bully Facebooker ‘Ray Wright courtesy of ussygussy’.


Edit: Two more screenshots of Ray Wright’s Facebook posting via YouTube user HowtoDo:

(Edit: HowToDo’s upload of the video has been pulled from YouTube.)

ray wright facebook bully video screenshot

Ray Wright “She pissed them off”

ray wright facebook bully video screenshot 2

Make that little racist monsters.

The little girl’s parent(s) ARE negligent BUT that does NOT excuse her bullies. What. So. Ever. Or their parents.

Live Leak’er tat2d may have a point:

Im getting to think, that child “belongs” to that family somehow. Baby sit’d, marriage, relationship. That went on too long, and she acted like she had no other recourse other than to just stay and take it. Some of her body language led me to believe that in the first place.

Update:  Ratchet coward Ray Wright took down his Facebook. Quelle surprise! Cached page here.


ray wright facebook

Ray Wright likes Facebook page: : Zimmerman is guilty. Isn’t that rich!

‘….but lemme tell ya if an itsy bitsy white baby-girl pisses us off she¦.man, oh man¦.she deserves a beat down ayyye. ‘<- sarcasm NOT a real quote.

White is not the sole color of trash.

Update 2: Listen as Ranika Wills the mother of the boy in the video; “Ray Wright” (fake name according to her) defend him “It was a just joke, he’s a kid.” She then plays the Zimmerman card. But of course!

Via Pat Dollard:

YouTube Preview Image

“It is not like they really f*cked this little girl up, she’s fine.”

What about the next time you ignorant cow? I guarantee that if it were her 3 yr old daughter being ganged up on by older white boys and girls she would be on the phone to MSNBC’s Al Sharpton so fast her head would spin.

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Ranika Wills’ Facebook (?) Warning raunchy Facebook cover photo:

H/T Barbara Sue

Followup here: Video: Father Of Bullied Toddler Speaks Out