@HuffingtonPost’s Pascal Robert’s (@probert06) Tweets Anal Rape Threat To Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) –Kill “Crackers”?

August 28, 2013 at 5:32 pm

pascal robert twitter profile
pascal robert huffpo rape tweet to dana loesch aug 27 2013



Photo via LinkedIn

Pascal not only harbors a rape fetish he also fantasizes about killing crackers. So much for being anti-gun.

pascal robert huffpo a gun for every cracker aug 28 2013

His Twitter background image says it all.

pascal robert twitter background

Edit 8/29:  Robert Stacy McCain reveals the background on Pascal’s (whose parents immigrated from Haiti) background image:

Several of Dana’s friends on Twitter misunderstood this, calling Robert a “liberal” or “progressive,” but he is neither: He is a racialist who hates America because he hates white people.

Why do you think the background image on his Twitter page is a painting of the 1791 Haitian uprising, showing whites decapitated?

Honestly, it is way past time for Americans to acknowledge the extent to which what often passes for “liberalism” is nothing of the sort.

This is simply hate, and Huffington Post is publishing it.

(End edit)

Unfortunately being a strong outspoken conservative woman who vehemently supports the 2nd amendment, Dana is no stranger to vile attacks via Twitter: ‘Drop dead, you C*NT’: Vicious lefties attack Dana Loesch for believing in self-defense

Beta male progs  (but I repeat myself) fear & loathe strong conservative women ’cause deep down inside they know they will always have bigger stones than they. And it absolutely…drives…them…mad.