“We The People” PSA: Sign The National Recall Of Senator Harry Reid Petition

October 1, 2013 at 5:23 pm

It is worth a shot.

Petitioning The U.S. Senate

We The People Of The United States Of America: Recall Senator Harry Reid

*** This is a National Recall based on a Legal Loophole which allows his Recall and not just by Voters of Nevada. As the Senator of Nevada he can only be recalled by the voters that elected him, HOWEVER, since he is The Senate Majority Leader he has waived that Protection and may be Recalled on the National Level***

Recall Harry Reid and Replace him with a Fiscally and Morally Responsible Human being that is Conservative & that will act on behalf of Nevada and America rather than to appease the Dictator Obama!

Join us today on Facebook at Recall Harry Reid

Sign the national Harry Reid recall petition==> here.

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