@Soledad_OBrien On @Redskins Name: ‘Native Americans Are Drunk Blood Thirsty Savages Who Will Beat You To Death’

October 8, 2013 at 9:56 am

Soledad O’Brien fights racism with a heavy handed dose of bigotry, by playing a race card in defense of Native American Indians while simultaneously negatively stereotyping the very victims she was supposedly defending as violent hair trigger tempered drunks.

George Stephanopoulos: One other subject before we go. The president, in that AP interview, also weighing in on this whole controversy over what the Washington Redskins should be called. A lot of sports writers no longer use the term. The Chairman of the NFL, Roger Goodell, said perhaps the Redskins should take a look at it….Cokie, you’re a season ticket holder, right?

Cokie Roberts: I am.


Unidentified: How’s the season going?

Roberts: My big objection is, they lose. But look, we wouldn’t call a team the Yellowskins or the Brownskins. It would be absolutely unacceptable. And if people who are Native American are offended by it, we should pay attention to that. But basically, they need to start winning.

Soledad O’Brien: The way to gauge if it’s offensive enough, right, is to walk into a bar full of Native Americans and yell out, Redskins! Here’s what’s going to happen, you’re going to be beaten up, to near death. Right? So it’s offensive.

The mind reels.


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