16 Yr Old ‘Transgender’ Male Charged With Battery After Physically Attacking Alleged Female Teen ‘Bullies’

January 10, 2014 at 1:22 pm

[He] threw the first punch, yet [he] believes [he] deserves immunit ie: ‘transgender preferential treatment’ from [his] disproportionate response of physical violence  … ’cause words hurt.

“It sucks,I really want.. like, the charges against me to be dropped.”
~Jewlyes Gutierrez
Bottom line: Underneath the oh so adorable sweater skirt ensemble is a boy’s body fast becoming the body of a man.

(NY Daily News) –A 16-year-old transgender student who claims to have been bullied by fellow students for years now faces criminal charges over a fight that left the other three teens simply suspended.

It was allegedly after two years of relentless bullying over her [his] sexuality by students at California’s Hercules High School that Jewlyes Gutierrez says she [he] snapped and finally fought back.

Cell phone video capturing the resulting Nov. 15 fight shows four girls scratching and pulling each other’s hair before Jewlyes is seen trying to run away.

When it ended all four students were suspended, the Contra Costa Unified School District confirmed, but it’s only Jewlyes who 10 days later was charged with battery by the district attorney. [...]

Interesting, Jewlyes has the balls to prance around [his] high school campus dressed as a girl but doesn’t have the balls to ignore non-physical taunting.

Sticks and stones Jewlyes, sticks and stones.

Words to live by: Keep your hands to yourself unless you have been physically attacked, or suffer the consequences. Gay, straight or whatever…

If we apply the twisted logic that Jewlyes defenders are applying a bullied teen who goes on a shooting rampage at his/her high school should be forgiven because he was bullied. It is a worse case scenario, but it is still the same twisted logic.

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