VIDEO: Zo’s Take on #Ferguson: Democrat Cities Are Dangerous Places To Live

August 22, 2014 at 9:00 am

“It amazes me that people who expect to be respected are doing things that aren’t respectful.”

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VIDEO: “Black People Are Bringing Black People Down”

August 22, 2014 at 6:23 am

Paging Eric “nation of cowards” Holder.

Black People Have Become too Ignorant for Me to Claim, I Need to Invent a New Race

(Stacey Gear)–Warning: Strong Harsh Language! Time to Separate The Black People from the N*ggers. The N*ggers are bringing us down.

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VIDEO: Black Preacher Has A Few Choice Words For Ferguson Rioters

August 14, 2014 at 5:41 am

Johnathan Gentry; a voice of reason island in a sea of willful ignorance.


On YouTube.

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Vlogger Danisha Carter Completely Dismantles The Feminazi Gimmie, Gimmie Hobby Lobby Bitch Fest

July 1, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Vlogger Danisha Carter –a breath of fresh air.

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“The Sainted” Geraldo Rivera Attacks Bowe Bergdal’s Platoon Members Who’ve Spoken Out [VIDEOS]

June 6, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Beneath contempt. One minute Geraldo is defending the cowardly traitor Bergdahl and in the next in a sloppy attempt to discredit them he openly sneered at the brave and courageous who served beside him. That is until he decided to defect and join the Taliban jihad brigade.
Look for it around the 3:04 mark.

“I don’t care what he (Bowe Bergdahl) did, I want him to come home and we’ll sort it out here. He’ll have a court martial, he’ll have a lawyer, he’ll have a prosecutor. Those five…six …the sainted guys that were on Megyn’s (Kelly) show last night….”

What is the matter G? Do masculine brave men intimidate you?

The “sainted”: ‘He’s Not a Hero’: 6 of Bowe Bergdahl’s Platoon Members Speak Out

(Fox News Insider) –Responding to Kelly’s questions about an exclusive Fox News report by James Rosen that alleges Bergdahl converted to Islam, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “warrior for Islam,” former platoon leader Evan Buetow said, “We knew that he had deserted.”

Buetow went on to say that the unit on the ground in Afghanistan had knowledge that Bergdahl was attempting to find the Taliban, or someone outside of the platoon with whom he could speak in English who could talk to the Taliban for him.

When asked by Kelly for a head-count of how many among the six platoon members thought Bergdahl deserted, every hand went up.

“It doesn’t matter what his motives were. We all took an oath and had to abide by orders, and you don’t just leave your fellow Americans to join somebody else,” said Cody Full, who was Bergdahl’s former roommate.

Former platoon leader Evan Buetow described in detail the morning the platoon realized Bergdahl was missing, and the subsequent search that ensued.
“This is not about politics. This is about the fact that Bergdahl walked away from us, went to try to find the Taliban, and we know that for a fact. We were all there, and there is not one person you could find who would say that they don’t believe that — at least who was there,” said Buetow.

“He’s not a hero, and he did not serve with distinction, and that’s a spit in the face to everyone who joined the Army and anyone who died looking for him. What do you think their families think? They don’t get their loved one back like Bergdahl’s family,” said Buetow.[...]

Speak for yourself.

Do us all a favor and stay there.

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Dear Bossy ‘Check Your Privilege’ Protagonists Reality Check Yourselves Before You Wreck Yourselves

May 10, 2014 at 9:47 am

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” –MLK

Libertarian vlogger Julie Borowski has a reality check for self-righteous left-wingers and their bigoted ‘check your privilege’ fetish.

“The question that I have is how are we going to end sexism and racism? How are we going to get to a society that judges everyone based on their individual character and merit?”

Good questions, but alas the collectivists among us do not have the tools to see people as individuals.
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“Check your privilege” is an insulting and self-righteous phrase.

It’s used as a way to shut down discussion. It only creates more division, guilt, and jealously. Stop reducing people to their skin color or body parts. It’s not cool. article:

Jezebel article:


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Iraq Vet Rep. Tom Cotton’s Scathing Rebuke Of Dems “Fake Outrage” Over Benghazi [VIDEO]

May 9, 2014 at 8:20 am

“One other lesson I learned in the Army is that we leave no man behind. And we will not leave these four men behind.” –Rep. Tom Cotton
benghazi help denied
This bitch slap most def left a mark.
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Mr. Speaker, couple lessons I learned in the Army were you moved to the sound of gunfire and the most important step in the troop leading procedures is to supervise the execution of you orders.

When Americans were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, Barack Obama did neither. He sent no quick reaction force and didn’t even stay in the situation room to supervise the execution of his orders. We expect more from the lieutenants in the army than our president gave us that night.

For two years he’s covered up this failure of leadership by stonewalling. Not anymore. We will now get to the truth.

But what do our colleagues on the other side of the aisle say to this? They express great outrage at politicizing this matter.

When I was leading troops in Iraq in 2006, men and women who were being shot at and blown up by al Qaeda, where was the outrage as they fundraised endlessly off the Iraq war?

Where was the outrage as they viciously attacked our commanders?

Where was the outrage when they said soldiers were war criminals?

Where was the outrage when they said the war was lost?

Where was the outrage when they said only high school dropouts join the Army?

Forgive me if I don’t join my democratic colleagues in their fake outrage. Four Americans lost their lives that night in Benghazi. They deserve justice and the American people deserve the truth.

One other lesson I learned in the Army is that we leave no man behind. And we will not leave these four men behind.


CNN’s Jake Tapper On Jay Carney’s Benghazi Responses: “Dissembling, Obfuscating, Insulting” [Audio]

May 2, 2014 at 10:34 am


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Krauthammer On Benghazi Emails: We Now Have The Smoking Document Exposing The Coverup Of The Coverup

April 30, 2014 at 9:29 am

“We now have the smoking document which is the White House saying we’re pushing the video because we don’t want to blame it [the Benghazi islamic jihad attack] on the failure of our policies.”

Via The Right Scoop

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Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s ‘Racist’ Remarks vs. Media Matters Selectively Edited Version UPDATE: Original Version Of Bundy Remarks In FULL

April 24, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Full clip: Cliven Bundy Controversial Remarks April 19, 2014
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UPDATE:Original version of the interview in FULL (Credit JasonPatrick11)

Now watch the edited version of Bundy’s remarks as promoted by the left-wing Media Matters and as reported in the NY Times:
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What say you?

UPDATE: Cliven Bundy Responds To New York Times Racism Report
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Cliven Bundy Says ‘The Negro’ Comments Taken Out Of Context [Carol Bundy Interview]

“What he was saying, and perhaps not as eloquently as was relayed, that America is becoming a welfare state that makes us more reliant upon the government and eats away at the freedom of us all. He was attempting to point out what little progress has been made for black people who once lived in slavery. During that point in our history, black people were totally reliant upon someone else for their food, homes, etc. and not much has changed, sadly, in many cases for poor black families. Slavery was wrong, horrible, and we do not support that. Cliven was trying to illustrate how dire the situation was not only in the past, but currently, and how it will negatively impact the future, if Americans, of any color, continue to be dependent upon the government to survive.”

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Cliven Bundy Said Something Racist And It’s The Top Story Of The Day

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