David Cameron “You’re A Coward & F*cking Traitor!” Liberty GB Paul Weston’s Rip-Roaring EDL Downing Street Demo Speech [VIDEO]

September 24, 2014 at 9:20 am

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore *strike off their heads* and strike off every fingertip of them” No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a ‘spiritual struggle’ (whitewashed version of jihad -ed.) Source: TROP


(Liberty GB) –Liberty GB leader Paul Weston denounces David Cameron as a traitor in this passionate speech at Downing Street, London on 20 September 2014

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“I’m not gonna talk about left-wing and right-wing, I’m gonna talk about good and evil, I’m gonna talk about civilization against barbarianism, right against wrong.”


“And these people are handing our democracy over on a plate to the most savage, backward, barbarian vicious, violent evil ideology known to mankind! And it is called islam, and it’s not a religion of peace!”

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MUST WATCH VIDEO: British Freedom Party Chairman Paul Weston On The Islamization Of Britain

April 14, 2012 at 10:27 am

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FREE SPEECH and TRUTH are the MOST effective weapons AGAINST Islamic supremacy.

Unless you have a defeatist aversion to –survival.

WIELD them.

H/T Rebecca Bynum at New English Review

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Must See TV! Sun TV’s Michael Coren & Mark Steyn

December 1, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Notice: The videos are no longer available due to to the fact that the YouTube user’s account has been closed.

If user SDAMatt2 resurfaces with his/her video catalog intact and I happen to catch it, I will switch out the vids. Until then, that’s the breaks…

Thanks to Steven for the heads up.

I promise you will not go away empty handed, please see update below.

Edit: Good news YouTube user SDAMatt is back in business and is uploading his video catalog as I type. As soon as the ones previously posted here are locked and loaded, I will update. BTW His account was hacked and all videos were deleted. Anti-free speech bastards!

Edit: One video reloaded (2nd one), one to go.


Together they discuss multiculturalism, censorship and indoctrination in the name of  the radical LGBT agenda, the occupation of the British Embassy in Iran, Israel’s treatment by the Left; “progressive racism”, the rise of Islam and more.

Coren alone is always worth your time, and with the added ear candy (and eye candy IMHO) of the brilliant and witty Mark Steyn. It is most definitely –must see TV to the second power.

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H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Also from BCF “Bitchy Whiner Attacking SunTV Co-Wrote TDSB Kiddie Sex Curriculum” which will provide some background for those who were not aware of the controversy as discussed in the lead segment of the above video.

(Video replaced)

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The controversial [roll eyes] ad addressing the homosexual indoctrination of school children via Toronto District School Board curriculum (pdf), leading towards an attack on Sun News for having aired it. Which as I stated above Coren and Steyn discussed in the opening segment of the now unavailable video. The very reason I posted the Coren-Steyn video in the first place.

See what you think.

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Last year, parents voiced their concern over this same material. The Premier promised to withdraw the program. Instead the Ministry of Education transferred the teaching to another department, refaced the curriculum and belligerently continued to teach this special interest material. The Ministry admonishes teachers “to address controversial issues” even in the face of “negative parent response”. Teachers are further warned if they omit any of the curriculum then they will be guilty of “foster(ing) a poisoned environment”. The fact that they include such a statement means that the Ministry knows that parents are upset but just don’t care. Would you teach your eight-year-old child, six genders and to question his or her gender?

If not then your home is a “poisoned environment” according to the reasoning of Ontario’s Ministry of Education. As you drop your innocent children off at school this week, know that their teachers are forced to “read some traditional folk tales and fairy tales with the class. Have students write/illustrate their own “gender-bending” versions.” After opposite sex role-play the children must read the textbooks, Are You A Boy or a Girl, William’s Doll, or Doing It Right (covering topics such as anal sex and masturbation).

Your child will then be forced to “Read Gloria Goes to Gay Pride and “Search images of Pride Week”. I warn you not to do so. Your child will find numerous pictures of full scale nudity and people performing mock sex acts on the street. The little children are then ordered to “make posters for the TDSB float and/or school bus that are in the Pride Parade. Additionally, students could have their own Pride Parade in their school.”

As parents we trust our children in the hands of Ontario’s Premier. We expect him or her to care for our children as they would care for their own. This trust has been betrayed.

Since the Institute for Canadian Values posted the curriculum online at the website stopcorruptingchildren.com. Thousands and thousands of parents have expressed outrage as they discover the bizarre teaching their children are being taught. Why? What good does it do to indoctrinate children with hostile, caustic, explicit gender confusing material? The most common answer is to stop bullying at school. Everyone is in agreement that bullying is a scourge, but shame on those who use this real and present danger to all children as a wedge for special interest teaching. Must we teach Evangelical Christianity in public schools to stop verbal abuse of Christians? Absolutely not! Our schools must teach children to love one another, to respect all people, regardless of their individual characteristics and not to bully anyone.

Freedom for parents to raise their children within the confines of the law is a foundational Canadian value. In this Orwellian age, the State has become a “bully”, so hostile to parents that it will present in-your-face sexually explicit topics and material to our children and expect us to just accept it. Thankfully we have an election on October 6th where we can direct our disgust. The candidates might not listen after the election but they are all ears today. I urge all concerned Ontarians to call the three party leaders, express your concern and know that your voice means a lot in a close election.

Charles McVety
President, Institute for Canadian Values


Sign the petition at:  Stop Corrupting Children.ca

BTW If you are an American parent or grand parent and haven’t yet heard of Kevin Jennings Obama’s Safe School Czar inside the Department of Education, then brace yourself  if you choose to become informed by clicking here.