Doc Drop: @SenTedCruz Report: 76 Instances Of Obama Admin’s Lawlessness & Abuses Of Power

May 7, 2014 at 5:09 pm


WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today released his fourth report on the Obama Administration’s executive overreaches. In this report, Sen. Cruz documents 76 instances of lawlessness and other abuses of power.

“The pattern of lawlessness by this Administration should concern every citizen, regardless of party or ideology,” said Sen. Cruz. “Rule of law means that we are a nation ruled by laws, not men. No one—and especially not the president—is above the law. For that reason, the U.S. Constitution imposes on every president the express duty to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.’ Rather than honor this duty, President Obama has openly defied it by repeatedly suspending, delaying, and waiving portions of the laws that he is charged to enforce.”

In The Legal Limit Report No. 4 Sen. Cruz catalogues abuses of power, including:

  • The Administration’s disregard for current drug, immigration, welfare, and marriage laws.
  • The White House’s false portrayal about events in Benghazi.
  • The exemptions, waivers, and delays associated with the implementation of Obamacare.


Ted Cruz: Legal Limit Report 4

The report may be downloaded here.

Dear Leader Demanded An Apology From Dr. Ben Carson After Infamous Nat’l Prayer Breakfast Speech

April 16, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Thin Skin obama bosch fawstin

But much to Dr. Carson’s credit the thin skinned narcissist did not get one.

(Daily Caller) –Neurosurgeon Ben Carson says the White House wanted him to apologize for “offending” President Obama after he famously delivered a conservative message at the National Prayer Breakfast last year.

Carson, the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, recalls the events surrounding his 2013 speech in his new book, One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future. The Daily Caller obtained an advance copy of the book, which is set for release May 20.

“He did not appear to be hostile or angry,” Carson writes of Obama, “but within a matter of minutes after the conclusion of the program, I received a call from some of the prayer breakfast organizers saying that the White House was upset and requesting that I call the president and apologize for offending him. I said that I did not think that he was offended and that I didn’t think that such a call was warranted.”

Continued >>>

Dr. Benjamin Carson Lectures Obama on Health Care, Deficit, Taxes At Prayer Breakfast – Feb 8, 2013
YouTube Preview Image

H/T Kyle Becker at IJReview who adds:

Of course, shortly following his challenge of the president, he received his first audit from the IRS.

Of course…

Image source: Bosch Fawstin

FLASHBACK VIDEO: In 2008 Obama Promised ‘Pay As You Go’ Spending

December 13, 2013 at 10:31 am

While we are on the subject of government spending

YouTube Preview Image

The farce of Obama’s pay as you go once it became law:

[...] Well, Obama actually managed to accomplish this goal.  In February 2010, Barack Obama signed Pay-Go into law after it passed the Democrat-controlled House and Senate, although it took all of five days for Obama and his party to start attempting to bypass it.  Two months later, the Democrat-dominated Senate, which they controlled by a 59-41 margin, failed to pass a budget resolution by the statutory deadline — and haven’t passed one since.

Why have Senate Democrats not passed a budget resolution in the past three years, as required by (a toothless) law?  There are a number of reasons, mostly dealing with political cowardice and a lack of leadership.  But one has to presume that Pay-Go contributed as well.  Their own pet cause requires them to provide funding for any spending they propose, and they lack the courage to roll out their real intentions — a massive grab of capital to fund all of their hobby-horse policies. [...]

BTW Obama signed ‘pay-go’ into law a day after authorizing $1.9 trillion more federal debt.

[...]Obama used his weekly radio address to report that he signed into law on Friday night the legislation commonly known on Capitol Hill as “Pay-Go,” which has been used sporadically over the past 20 years by congressional budget-writers. Obama also repeated his call for $20 billion in budget cuts, a freeze in certain government spending, and the creation of a fiscal commission.

But it was the pay-go legislation that highlighted the address. Obama credited the concept with the balanced budgets of the 1990s and its abandonment for the deficits of the past decade. He signed the law as part of a larger measure that raised the government’s debt ceiling from $12.4 trillion to $14.3 trillion, as Congress authorized in a divisive vote last month. Obama’s address did not mention the debt ceiling increase.

“In a perfect world, Congress would not have needed a law to act responsibly, to remember that every dollar spent would come from taxpayers today – or our children tomorrow,” Obama said of the pay-go law.

“But this isn’t a perfect world. This is Washington. And while in theory there is bipartisan agreement on moving on balanced budgets, in practice, this responsibility for the future is often overwhelmed by the politics of the moment. It falls prey to the pressure of special interests, to the pull of local concerns, and to a reality familiar to every single American – the fact that it is a lot easier to spend a dollar than save one. That is why this rule is necessary.”  [...]

Smoke and mirrors.

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Obama Rejects Legal Definition Of ‘American Citizenship’ To Appease Illegal Alien Amnesty Crowd

November 26, 2013 at 1:24 pm

O’s status quo; vote farming and race card playing all in one nasty pack O lies.

“When Chinese immigrants came to this city in search of “Gold Mountain, they weren’t looking just for physical riches. They were looking for freedom and opportunity.

They knew that what makes us American is not a question of what we look like or what our names are — because we look like the world. You got a President named Obama. (Laughter and applause.)

What makes us American is our shared belief in certain enduring principles, our allegiance to a set of ideals, to a creed, to the enduring promise of this country.”

– Obama San Francisco, CA November 25, 2013 Betty Ong Chinese Recreation Center

The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro crunches the illegal immigration numbers which SHOCKER! are not in favor of American citizens, be they native born or legal immigrants:


Roughly 20 million Americans are unemployed. Their number includes many young Latinos, African-Americans, immigrants and white citizens.

Obama’s 2013 offer of work permits to the illegals boosted his support among Latinos, 71 percent of whom voted for him in November 2012.

Earlier in the speech, Obama had slammed the GOP for opposing the Senate immigration rewrite, which is backed by Democrats, advocates for the illegals, business groups and numerous billionaires.

If approved by the House, the Senate’s immigration expansion would welcome 30 million immigrants, plus millions of temporary guest workers, over the next decade. That influx would import roughly one immigrant or guest-worker for every American aged 11 to 21, or one immigrant for every American teenager in 2012. Current law allows one million immigrants and 700,000 guest workers to enter the country each year.
After 13 years of high immigration, fewer native-born Americans have jobs, and the gap between the wealthy and the poor is expanding, especially in California.
Obama didn’t discuss the high level of American unemployment among Latinos and African-Americans, or among high-skilled professionals. He didn’t talk about Americans stalled wages or how the Senate’s immigration rewrite would expand the growing gap between rich and poor. In fact, California has seen two decades of low-skill and high-skill immigration, so its middle class is shrinking and the gap between the wealthy and the poor expanding. [...]

So much for this:

Obama further said that providing an amnesty to illegal aliens–n.b. a “pathway to citizenship”–would grow the U.S. economy above “the growth that’s already taking place,” and reduce the federal deficit.

“In fact [granting amnesty to some 11 million people who are living in America illegally] will cost at least several trillions.”

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On Eve Of #ObamaReidShutdown Obama Regime Approved $5 MILLION Embassy Crystal Contract

October 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm

rise-and-fall hope and change maksim
Fancy, smancy. Because only the best will do when the country is buried in trillions upon trillions of Obama debt.

(VNews) –Quechee — On eve of last week’s government shutdown, Simon Pearce won a potential five-year competitive contract for $5 million to provide 20 different styles of custom handcrafted stem and barware to the State Department for use in American embassies around the world.

The contract stipulates that the items be made in the United States, Clay Adams, chief executive officer at Simon Pearce, said in an email.

“Simon Pearce is a natural fit for this given its production in Vermont and Maryland. Simon Pearce received its first purchase order … for more than 12,000 pieces, most of which will be produced here in Vermont later this year,” Adams said.

The contract also will allow Simon Pearce to hire glass blowers in the Upper Valley, and much of the work will be done in the Quechee facility, he said.

During the last week of September in 2012, the government spent $45 billion on contracts and spending spiked by $100 billion, according to The Washington Post and the conservative nonprofit group Public Notice.

The Benghazi four (may they RIP) are unavailable for comment.

Image source: Makism’s “The Rise and fall Of Hope and Change

Liar In Chief Obama: “Deficit Cut In Half Since I Took Office”

October 1, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Remember this?

Dateline Feb. 2009: Obama vowed to cut the country’s budget deficit in half by the end of his first term.

YouTube Preview Image

Nope, never happened.

Today he falsely claimed to have cut the deficit in half.

The money quote via RCP Video:

Although I should add, this shutdown isn’t about deficits or spending or budgets.

After all, our deficits are falling at the fastest pace in 50 years.

We’ve cut them in half since I took office. ”

~ Obama (October 1, 2013)

The Washington Free Beacon shines sun light on the ‘Obama cut the deficit in half’ lie:


Budget figures provided by the White House show that the deficit nearly tripled from 2008 to 2009, when Obama took office, and has remained above $1 trillion since then, though 2013 projections are slightly lower.

The country has seen higher budget deficits during every year of Obama’s presidency than it did during any of his predecessor’s eight years in office.

The White House provides the following deficit numbers:

2005: $318 billion

2006: $248 billion

2007: $161 billion

2008: $459 billion

2009: $1.41 trillion

2010: $1.29 trillion

2011: $1.3 trillion

2012: $1.09 trillion

2013 (projected): $973 billion

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Epic Open Letter Apologizing To Obama Regarding The Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown Controversy Goes Viral

August 16, 2013 at 11:14 am

obama rodeo clown mo state fair august 10 2013 2

Positively snark-a-licious!

The Matt Walsh Blog:

(Black) rodeo clown Leon Coffee wears a Hillary Clinton mask Tuesday night, Feb. 5, 2008...59th Annual Stock Show & Rodeo,San Antonio.Photo: WILLIAM LUTHER, San Antonio Express-News File Photo

(Black) rodeo clown Leon Coffee wears a Hillary Clinton mask Feb. 5, 2008…59th Annual Stock Show Rodeo,San Antonio. San Antonio Express-News File Photo

Dear President Obama,

I’m reaching out to you as a friend. I know you must be deeply hurting after what happened at the Missouri State Fair. Sure, you probably try to avoid watching the news while you’re on vacation, but I’m sure the pilot who airlifted your dog to your rental mansion in Martha’s Vineyard probably caught you up to speed (that guy is such a chatterbox). Your jaw must have hit the floor when you heard the news: A rodeo clown in Missouri poked fun at you. Yeah, I know, almost impossible to believe. The gall! The gumption! The racism! Don’t worry, the entire country erupted in outrage, Democrats and Republicans issued statements of condemnation, and now the offending clown has been banned for life from the Missouri State Fair. There will likely be “action taken” against the Missouri Rodeo Clown Association, and I do hope justice is visited upon them swiftly. I think we’re all a little sick of the Missouri Rodeo Clown Association causing trouble. It’s something new every week with those freakin’ guys.

But all of this is of no consolation. The fact is, a rodeo clown in Missouri made fun of you. Nothing can ever ease the pain he has caused. This sort of crass lampooning of public officials has never happened at a rodeo until now, and I know that because a bunch of people who have never been within 150 miles of a rodeo said so. And then — worse still — the crowd erupted in applause at the spectacle of a guy in an Obama mask being chased by a rampaging bull. Racists, the lot of ‘em! I mean, Bush never got this sort of treatment. Nobody ever mocked or satirized him. No crude jokes were told about him. Nobody ever wished violence or death upon him. Ever. You know why? Because he’s white. White presidents always get treated nicely, especially white Republicans. Just ask Lincoln. The whole country agreed for over two centuries that we don’t ever insult presidents, then you get into office and all of a sudden every day is Pick on the President Day. Outrageous!

Besides, you are due some respect. You’ve earned it. You’ve done nothing but serve these people and make their lives better, and this is how they treat you? Ungrateful brats. You should drone bomb these haters. Just kidding. But seriously, you should. You’re the first president in history to actually order the assassination of American citizens, and I say why stop with some Muslim propagandist and his completely innocent son who never committed any crime at all?

I’m especially sick of these punks in the middle class who won’t stop complaining about you. What’s their issue? OK, you haven’t done anything about the unemployment rate your whole time in office, median household incomes have dropped, fewer businesses are opening, the number of people in poverty has increased while the number of high paying jobs has decreased, all of this while taxes go up and Obamacare looms, threatening to strangle small business owners and put thousands more out of work, but so what? I’ve got two words: Food stamps. Or is it foodstamps? I don’t know, I can’t spell it, I can just use it to get my Lucky Charms and Dr. Pepper. You’ve made all of this “work” crap obsolete by increasing the entitlement state more than any president ever in history! You’re adding more than 11 thousand Americans a day to SNAP. You’ve got millions relying on the government for rent, cable, phone, even birth control. I guess this horrible economy stuff would be kind of a bummer if not for all the delicious welfare. Who needs an economy anymore? We’ve got you, baby.

So how could anyone be upset at you? How could they delight at the degradation and mockery of Barack Obama? What’s wrong with these right wing rednecks? Are they still sore about the whole thing where you sent the IRS after your political opponents to harass and hinder them during an election cycle? Or the stuff about spying on the phone records of every American? What about all this business about you arming and funding Islamic Militants overseas and then orchestrating a coverup when a bunch of them murdered your ambassador? Are folks STILL mad that you funneled weapons to drug cartels and then threatened whistleblowers into silence? Or is it all this fuss over your Justice Department spying on and attempting to prosecute journalists? Is it the wildly unpopular two thousand page health care law? The regulation mandating that religious employers provide abortifacients to their employees? The millions of tax dollars you’ve given to the abortion industry and the blessings you wished upon a group of wealthy abortionists? The bailouts? The green energy scams? The massive expansion of government? The out of control deficit spending? The lies? The broken promises? The betrayals? The corruption? The attacks on our fundamental liberties?

I can’t imagine why anyone would get too worked about any of that. Like you said, that stuff didn’t happen. Or it did, but it’s not a big deal. Or it’s not a big deal because it didn’t. I can’t remember, I just know that you treat anyone who raises any of these concerns with utter contempt and disregard, which clearly proves that they are wrong.

Mr. Obama, IF you WERE actually guilty of being a deceitful despot who murders, conspires, and steals, then obviously all true Americans would have no choice but to giggle with glee at the sight of your likeness being gouged by an angry bull. Fortunately, that isn’t the case, which is why I’d like to apologize for the state of Missouri, for everyone who has ever attended a state fair, and for everyone in the rodeo clown community.

You are special, Mr. President, and I still love you.

Yours eternally,

Matt Walsh

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H/T The Free Patriot

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SNL Sequester Skit Obama: “I really have no idea how money or budgets work” [Video]

March 3, 2013 at 10:28 am

“Trust me, nine months from now, you won’t remember this sequester ever happened. Why? Because there will be another way worse financial crisis to deal with.”

Sequester Cold Open – Saturday Night Live

Watch your back SNL…you may come to “regret” this…

Obama To Press: Let Me Be Clear “I Never Want To Make Myself 100% Clear With You Guys”

March 1, 2013 at 3:19 pm
o never want to 100 per cent clear with press mar 1 2013

O: ‘Let Me Be Clear As Mud’ –Click to view.

In other news the sky is blue.

WASHINGTON POST REPORTER: Just to be a 100-percent clear, would you sign a budget that continues to fund the government, even at lower levels than the sequester, even if you don’t prefer to do that?

OBAMA: I never want to make myself 100-percent clear with you guys, but I think it is fair to say that I made a deal for a certain budget, certain numbers, there’s s no reason why that deal needs to be reopened.

Obama: American Families ‘Have Been Getting Battered Pretty Good The Last 4 Years’ On My Watch

March 1, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Straight from the horse’s jackass’ mouth…

“I am saying that everybody is going to have to do something, and the one key to this whole thing is trying to make sure we keep in mind who we are here for. We’re not here for ourselves, we’re not here for our parties. We’re not here to advance our electoral prospects. We’re here for American families who have been getting battered pretty good over the last four years, are just starting to see the economy improved. Businesses are just starting to see some confidence coming back, and this is not a win for anybody. This is a loss for the American people.”


Reporter to Obama it sounds like you are “ducking responsibility”

Delusional detachment:


Money left over after taxes biggest plunge since 1959

President’s [sequester] plan: $1 trillion in new taxes

The $6 Trillion Man–Debt Up That Much Under Obama

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