Racism; It’s Not Just For White People–WHO KNEW!?

March 10, 2014 at 6:49 am

YouTuber ‘Young Platinum‘ knows. And he is man enough to admit it. Watch the video he shared of an unhinged racist black woman riding the MARTA train in Atlanta.
His words:


YouTube Preview Image

“Y’all gotdamn cracker son of a bitch. Y’all aint nuttin but some cracker son of a bitch. And I’m a black ass woman! Now say something about me and I’ll spray yo ass bitch.”

“You Should Have Been A Casualty Of War” Obama Supporter’s Response To Wounded Warrior’s Public Dressing Down Of Dear Leader

February 19, 2014 at 10:30 am

Foaming at the mouth, it’s what…they…do…

The vile vitriol above was in response to Senior Airman Brian Kolfage’s open letter to Obama on Presidents day:

“You’re not a leader, you’re a community organizer.”

Don’t bother looking for rabid Obama ratchet Kristi’s Facebook profile it has been shoved down the rabbit hole.

Effing coward.

H/T Liberty News

“Knock That White Boy Out!” “Cracker” 3 Black Teen Thugs Arrested For Mob Beating Of Disabled Vet

February 15, 2014 at 6:22 pm

19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports
3 to 4 suspects remain at large.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) - Cleveland authorities have made several arrests following the mob beating of a disabled Army veteran by a group of teenagers.

Last Friday [Feb. 7, 2014], the victim, Matthew Robinson, was surrounded by between six and eight teenagers while riding the RTA Healthline. Robinson told WOIO that he was attacked by the teens, then robbed of his possessions.

During the attack, the teens made several derogatory remarks about Robinson.

“What they were saying was, ‘Knock that boy out!’ ‘White boy.’ ‘Cracker,’” he was quoted as saying about the incident. “They were saying, ‘Knock that white boy out.’”

This week, three suspects – Kenneth Matthews, Ronald Reid Williams and an unnamed 16-year-old girl – were arrested by Cleveland and RTA police. The latter filmed the attack with her cell phone, and was said to still have the video at the time of her apprehension. [...]

Happy Black History Month y’all.

Unknown Fem-Nazi Pro-Abort Comic Laura Levites “I Want To Rip Out Uterus Of Pro Life C*nt Cathy McMorris Rodgers And Eat It”

January 31, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Life News:

Feminist comedian Laura Levites posted a tweet in response to Rogers’ touching pro-life State of the Union response, saying, “I want to rip out the uterus of that pro life C— Cathy McMorris Rodgers and eat it, so I can see the surprised look on her frigid face.”….

Not only is twisted sister Laura Levites a depraved, demented waste of human flesh with a cannibalistic fem-nazi fetish for feasting on uteri, she is also a candy-ass coward.
As you can see Laura dishes it out with fervent gusto…
Laura Levites tweet rip out and eat cathy mcmorris rogers uterus

but…she can’t take it:

Laura Levites twitter profile locked

Her explanation for setting her twitter account to private is a heaping helping of weak sauce. So bold! So brave!
Laura Levites twitter profile locked facebook explanation postWhat will she do for an encore, become an advocate for human sacrifice?

Oh…wait…she already has.

BTW If are wondering why you haven’t heard of her, join the club, no one has.

H/T Chicks On The Right

Uterus tweet screenshot via @Cameron_Gray

UK: Man Who Posted Mandela Joke On Internet Held For 8 Hrs,Fingerprinted,DNA Swabbed,Computer Seized

December 12, 2013 at 11:35 am


(Daily Mail) –A sandwich shop owner endured eight hours of questioning by police and had his computer seized for three weeks – after making tasteless Nelson Mandela jokes on the internet.

Neil Phillips, who runs Crumbs in Rugeley, Staffordshire, says he was also finger-printed and DNA-swabbed after officers received complaints about what he insists were harmless gags.

In one online post, the 44-year-old wrote: ‘My PC takes so long to shut down I’ve decided to call it Nelson Mandela.’
Mr Phillips was arrested at his home on September 10 and was taken to a police station where he was quizzed about the postings on the Rugeley Soap Box website.

He said: ‘It was an awful experience. I was fingerprinted, they took DNA and my computer’.

‘It was a couple of jokes, Bernard Manning type.

‘There was no hatred.

‘You can question the taste, but they’re not hateful. I told the police they got plenty of “likes”. What happened to freedom of speech?

‘I think they over-reacted massively. Those jokes are “out there”, anyway.

‘When they took my computer, I thought, “what the hell are they looking for?” To be questioned would have been over the top, never mind arrested.’

‘They are jokes that I cut-and-pasted,’ insisted Mr Phillips. ‘I didn’t make them up and I didn’t put them on a public site.

You have to sign-up and join. It’s turning into the thought police – you can’t do this, you can’t do that.
Liberal Democrat Councillor Tim Jones was so incensed by the one-liners, aired at a time when Mandela was critically ill, that he made an official complaint. [...]

I’m curious as to how many left-wing politicians who shared tasteless, hateful Margaret Thatcher diatribes both in public and in private went through the same ordeal. My guess would be –next to none.

What of the left-wing extremists who attended the “Thatcher’s Dead” street party? Which eventually turned into a violent riot, ….but of course.

This pithy comment left on the Daily Mail article sums it up quite nicely. Perspective; it has garnered over 3,000 up votes, while the down votes are currently under 200.

(mahatmacoatmabag) In the UK , ruled by the Bolsheviks in Brussels, being a White Englishman is now a crime. Unless we worship Political Correctness & Multiculturalism as the highest human ideals we are considered racialists & persecuted


Class Act: @Cher’s Son @eliasblau Apologizes For Her “Ugly” @SarahPalinUSA “C-Word” Tweet

December 5, 2013 at 2:38 pm

A clear cut case of the apple falling far from the tree.

Cher’s tweet:

cher sarah palin c word tweet

Crass act.

Link: https://twitter.com/cher/status/401396956074745856

In defense of his sister Sarah Chuck Heath posted an open letter to Cher on Facebook:

sarah palin bro chuck heath open letter to cher re c word tweet
Link: https://www.facebook.com/chuckheathjr/posts/598817270175359

Elijah Blue Allman (son of Cher and Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers) took it upon himself to issue an apology regarding his mother’s “ugly remarks” via Twitter:

cher son elijah blue apologizes to sarah palin

Pure class.

Link: https://twitter.com/eliasblau/statuses/407981832437637120

Sarah’s brother Chuck thanking Elijah for his apology:


sarah palin bro thanking cher son for his apology

Pure grace.

Link: https://twitter.com/ChuckHeathJr/statuses/408115290635919360

Meanwhile Cher continues to take the low road:

cher tweets abt sarah palin spot onLink: https://twitter.com/cher/status/408115794329862145

BREAKING: MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Resigns In Wake Of Vulgar Demeaning @SarahPalinUSA Rant

December 4, 2013 at 2:53 pm

martin bashir msnbc flushed

Good. Now rot in hell loathsome reprobate.

A statement by Martin Bashir

The following is a message for the msnbc community from Martin Bashir:

“After making an on-air apology, I asked for permission to take some additional time out around the Thanksgiving holiday. Upon further reflection, and after meeting with the President of msnbc, I have tendered my resignation.  It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues, at this special network, will be allowed to focus on the issues that matter without the distraction of myself or my ill-judged comments.

“I deeply regret what was said, will endeavor to work hard at making constructive contributions in the future and will always have a deep appreciation for our viewers – who are the smartest, most compassionate and discerning of all television audiences.  I would also wish to express deepest gratitude to my immediate colleagues, and our contributors, all of whom have given so much of themselves to our broadcast.”

Phil Griffin, President of msnbc, added the following:

“Martin Bashir resigned today, effective immediately. I understand his decision and I thank him for three great years with msnbc. Martin is a good man and respected colleague  - we wish him only the best.”


A “good man”? In a pigs eye. A “good man” does not fetishize about defecting and urinating in a woman’s mouth.

He should have been fired.

@MSNBC’s Martin @BashirLive: @SarahPalinUSA Deserves To Have Someone Defecate In Her Mouth & Urinate In Her Eyes [Video]

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VIDEO: Belligerent Drunk Democrat Mayor’s Racist Rant: “F*ckin Cracker Motherf*ckers”

November 25, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Hizzonner Gordon Jenkins (Democrat -Monticello, NY) does not believe in equal justice for all.

But when it was all said and done, he was charged with DWI, refusing a Breathalyzer, obstruction of justice and criminal mischief.

Monticello Village Trustee Cameron Rue (Youtube):

o-DRUNK-SYMPTOMS-570Unredacted, unedited, raw video-recordings of Mayor Gordon Jenkins’ post-arrest processing at the Village of Monticello police station on November 16, 2013, from discs released in response to a request under the NYS Freedom of Information Law in Village of Monticello Justice Court by Hon. Josephine Finn on November 22, 2013, who suspended the Mayor’s privilege to drive in New York State as a result of being charged with Refusing a Chemical Test.

An intoxicated Mayor and Acting Village Manager of Monticello, New York, handcuffed, alternating between threatening and police officers in an effort to bully his way to lenient treatment after arrested for impaired driving. Jenkins curses repeatedly while interacting with officers, calling both white and black policemen numerous hateful racial insults, creating a hostile work environment for the officers and other employees at Village Hall which threatens their health and security and appears designed to diminish the quality of service they are permitted to provide to the public.

“What are you going to do? Put me in jail five years? I’ll get out in five years, and I going to f***ing tell you what the f**k you did to me, and I’m going to come back to you.”

“They say you are the Klan, I believe it now. You are trying to lock every black motherf*cker in this f*cking town. I believe all the f*cking n*ggers and what they be talking about, about you. You lock my black ass up tonight. You got everybody else locked up.”

“You can give me ten years to life mother f*ckers You guys are going to pay for this. Mayor or no f*cking mayor.”

“Maybe I should resign for Mayor and f*cking be just a f*cking Al Sharpton around here. Call Dennis Lynch, you know his f*cking number. We’re going to have an emergency board meeting tonight. I’m going to ask Rochelle to have an emergency board meeting.”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

This is not the mayor’s first brush with the law.

(CBS New York)–[...] Monticello Village Trustee Carmen Rue filed the request to release the videos of the mayor in custody. She has called on him to leave his post.

“He needs help. He really needs help,” Rue said. “He needs to step down for the good of the community.”
The head of the local Policemen’s Benevolent Association said handcuffing the mayor to the wall for most of the night was not unusual treatment.

“The way he was acting, how intoxicated he was — he was treated the way everybody else was treated,” said Monticello PBA President John Riegler.

Meanwhile, residents of Monticello had serious questions Sunday about the mayor’s latest alleged conduct.

“It’s not a good example for a person in that position to be setting for the public,” one person said.

“He’s not fit for being mayor,” another said. “What mayor would do something like what he does?”

Jenkins pleaded guilty three years ago for selling knock-off sneakers at his local store. He was arrested again last year for allegedly hitting a police officer.

[To be specific, Jenkins was selling knock-off Nikes at his hip-hop clothing store G-Man Beauty Supplies]

Jenkins also raised eyebrows earlier this year when he appointed his longtime girlfriend to the village Board of Trustees.

Jenkins pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. As for the mayor’s future, it will likely come up at the next Monticello Village Trustees’ meeting on Dec. 6.

Monticello Village Hall
2 Pleasant Street,
Monticello, New York 12701
Telephone:  845 794 6130
Fax:               845 794 2327
E-mail: info@villageofmonticello.com

Brooklyn: 28 Yr Old Amrit Marajh Charged In ‘Knockout Game’ Attack Of White Jewish Man

November 24, 2013 at 12:47 pm
knockout Amrit Marajh 28, exits Brooklyn Criminal Court after posting $750 bail

Amrit Marajh, 28, exits Brooklyn Criminal Court after posting $750 bail

Bigoted full grown punks of Indian origin are now getting into da vicious ‘game’.

(NY Daily News) –The suspect in the brazen punching of a Jewish man in Brooklyn callously boasted he could “knock out” his victim — but his lawyer claimed Saturday that the alleged attack has nothing to do with the brutal game that has the city on edge.

Amrit Marajh, 28, had just left a bar on McDonald Ave. on Friday [Nov. 22, 2013] with four friends and was talking about boxing when the knockout game came up, police sources said.

“You can’t do that”, one member of the group said as they came upon Shmuel Perl, 24, according to a source.

Marajh allegedly said, Yes I can, I’ll do it to this guy right now before punching Perl in the face, leaving him bruised.


This had nothing to do with the knockout game, said his attorney, James Kirshner.


NY Daily News:

A 24-year-old Jewish man was pummeled in Borough Park on Friday and cops are trying to figure out if it was a hate crime, another vile example of the knockout game or both.

Police charged Amrit Marajh, 28, with punching Shmuel Perl around 2:45 a.m. on 18th Ave.

Marajh faces charges of third-degree assault, assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime. Three other men allegedly with Marajh at the time of the attack were taken into custody but released, police said. He was awaiting arraignment Saturday afternoon.

Perl was wearing a yarmulke. At least one of the men in the group yelled an anti-Semitic slur, cops said.

“I was able to hear them speaking loudly about this knockout game,” Perl said in a YouTube interview with the Orthodox magazine Dee Voch. “The group surrounded me. As I tried to get away, one stepped toward me and with a closed fist hit me in the face.”

As he stumbled away from the suspect, he and his pals yucked it up, Perl said.[...]

NBC New York gives a racial description of the victim but not of the perp:

The 24-year-old victim, who is white and Jewish, said he overheard the people who attacked him talking about the knockout game before they punched him in the face on 18th Avenue in Boro Park.

Marajh Amrit, 28, has been charged with two counts of a hate crime and third-degree assault, police said.

Insight into the racial identities of knockout victims and the usual suspects  from the Epoch Times:

A number of assaults in Brooklyn, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., have drawn attention in recent weeks that authorities say may be inspired by the violent game. The object is to target unsuspecting pedestrians with the intention of knocking them out with one punch.

Police have said some of the attacks are being investigated as hate crimes; victims tend to be white or Jewish, and in New York City, the suspects have all been black.

Information on an attorney for Amrit was not immediately available.

The Times of India reports that the attacker Amrit Marjh is of Indian descent:

NEW YORK: A 28-year-old Indian-origin man has been arrested in the US on hate crime charges after he allegedly assaulted a Jewish man as part of so-called “knock-out attacks.”

One of 3 of Marjh’s (unnamed) accessories to the crime who has since been released (source CBS New York):

marajh amrit muslim knock out a jew perp
Muslim? Or Indian? Or both?

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@MSNBC’s Martin @BashirLive: @SarahPalinUSA Deserves To Have Someone Defecate In Her Mouth & Urinate In Her Eyes [Video]

November 16, 2013 at 2:01 pm

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir; revolting sub-human excrement…straight up.
Via Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters who adds:

This is a host for a so-called cable news network saying these astonishingly vile things about a former governor and former vice presidential candidate.

Is there no limit to what people are allowed to say about conservatives on this disgrace of a network?

My goodness!

Apparently Bashir’s hate is a bottomless pit.
YouTube Preview Image

MARTIN BASHIR: It’s time now to clear the air. And we end this week in the way it began – with America’s resident dunce, Sarah Palin, scraping the barrel of her long deceased mind, and using her all-time favorite analogy in an attempt to sound intelligent about the national debt.


SARAH PALIN: Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children, and borrowing from China. When that note comes due – and this isn’t racist, so try it. Try it anyway. This isn’t racist. But it’s going to be like slavery when that note is due.


BASHIR: It’lll be like slavery. Given her well-established reputation as a world class idiot, it’s hardly surprising that she should choose to mention slavery in a way that is abominable to anyone who knows anything about its barbaric history. So here’s an example.

One of the most comprehensive first-person accounts of slavery comes from the personal diary of a man called Thomas Thistlewood, who kept copious notes for 39 years. Thistlewood was the son of a tenant farmer who arrived on the island of Jamaica in April 1750, and assumed the position of overseer at a major plantation. What is most shocking about Thistlewood’s diary is not simply the fact that he assumes the right to own and possess other human beings, but is the sheer cruelty and brutality of his regime.

In 1756, he records that “A slave named Darby catched eating canes; had him well flogged and pickled, then made Hector, another slave, s-h-i-t in his mouth.” This became known as Darby’s dose, a punishment invented by Thistlewood that spoke only of the slave owners savagery and inhumanity.

And he mentions a similar incident again in 1756, this time in relation to a man he refers to as Punch. “Flogged Punch well, and then washed and rubbed salt pickle, lime juice and bird pepper; made Negro Joe piss in his eyes and mouth.” I could go on, but you get the point.

When Mrs. Palin invoked slavery, she doesn’t just prove her rank ignorance. She confirms that if anyone truly qualified for a dose of discipline from Thomas Thistlewood, then she would be the outstanding candidate.

Bashir’s kindred evil spirits: Black Thugs Steal “WHITE BITCH’S” iPhone, Pulled Down Her Pants & URINATED On Her

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