Middle School Forces Students To Ask for Lesbian Kiss, Pretend To Be On A Lesbian Date

April 24, 2013 at 8:35 am

No child of mine.
Proponents of the radical homosexual agenda are becoming bolder by the minute.

(Christian News) –Red Hook, New York – A recent anti-bullying presentation at a middle school in New York that focused on homosexuality and gender identity has angered parents after their daughters have come home to tell them they were forced to ask another girl for a kiss.

According to reports, the session occurred last week at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, New York, near Poughkeepsie. A group of students from Bard College led two workshops for the youth, separated by gender.

During the workshop for girls, the 13 and 14-year-olds were told to ask one another for a kiss. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.”

Parent Mandy Coon told reporters that her daughter was very uncomfortable with the exercise.
“She told me, ‘Mom, we all get teased and picked on enough; now I’m going to be called a lesbian because I had to ask another girl if I could kiss her,’” she lamented. “They also picked two girls to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.”

Coon stated that she was especially irate over the matter because parents were given no warning about the presentations, nor an opportunity to opt out. She is also dismayed that college students were granted the right to come into the classroom and encourage her daughter to be sexually active.
However, both the school principal and the district superintendent are defending the workshops, and are advising that they will schedule more. Superintendent Paul Finch told The Poughkeepsie Journal that the presentation was “focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions.”

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In other words –a brainwashing indoctrination workshop.
Edit: Mainstreaming deviancy. Sodom and Gomorrah revisited.

(Wikipedia) –Pansexuality, or omnisexuality

(Wikipedia)Genderqueer (GQ; alternatively non-binary)

End edit.
The superintendent’s statement:

Middle School Communication Workshop

Dear Parents:
I would like to thank the community members who attended the information meeting at Linden Avenue Middle School on Tuesday, April 16, to discuss the communication workshop for eighth grade students. For those community members not in attendance, the building principal outlined the topics discussed during the eighth grade sessions. These topics included: cultural stereotypes related to gender and gender identity, positive strategies for conflict resolution, and issues related to personal consent in relationships. All of these topics support our efforts to create a school environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

I appreciated the thoughtful dialogue about communication, supervision, and follow-up. I am confident that the middle school faculty will incorporate many of the suggestions into future programming. Dr. Zahedi, Mrs. Berardi, Mrs. Gaynor, and I remain available to all parents who would like additional clarification and/or would like to offer suggestions for future programming.

Paul Finch, Superintendent


Dr. Katie Zahedi, Principal, ext. 3256
Mrs. Jillian Berardi, Assistant Principal, ext. 3268jberardi@rhcsd.org
Linden Avenue Middle School
65 West Market Street, Red Hook, NY 12571Telephone: 845-758-2241
Paul Finch Superintendent of Schools, District Office
Phone:  845-758-2241, Ext. 4720
Email: pfinch@rhcsd.org

Reprehensible! High School Paints Over ‘Offensive’ Student Mural Depicting Traditional Family

April 11, 2012 at 9:21 am

No hate!

YouTube Preview Image

WARWICK, R.I. –It seems another mural at a Rhode Island high school is causing a controversy.

Elizabeth Bierenday, a junior at Pilgrim High School in Warwick, was asked to create a mural for the school.

She sketched a mural that showed the growth of a boy into adulthood. The last image showed a man with a woman and child and wedding rings over their heads.

Bierenday showed the school’s assistant principal the sketches, which were approved.
Some people at the school felt the mural didn’t accurately represent many students at Pilgrim and school officials decided to paint over the right side.
On Friday, Bierenday spoke with John DePetro on WPRO-AM about the mural and said she was told that her original design may be offensive or a religious symbol. [...]

Dear God, where does it end?!

The good news is that school officials have since decided to allow the student to paint her mural –as is.

WARWICK, R.I. — A Pilgrim High School student will finish a corridor wall mural as she originally intended — showing a boy’s phases of life from childhood through marriage and parenthood.

The mural, still largely in pencil-sketch form, became a subject of debate last week when school officials had the ending painted over because there was some concern that the traditional ending might offend some people with alternative lifestyles. [...]

What were they afraid of? That some LBGT kid or a student from a non-traditional family would turn into a pillar of salt, after having cast his/her eyes upon the mural?

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LAUSD Paid Pedophile UTLA Union Teacher To Resign

February 14, 2012 at 7:41 am

Deja  vu! No, your mind is not playing tricks on you. This piece was originally published on February 11, 2012. During the maintenance and server move this past weekend it was lost. Fortunately I was able to recreate it.*

The sick, twisted pedophile teacher was paid $40,000 to drop his dismissal challenge.
My God, I wish I never would have looked. Horrifying. ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING.

*Content Warning: Additional details of the abuse at [all] links are extremely graphic.*

(LA Times) –The Los Angeles Unified School District paid Mark Berndt, the teacher at the center of the Miramonte Elementary child abuse scandal, $40,000 to drop the challenge to his dismissal last year.

The payout consisted of four months of back salary plus reimbursement for the cost of health benefits. Berndt was fired by the Board of Education in February 2011 after officials learned that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was investigating him for alleged lewd acts against students. He was arrested last week.

The firing took Berndt off the district payroll. But he fought to keep his job through an appeal process that lasted until he settled with the school system and resigned in June.

The settlement with Berndt came in the face of a dilemma, said L.A. Unified general counsel David Holmquist. A hearing on the dismissal was pending and the district didn’t have evidence to justify the firing because the Sheriff’s Department investigation was ongoing.

Berndt was charged last week with 23 counts of lewd conduct against children; another teacher, Martin Springer, was charged this week with three counts of lewd conduct. [...]

More from the LA Times:

When Berndt, 61, was arrested, school district officials said they had no record of any previous misconduct or complaints against him. But evidence of past warning signs has since emerged.

The perverted monster appealed his dismissal even though the physical evidence against him is STAGGERING!

Via the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau detectives arrested 61-year old Mark Berndt, a teacher with over 30 years experience at a South Los Angeles elementary school, on child molestation charges after conducting an extensive sex crimes investigation.

The investigation began over a year ago when over 40 photographs depicting children in a school classroom, with their eyes blindfolded and mouths covered with tape, were turned in to law enforcement by a film processor. Film processors are mandated to report suspected child abuse under California law (11166 of the California State Penal Code).

Investigators learned that some of the photos depicted Suspect Mark Berndt with his arm around the children, or with his hand over their mouths.[...]

Dead to rights.

D & Q the sick bastard.

(LA Weekly) Academically, the veteran third-grade teacher scored below-average marks in the LA Times 2009 teacher ratings.

The big question that remains this morning: Why was Berndt allowed to walk freely among us for the year that it took the Special Victims Bureau to complete its probe?

Lieutenant Carlos Marquez tells KNX that investigators were œmonitoring” the ex-teacher in the months after he was fired. He argues that any immediate danger was mitigated by the school board’s decision to kick Berndt off campus, and says the Sheriff’s Department wanted to gather all possible evidence before making an arrest.

For instance, DNA testing on the spoon and container was only completed a month and a half ago. But still why?

The department insists that the task was complicated enough to warrant the delay. Try telling that to the hundreds, even thousands, of horrified Miramonte parents whose children were exposed to Berndt in his 30-plus years at the elementary school.

Update: LAUSD’s statement:

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s decision to settle with former Miramonte Elementary School teacher, Mark Berndt, last June was the most immediate way to ensure he would no longer be an employee of the District and guarantee he would not be a threat to any other student in LAUSD.

When the Board of Education initiated steps to fire Berndt in February 2011, Berndt immediately fought his dismissal through an appeal hearing process with the State Office of Administrative Hearings, which every permanent certificated employee has the right to under the Education Code.

During the appeal process the responsibility lies with the District to present evidence and witnesses to justify the dismissal of a teacher, and in the case of Berndt, to demonstrate that he is unfit to be a teacher in LAUSD.

However, through no control of the District, law enforcement agencies did not allow the District access to any evidence or witnesses so as to prevent interference with the criminal investigation. Similarly, the District was prohibited by law enforcement from conducting its own investigation or gathering evidence for purposes of the dismissal hearing. Consequently, LAUSD was left with no evidence to successfully present a case to dismiss Berndt. As a District, we would not want to compromise any criminal investigation surrounding an alleged perpetrator.

Given this restraint, LAUSD also ran the risk of losing the appeal process and as a consequence, being forced to retain Berndt as an employee of LAUSD. In light of this potential risk, the LAUSD’s most prudent and viable option was to settle.

Our main priority is always the safety and well being of our students and providing them a safe learning environment.

Settling for $40,000 to pay the approximately five months of salary Berndt would have otherwise been statutorily entitled to and other related expenses was a guaranteed result given the uncertainties of the dismissal process and the inability to access evidence in this dismissal matter.

The State’s current teacher dismissal framework makes it extremely difficult to terminate unfit teachers like Berndt, thus requiring the District to find other viable options to ensure the safety of our students.

Update 2:

I’ve made this very, very clear: I think that state law is a problem,said LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.

Deasy says the district tried to fire Berndt when the investigators discovered the photographs last year. But because of current state law, Berndt was able to appeal his termination and allowed to resign and maintain his pension. In addition, the district had to pay his legal bills and back pay.

I wish it were otherwise,said Deasy. I think it should be otherwise. But we all follow the law until something else changes. And so if you actually want the person off the payroll, you settle.

Teachers unions protect pedophile teachers.

Also see: Protecting Bad Teachers, Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers Contest, Watering Down Teacher Evaluations and For Parents: Local School Info at Teachers Union Exposed

Also see: WTH?! No Legal Consequences For An Assistant US Attorney Under Holder For Possession Of Child Porn

Fundamental Transformation 2008 — Fundamental Restoration 2012

December 8, 2011 at 8:31 am

This is good, damn good.

Notice of Foreclosure: An open letter to Obama and the Democrat Party

Quotable quote:

Hey jackass[es] get your government off of my freedom!


Elections have consequences. The consequences of disregarding the will of the American people will be on full display next November.

Gird your loins Dems.

And don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

Must See TV! Sun TV’s Michael Coren & Mark Steyn

December 1, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Notice: The videos are no longer available due to to the fact that the YouTube user’s account has been closed.

If user SDAMatt2 resurfaces with his/her video catalog intact and I happen to catch it, I will switch out the vids. Until then, that’s the breaks…

Thanks to Steven for the heads up.

I promise you will not go away empty handed, please see update below.

Edit: Good news YouTube user SDAMatt is back in business and is uploading his video catalog as I type. As soon as the ones previously posted here are locked and loaded, I will update. BTW His account was hacked and all videos were deleted. Anti-free speech bastards!

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Together they discuss multiculturalism, censorship and indoctrination in the name of  the radical LGBT agenda, the occupation of the British Embassy in Iran, Israel’s treatment by the Left; “progressive racism”, the rise of Islam and more.

Coren alone is always worth your time, and with the added ear candy (and eye candy IMHO) of the brilliant and witty Mark Steyn. It is most definitely –must see TV to the second power.

YouTube Preview Image

H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Also from BCF “Bitchy Whiner Attacking SunTV Co-Wrote TDSB Kiddie Sex Curriculum” which will provide some background for those who were not aware of the controversy as discussed in the lead segment of the above video.

(Video replaced)

YouTube Preview Image

The controversial [roll eyes] ad addressing the homosexual indoctrination of school children via Toronto District School Board curriculum (pdf), leading towards an attack on Sun News for having aired it. Which as I stated above Coren and Steyn discussed in the opening segment of the now unavailable video. The very reason I posted the Coren-Steyn video in the first place.

See what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

Last year, parents voiced their concern over this same material. The Premier promised to withdraw the program. Instead the Ministry of Education transferred the teaching to another department, refaced the curriculum and belligerently continued to teach this special interest material. The Ministry admonishes teachers “to address controversial issues” even in the face of “negative parent response”. Teachers are further warned if they omit any of the curriculum then they will be guilty of “foster(ing) a poisoned environment”. The fact that they include such a statement means that the Ministry knows that parents are upset but just don’t care. Would you teach your eight-year-old child, six genders and to question his or her gender?

If not then your home is a “poisoned environment” according to the reasoning of Ontario’s Ministry of Education. As you drop your innocent children off at school this week, know that their teachers are forced to “read some traditional folk tales and fairy tales with the class. Have students write/illustrate their own “gender-bending” versions.” After opposite sex role-play the children must read the textbooks, Are You A Boy or a Girl, William’s Doll, or Doing It Right (covering topics such as anal sex and masturbation).

Your child will then be forced to “Read Gloria Goes to Gay Pride and “Search images of Pride Week”. I warn you not to do so. Your child will find numerous pictures of full scale nudity and people performing mock sex acts on the street. The little children are then ordered to “make posters for the TDSB float and/or school bus that are in the Pride Parade. Additionally, students could have their own Pride Parade in their school.”

As parents we trust our children in the hands of Ontario’s Premier. We expect him or her to care for our children as they would care for their own. This trust has been betrayed.

Since the Institute for Canadian Values posted the curriculum online at the website stopcorruptingchildren.com. Thousands and thousands of parents have expressed outrage as they discover the bizarre teaching their children are being taught. Why? What good does it do to indoctrinate children with hostile, caustic, explicit gender confusing material? The most common answer is to stop bullying at school. Everyone is in agreement that bullying is a scourge, but shame on those who use this real and present danger to all children as a wedge for special interest teaching. Must we teach Evangelical Christianity in public schools to stop verbal abuse of Christians? Absolutely not! Our schools must teach children to love one another, to respect all people, regardless of their individual characteristics and not to bully anyone.

Freedom for parents to raise their children within the confines of the law is a foundational Canadian value. In this Orwellian age, the State has become a “bully”, so hostile to parents that it will present in-your-face sexually explicit topics and material to our children and expect us to just accept it. Thankfully we have an election on October 6th where we can direct our disgust. The candidates might not listen after the election but they are all ears today. I urge all concerned Ontarians to call the three party leaders, express your concern and know that your voice means a lot in a close election.

Charles McVety
President, Institute for Canadian Values


Sign the petition at:  Stop Corrupting Children.ca

BTW If you are an American parent or grand parent and haven’t yet heard of Kevin Jennings Obama’s Safe School Czar inside the Department of Education, then brace yourself  if you choose to become informed by clicking here.