FLASHBACK VIDEO: Pro-Hamas Terrorist Muslim Student Protest In Israel Interrupted By Hamas Rockets

July 30, 2014 at 1:36 pm

The protest was held during and in protest of  Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Defense” –”On November 14, in response to incessant rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, the IDF launched a widespread campaign against terror targets in Gaza”

The muslim pro-Hamas terrorist protest before Israeli sirens warned of incoming Hamas rockets:

YouTube Preview Image

Now watch the pro-Hamas terrorist muslim students run for cover from incoming Hamas rockets:

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Logo In Sultry ‘Just Cavalli’ Ad Featuring Jagger’s Daughter Triggers Muslim Histrionics [Image & Video]

June 28, 2014 at 6:46 pm

The Sufi muslim attention hos have allowed their imaginations to run wild leading to a manifestation that the stylized Cavalli logo resembles an Arabic symbol for allah fubar.

But the whiny Sufis case is so weak that the EU trademark and design authority (I know right?) sided with Cavalli.

just cavalli(Harretz) –A sultry ad for a perfume created by Roberto Cavalli has touched a raw nerve with followers of Islamic Sufism, who claim the Italian design house has inappropriately used a symbol sacred to practitioners of their mystical faith.

Commercials for the scent Just Cavalli, featuring the scantily clad daughter of rock star Mick Jagger, have provoked demonstrations outside stores in cities as far flung as San Francisco and Beverly Hills in California and Dusseldorf, Germany. More protests are planned this weekend in Chicago and London.
The logo in question is a stylized “H” lying on its side. Sufis say it is based on their centuries-old upright symbol of an Arabic word that spells “Allah” and represents peace and harmony.
The Roberto Cavalli company, which has used the logo since 2011, says the symbols are neither similar nor mistakable. Last month, the European Union’s trademark and design authority, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), agreed, and rejected an official request by the Sufis to invalidate the Just Cavalli logo.
Undeterred by the EU decision, Sufi followers have taken matters into their own hands. In recent weeks they stepped up their campaign with a Facebook page, YouTube videos, a #TakeOffJustLogo Twitter drive and a series of demonstrations outside stores selling Cavalli fashion, shoes and other products.

They have taken particular offense to promotions for the Just Cavalli perfume featuring model Georgia May Jagger. The daughter of the Rolling Stones frontman and his ex-wife Jerry Hall, appears to be wearing only pink snakeskin pants.

In a promotional video, Jagger sports the controversial logo tattooed on her wrist, saying it represents a “snake bite,” and is a “sign of seduction.”

Continued >>>

Georgia May Jagger’s’ Just Cavalli snake bite tattoo promo vid.
Just Cavalli For Her – “The Just Cavalli Bite”
YouTube Preview Image

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A lengthy list of things that offend muslims imaginary and otherwise can be found here. It is a bit dated but it provides an astounding snapshot of the self righteous arrogant demands of the perpetually offended.

[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Philippines: Anti-Obama Protesters Firehosed –”Obama Not Welcome” UPDATE: Anti-Obama Protests In Japan: ‘Obama Satan’ [Image]

April 23, 2014 at 12:23 pm

filipinos protesting obama visit water hosesd
So much for the Obama effect. What a bunch of raaaacists!

(NBC)–Police armed with truncheons, shields and a fire hose clashed with more than 100 left-wing activists who rallied at the U.S. Embassy in Manila on Wednesday to oppose a visit by President Barack Obama and an expected security pact that would increase the American military presence in the Philippines.


Some of the protesters carried paper U.S. flags with the message: “Obama not welcome.”[...]

Video: Philippines: Protesters flushed off the streets ahead of Obama visit


Caption from above link provides much needed context:

Health workers display placards during a rally outside the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 to protest next week’s four-country visit of President Barack Obama that includes the Philippines. The U.S. and Philippine governments are rushing to finalize, for possible signing, the so-called Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation (AEDC) which will allow larger US military presence in the country. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez) Credit: AP Photo/Bullit Marquez Date: Apr 22, 2014

UPDATE: Japan: Obama sparks protests against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Tokyo trip.

japan protest sign get back devil obama

Obama Satan!

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Video: Ukraine Protestors Topple & Decapitate Lenin Statue –PM Spokesman “Barbarism”

December 11, 2013 at 8:54 am

Any day a monument of Lenin is toppled, beheaded then demolished with a sledgehammer is a good day. A damn good day.

(Daily Mail) –Anti-government protesters toppled a statue of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine’s capital and attacked it with hammers on Sunday in a symbolic challenge to President Viktor Yanukovich and his plans for closer ties with Russia.

The gesture rejecting Moscow’s historic influence over Ukraine came after opposition leaders told hundreds of thousands of demonstrators on Kiev’s Independence Square to keep up pressure on Yanukovich to sack his government.

The protesters are furious that the government decided last month to ditch a landmark pact with the European Union in favour of closer economic cooperation with Moscow, Ukraine’s Soviet-era overlord.

Yanukovich’s sudden tack towards Russia has provoked the biggest street protests since the 2004-5 Orange Revolution, when people power forced a re-run of a fraud-tainted election and thwarted his first run for the presidency.

‘Yanukovich, you are next!’ read a poster stuck on the plinth where the red granite statue of Lenin had stood. People hacked off chunks of the prostrate – and now headless – leader of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution to take home as souvenirs.

Cheered by the crowd, a woman planted an EU flag on the pedestal where the 11 ft-high statue had stood since 1946.

Opposition leaders denied any link to its removal, clearly concerned that such an act could harm their cause. The spokesman of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov called the felling of the statue ‘barbarism’, Interfax news agency reported. [...]

“Barbarism”? Really? What a buffoon.

Day 2: ‘Truckers Ride For The Constitution’ #T2sda @T2sda [Photos,Video,Live Stream Embed,Updates]

October 12, 2013 at 10:13 am

*I will be continually updating this post throughout the day. Please scroll down/refresh page for the latest updates.*


And don’t forget the “Million Vet March On The Memorials”! tomorrow Oct. 13,2013) Hashtag: #1MVetMarch

Video of some of the #T2sda truckers rolling out from a Virginia truck stop via Terry Bryan Bending “2nd day Rollin for the constitution!! Hammer hammer hammer!!” (near Doswell, VA)

“pace car” via kate22b (9:24 AM -just past quantico)
t2sda pace car truck oct 12 day 2

just passed the #T2SDA “pace” car … happy to be out of their organized chaos and an hour outside of our destination

Via Kris Young “Deny us now DC!!!!! Bring it on!!!!” (53 minutes ago via near Springfield, VA)

Cyber Trucking! Live Streaming video w/audio of the convoy.

Earl running the live stream cam : “Every one of the roads to the memorials says no trucks”. Is that the norm? Anyone know?

Live stream update: Earl Conlon will not be able to run the live feed tomorrow. Hopefully someone else will step up and take his place. He left this message explaining the situation on his Facebook earlier this evening.

SOMEONE in th econvoy TOMORROW will have to do a live feed if they can.. i have been in DC since tuesday and now i am way broke and i have 3 disabled people who depend on me so i MUST get to work to make the bills.. see if Gen. lee or some one can give a live feed..
thanks for riding with me today it was fun.. God Bless

Via Jean Levering Thomas “Got some guys here waiting for others to come around the beltway to join up!”
t2sda supporters ready to roll

[Day 2] Ride for the Constitution – DC Trucker Protest – CBS News
YouTube Preview Image

Via Phoebe Ann “From where our rig is positioned, you can’t see the front of the convoy, nor the back… We are in there deep.” (9 minutes ago near North Laurel, MD)

Photo of giant Truckers For The Constitution on wheels guest book via Travis W Dillon:
truckers ride for the constitution giant guestbook on wheels

=>Truckers are calling for other truckers to circle the IWO JIMA MEMORIAL =>See: 2 Bus Loads Of Texas Honor Flight Vets Being Held Up By Park Police At Barrycaded Iwo Jima Memorial [Video]


Viral Facebook Photo: U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer: “I Didn’t Join The Navy To Fight For al-Qaeda In A Syrian Civil War”

September 1, 2013 at 10:44 am

H/T SooperMexican


Anti-Obama Signs At Syrian American Protest Against Intervention: “Obama Supporting Al-Qaeda In Syria” [Photos]

August 30, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Shame Shame Obama Supporting Al-Qaeda In Syria



al-Qaeda member Obama


Stop Supporting al-Qaeda In Syria


Supporting Terrorists Overseas Will Come Back To Haunt Us

More here: LehighValleyLive.com

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Caught On Tape: Peaceful “Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment” Protesters Arrested & Jailed 24 Hrs [St. Charles, Mo. 8/17/2013]

August 20, 2013 at 12:12 pm

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” ~ Voltaire

(Video below the fold)

(Tea Party News Network) –Protesters in St. Charles, Missouri, were arrested on Saturday, August 17th, 2013, when they politely refused to disassemble the protest that they were staging on a freeway overpass. The officers admitted that the protesters had not done anything unlawful, but claimed that their presence created a safety hazard for motorists.
The protesters offered to move the protest further down the street, but the arresting officer, Highway Patrolman Jenkins, refused the office. “No, we’re just going to have you guys exit the overpass,” Jenkins replied.

The situation escalated as protesters politely reminded the officer that they had a First Amendment right to free speech. Officer Jenkins restated his request for the protesters to leave and when the protesters clarified that it was simply a request, they declined to leave. “You can come with me,” Jenkins immediately replied.

“What gives you the authority to order me around on a public sidewalk?” the cameraman asked. “Do you recognize that I’m a peace officer? I asked you and told you that you need to leave,” the officer stated.

When the second protester asked the officer what law they were breaking, the officer asked him if he wanted to go to jail. After the protester called the abuse “tyranny,” the officer arrested the first protester for failure to comply with an officer. Jenkins then put protester into a chokehold and brought him to the ground while the cameraman asked, “Is that necessary? He’s not resisting!”

Immediately after, the cameraman was arrested as well. The duo was held in the St. Charles County Jail for 24 hours for failure to obey an order from an officer and resisting arrest. [...]

False arrest? Trampling of their civil liberties? 1st amendment rights stomped on? You be the judge.

YouTube Preview Image


Protester: “What law are you citing that you are going to arrested us under?”

Officer Jenkins Missouri State Trooper: “I haven’t cited any law, I haven’t said I’m going to arrest you”?

Officer Jenkins: “Sir, I have already asked you to leave the overpass and we’re going to leave it at that.”

Protester:” So you asked us alright, that’s a  request right, we don’t have to, you’re not telling us.”

Officer Jenkins: “I’ve been polite and asked you to leave the overpass..”

Protester: ” Alright so you asked us I understand.”

Officer Jennkins: ” Are you going to leave?”

Protester: ” I don’t think so.”

Officer Jenkins: ” You can come with me.”

Protester: “What’s that?”

Officer Jenkins: “Come with me.”

Protester: “Why is that?”

Officer Jenkins: “You’re failing to obey what we are telling you.”

Protester: “What gives you the authority to order me around on a public sidewalk?”

Officer Jenkins: “Just answer the question; ‘Are you refusing to leave, is the question’?”

Protester: “Am I refusing to leave?” Tell me by what authority you can tell me to leave here?”

Officer Jenkins: “That’s not the question. ‘Are you refusing to leave’ is the question.”

Protester: “Tell me by what authority you can tell me to leave here?”

Officer Jenkins: “You recognize that I’m a peace officer?

Protester: “Yeah”

Officer Jenkins: “And I’ve asked you and told you that you need to leave. Are you going to leave?”

Protester: “Is there a law? Are we breaking a law here?”

Officer: ” I just gave you two chances, third chance you’re going to jail with me.”

2nd Protester: “For what sir?”

Officer Jenkins: ” Do you wanna go to jail too?”

2nd protester” I’m just asking what law he is breaking, what are you going to arrest him for?”

Officer Jenkins: “Failure to comply with a highway patrolman.”

2nd Protester:  “Tyranny.”

Officer Jenkins: “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

FM News Talk 97.1 Fox News Radio:

Claiming “Overpass for Obama’s Impeachment” is free speech, Messmer [blue shirt]and Weed [yellow shirt] refused and the pair were arrested for refusing the order to move. Messmer was also cited for resisting arrest.

St Louis Today:

The two were arrested, he said, for failing to obey. [Sgt. Al] Nothum [spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol] said the patrol wants charges filed but prosecutors have yet to decide. The patrol also wants Messmer to be charged with resisting arrest.

Messmer and Weed both complained they were kept in a holdover area for 24 hours at the St. Charles County Jail and released Sunday afternoon.
Messmer said he hopes enough attention will be generated in the arrest so officials “will see the errors of their ways” and charges won’t be filed. Weed said he believes charges won’t be filed.

“We’re doing this to drum up more support for our cause,” he said, including a repeat protest at the same overpass at 10 a.m. this coming Saturday.

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*GRAPHIC VIDEO* Muslim Brotherhood Morsi Supporting Mob Hurl Young Boys Off A Roof, al-Qaeda Flag

July 7, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Obama’s pals…don’t play nice.
al qaeda flag egypt rooftop toss off anti-morsi youths tabrizi79:

English description of what’s happening in the video:

Two teens atop a two-story building in Alexandria, Egypt Friday were hurled off of it by apparently pro-Morsi supporters. After failed attempts by the group of men, one of whom is carrying an al-qaeada flag, to try and remove the kids from elevated the roof top by throwing stones at the young boys, one man begins to scale his way towards the boys. He and his other cohorts grab both teens and throw them off the roof.

Seriously savagely evil.
H/T Maggie who adds:

Hours before Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was sidelined by the military council, Muhammad al-Zawahiri, Egypt’s al-Qaeda leader, declared that the terrorist organization would wage a jihad to save Morsi and his Islamist agenda for Egypt. (They would not be the first Islamic terrorists to come to his aid; Hamas members were earlier arrested from inside Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, where they opened fire on protesters.) Source: Gatestone Institute


Egypt: Pro-Morsi Wahhabis Vow To Suicide Bomb All Opponents & Set Christians On Fire [Video]

Obama’s Statement On Egypt Coup: Stands By Muslim Brotherhood Morsi In The Bitter End “Deeply Concerned”

Anti-Obama Signs At Anti-Morsi Protest In Egypt: “Obama Supports Terrorism” “Obama Supports Dictator Morsi” “Obama Backs Up A Fascist Regime” And More! [Photos]

Endorsing Sharia: Obama’s Egyptian Ambassador Ann Patterson To Coptic Christians: ‘Do Not Protest Against Morsi’ [Photos: Anti-Patterson Protest Signs]

Egypt: Man with sign outside presidential palace: ‘Obama: “Your Bitch Is Our Dictator” ! [Pic]

Egyptian Unrest Explodes! MILLIONS Protest, Call For Morsi’s Ouster –Video & Photos [Updated]

Egypt: Pro-Morsi Wahhabis Vow To Suicide Bomb All Opponents & Set Christians On Fire [Video]

July 5, 2013 at 8:57 am

Another day, another Muslim pissing contest.

(Eretz Zen) –Published on Jul 4, 2013
This footage is taken from a pro-Morsi demonstration in Egypt after the Egyptian military intervened on behalf of the millions of Egyptians who demanded an end to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. While addressing Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian [Armed Forces] commander-in-chief, Wahhabis who support Morsi vow to become suicide bombers that will target secularists, Christians, Shiites, and all other opposition forces. A Wahhabi lady covered in black vowed to burn [Christians].
Source: yqeennews2

Islam’s cup of peace and tolerance runneth over!
YouTube Preview Image

I beg to differ. Islam has destroyed Egypt, as it has destroyed everything it’s cadaverous hand of death and destruction has touched.

Update: It has begun: Obama and Al-Qaeda’s Jihad on Anti-Morsi Egyptians: Multiple attacks launched against Egyptian forces in Sinai


Obama’s Statement On Egypt Coup: Stands By Muslim Brotherhood Morsi In The Bitter End “Deeply Concerned”

Anti-Obama Signs At Anti-Morsi Protest In Egypt: “Obama Supports Terrorism” “Obama Supports Dictator Morsi” “Obama Backs Up A Fascist Regime” And More! [Photos]

Endorsing Sharia: Obama’s Egyptian Ambassador Ann Patterson To Coptic Christians: ‘Do Not Protest Against Morsi’ [Photos: Anti-Patterson Protest Signs]

Egypt: Man with sign outside presidential palace: ‘Obama: “Your Bitch Is Our Dictator” ! [Pic]

Egyptian Unrest Explodes! MILLIONS Protest, Call For Morsi’s Ouster –Video & Photos [Updated]