Good Grief! Black Man Sues Benjamin Moore Over “Extremely Racially Offensive” Paint Names

July 2, 2014 at 8:03 am

The only thing Clinton Tucker is a victim of is; unfortunate circumstance.
benjamin moore tucker chocolate clinton brown paint

( –Newark— A New Jersey man named Clinton Tucker is suing former employer Benjamin Moore, claiming discrimination regarding the paint company’s colors “clinton brown” and “tucker chocolate.”

Tucker, who identifies himself as an African-American man in the lawsuit filed in Essex County court in Newark, said he was hired in June 2011 in the digital marketing department but quickly found himself being discriminated against, according to a write-up of the filing on

Tucker is seeking damages for discrimination, retaliation and a hostile work environment, according to the suit.

He claimed that when working on the online arm of Benjamin Moore’s campaign for their Williamsburg color collection, he learned of the new color “tucker chocolate,” which the suit called “extremely racially offensive.”

The Williamsburg collection also has colors named tucker orange and tucker gray.

Tucker then learned of the existing color “Clinton Brown,” which a co-worker pointed out to him as a joke.

“Despite [Tucker's] repeated complaints and protestations to BM management about these appallingly racial color names, no action was ever taken by Benjamin Moore to change the names of these colors,” according to the suit.

As is their ‘right’.

Tucker also claimed that he was demoted while white co-workers were given promotions, and that his request to take off work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was ignored.

As is their ‘right’.

Benjamin Moore eventually fired Tucker in March, but retained his “two white, blonde-haired and blue-eyed subordinates,” according to the lawsuit.

Performance matters.

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Ray “Chocolate City Nagin is unavailable for comment.
Here’s hoping the loon with a paint chip on his shoulder is laughed out of court.

Meanwhile I will be filing suit against ‘Cracker Barrel’ over their “appallingly racial color name”.
Wish me luck.

Left-Wing Bigots Paint ‘Whiteface’ On Black Florida GOP Congressional Candidate’s Campaign Signs [Photo]

June 30, 2014 at 6:45 am

So much for “tolerance” and “diversity”.

glo smith for congress

Vile (dare I say racist?) left-wing children constantly lash out at blacks who do not tow the progressive line. Yet it is conservatives who do not embrace minorities?

Give me a break.

Glo Smith is running for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District

Show her some Twitter love: @GloForCongress

If you would like to support Glo on Facebook click on her link in the embedded post above.

Get to know her here: Glo Smith for Congress

“God Sent Us Barack Obama” Black Supremacist Race Arsonist Charlie Rangel Worships The Obamessiah In Harlem Church

June 25, 2014 at 12:38 pm


Sorry Charlie, You couldn’t be more wrong, God is not to hip on human bondage –in any form.

(Politico) –Charles Bernard Rangel had just bounded out of a gleaming black Mercedes coupe onto the terra firma of 125th St. to kick off the final Sunday of his campaign when a reporter stopped him cold with a question about Barack Obama. Here was the sorest of subjects for Rangel, who had been repeatedly rebuffed in his attempt to get America’s first black president to back him in a life-or-death Democratic primary he promises will be his last.

Rangel responded with his broad, Kevlar grin, ingratiating and defensive all at once. “No, I haven’t spoken with him, and no, I’m not disappointed with him—he’s busy, he’s got his hands filled,” rasped Rangel, who isn’t nearly as popular as Obama in central Harlem, once but no longer the most important real estate in black political America.

“I don’t really think anyone really truly believes that I need the president of the United States of America to win. I don’t believe that. Do you think I need the president of the United States to win my district?” added Rangel, who has campaigned against Dominican-born challenger Adriano Espaillat and African-American pastor Michael Walrond with the vim of a man considerably younger than his 84 years.

Rangel paused and took a quick glance in the direction of a four-foot blue cross affixed to Antioch Baptist, a venerable Harlem church that occupies several storefronts. “Would it be helpful? Look, if God came down and handed out some literature for me that would be helpful too.”

With that, Rangel ambled into the sanctuary—past the 50 confused Spanish tourists who gawked at the well-dressed older gentleman with the quintuple-folded yellow pocket square—and contradicted himself.

Standing at the pulpit, he first invoked God and then Barack Obama, portraying himself as the president’s apostle, put on Earth to protect Harlem and his president from those awful white Southern Republicans.

“They hate the president,” he told the Antioch faithful, a message he had repeat at five other church drop-ins on that sunny summer Sunday.

“God sent us Barack Obama,” he told a congregation in 116th St. half an hour later, before heading up to West 153rd St.

“These people carry hate in their heart … all of them come from states that used to hold Africans as slaves,” he told a packed house at the Bethany Baptist Church under a stained-glass window of Christ in prayer. “All of them hated Abe Lincoln! All of them really think that the Civil War is not over!”

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Image source: Newsbusters’ Obama Worship Goes Into Overdrive as 100-Day Mark Approaches

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“Cracker” 13Yr Old Black Girl’s Vicious Assault Of A 10Yr Old White Girl Investigated As a Hate Crime [Video Of Attack]

June 14, 2014 at 4:47 pm

A neighbor tells a reporter that she heard the 13 year old call her victim a “cracker” as she was viciously beating her, then goes on to say:

“The little girl next door taunts my daughters, too, my daughter and the two girls from down the street. She calls them crackers, she tells them she doesn’t like them because they’re white.”

YouTube Preview Image
Children learn what they live. On that note, one wonders what the 13 year old who seethes with violent racist hate learns at home.


The 10 year old victim Danielle Fair

(19 Action News) –CLEVELAND, OH –Cleveland Police are investigating an attack on a 10-year-old girl as a hate crime, and the attack was captured on video and posted on-line.

It happened on Leeila Avenue off Bellaire Road on the west side.

A video posted on YouTube shows a white girl on a scooter ambushed and beaten by a black girl. The beating went on for about 12 seconds until you hear voices in the background calling for it to stop.

A Cleveland Police report shows the attacker is 13 years old. The victim, Danielle Fair, says she felt bullied.

A neighbor says she saw it all, and she heard the attacker use a racial slur.

“Cracker. She called her a cracker,” said Jessica Jaworski.


In this screen grab you can see the attacker drawing back her arm and fist all the way back preparing to wail on her victim.

The attack looked planned, with the camera rolling even before the beating even started.

We went to the home of the teen throwing punches.

“Nobody was waiting. I don’t have to talk to you. It’ll all come out in court,” a woman at the door told 19 Action News.

The victim’s mom and dad want justice. They say their daughter never said anything to provoke the beating. Dad says he even tried talking to the other girl’s grandfather instead of calling police.

But now, a First District Detective is working the case. Hate crime or not, it’s a vicious attack.

More on the ‘hate crime’ aspect’:

The redacted police report did not reveal the name of the victim, the suspect or witnesses. Contact information and the title of the YouTube video were also blacked out.
A Cleveland police spokesman said officers are investigating the attack as a juvenile assault. A narrative included with the police report lists the case as a “hate incident.”

In 2009 Eric Holder dismissed America as a “nation of cowards” because we wouldn’t, he argued, have a “national conversation” about race. It’s a slander wrapped in a farce.”

For arguments sake, if Holder was indeed sincere (though to say I have my doubts would be putting it mildly) and honest himself regarding racism in America, in that Americans should engage in an “honest brave” conversation about race, he  would admit that racism comes in all colors.

(I’ll not hold my breath.)

But until then we as a nation will never be able to move forward.

Eric “My People” Holder Revives “Domestic Terrorism” Task Force To Target “Racial Prejudice & Anti-Gov’t Animus”

June 6, 2014 at 4:56 pm

This nasty news nugget was lost in the fog of Bergdahl.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is reviving a law enforcement group to investigate those it designates as domestic terrorists, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Following hate-motivated shootings such as the one at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, Missouri in April, federal prosecutors have pressed the need to coordinate intelligence about such criminals on a national level, Justice Department officials said.

The Department of Justice will reconstitute a task force that was originally formed after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but dissolved after the Sept. 11, 2001 hijacked plane attacks as law enforcement agencies focused on threats from militants abroad.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement that the United States remains concerned about threats from Islamic extremists, but the group will focus on other motives for attacks within U.S. borders.

Events like the April 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon, in which the attackers appeared to be influenced by extremists abroad, would not fall under the jurisdiction of the group, named the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee.

“We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Holder said.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it plans to engage with the Justice Department to ensure the effort does not lead to racial profiling or other bias targeting of individuals who may be wrongfully suspected of having violent intentions, said Naureen Shah, legislative counsel for the ACLU.

“Attorney General Holder’s announcement that the new task force will focus on evidence of anti-government animus and racial intolerance raises concerns that it could be a sweeping mandate to monitor and collect controversial speech,” said Lee Rowland, a staff attorney at the ACLU.

The committee’s members will come from the FBI, the National Security Division of the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of federal prosecutors.

As a friendly reminder; Dear Leader sees conservatives / tea party who are anti-BIG government, pro-liberty and pro-constitution as “anti-government“. The distinction is lost on them. But isn’t that always the case?

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”
- Barack Obama -Nov. 7 2009

Lest we forget, conservatives/ tea partiers are raging raaaaacists too.

So who do you think Holder will pin the targets on?
Certainly not the “Kill crackers and cracker babies” New Black Panthers.
Or violent black flash mobs whose ranks are filled with Obama sons.

And who do you think he will protect?

Keep Walking Cracker…

Speaking of extremism: If you have not yet read the DHS Rightwing Extremism Report or would like to look it over again, click here.


Dear Bossy ‘Check Your Privilege’ Protagonists Reality Check Yourselves Before You Wreck Yourselves

May 10, 2014 at 9:47 am

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” –MLK

Libertarian vlogger Julie Borowski has a reality check for self-righteous left-wingers and their bigoted ‘check your privilege’ fetish.

“The question that I have is how are we going to end sexism and racism? How are we going to get to a society that judges everyone based on their individual character and merit?”

Good questions, but alas the collectivists among us do not have the tools to see people as individuals.
YouTube Preview Image

“Check your privilege” is an insulting and self-righteous phrase.

It’s used as a way to shut down discussion. It only creates more division, guilt, and jealously. Stop reducing people to their skin color or body parts. It’s not cool. article:

Jezebel article:


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Maracas, Tequila & A Sombrero: Watch How MSNBC Racists Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

May 6, 2014 at 10:42 am

Left-wing ‘cultural appropriation‘ alert!

Best Of Cain’s Robert Laurie reports:

[...] From Al Sharpton, to Melissa Harris Perry, to the uni-monikered wunderkind named Toure, someone at MSNBC yells “racism” pretty much every hour. These people love charging others with “racism” so much, that they simply can’t help themselves. They do it the way news radio does traffic and weather: “every ten minutes, on the eights.”

So, yesterday, when MSNBC decided to announce the arrival of Cinco de Mayo, they did it with all the respect, sensitivity, and class you would expect from such a racially concious group of “progressives.”

….Oh wait, no they didn’t. They did it by slapping a sombrero on producer Louis Burgdorf [@NBCLou -ed] and having him prance around – guzzling tequila – while shaking a pair of maracas.

Can you imagine what would happen if Fox News had done this? The race-baiting industry would be in overdrive. [...]


Moe Lane:

PS: The problem is not whether I care: it’s that MSNBC would have gone into shrieking hysterics if, as Ed Driscoll and Newsbusters noted, this had happened on Fox News. If MSNBC wants to establish itself as an arbiter of proper behavior, they should first make sure that they’re not breaking their own ruleset.


Concerns Of Racial Violence Outweighs Students Right To Free Expression! No US Flag Shirts Allowed On Cinco de Mayo

Not A Joke, Democrat WI. State Rep. Brett Hulsey Flaunts His KKK Hood In Public [Photo]

May 2, 2014 at 3:09 pm

democrat rep brett hulsey with his kkk hood
A staggering case of projection.

(JSOnline) –Madison — Carrying on with his controversial campaign to get attention at all costs, Democratic Rep. Brett Hulsey says he’ll be handing out Klansmen hoods outside the GOP convention this weekend.

The Madison representative running for governor got little attention for his plan announced earlier this week to portray Republicans as modern-day secessionists by dressing up as confederate soldiers and parading outside the GOP convention in Milwaukee.

So Hulsey said that he sewed a handful of Ku Klux Klan hoods to take with him in an attempt to mock Republicans. Standing in the rain outside the state Capitol Thursday without an aide or other sign of a viable campaign in sight, Hulsey showed off the ragged hood he had made to a reporter.

It resembled a project for a middle school home economics class — one that would have likely gotten any student producing it suspended or expelled.

Hulsey was not himself seeking to promote the infamous Ku Klux Klan. He said that the hoods were a way to draw attention to Gov. Scott Walker’s “racist record” on issues such as health care for the poor.

“What better way to highlight it?” Hulsey said.

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More at the Star Tribune.

H/T William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection

UNCENSORED Audio Of NJ DEMOCRAT’S Racist Tirade: “F*cking N*gger Town”

April 30, 2014 at 10:32 am

burke racist nj dem

First Ward Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke -Mayoral Candidate-Municipal Chair of the Essex County Dem Committee caught on tape:

“This is gonna be a f*cking n*gger town.”

YouTube Preview Image

WHOA! A member of the perpetual race baiting, race card playing democrat party dropping the N-Word? Say it aint so!

First Ward Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke.

First Ward Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke.

(North –A recording that has had many people in Belleville calling for the resignation of a sitting council member and mayoral candidate over the last several weeks has been examined by an independent party.Michigan-based audio forensic expert Edward Primeau, who analyzed a 911 call in the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin two years ago, has stated he is 85-percent certain that the woman who uttered a racial slur against African-Americans on the Belleville recording was indeed First Ward Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke.

Strumolo Burke has repeatedly denied it was her saying she didn’t want Belleville to turn into a “f—ing [n—–) town.”

The comment was made following remarks by an unidentified person about a possible tax increase in town.

That person may be former Belleville Planning Board Chairman Sam Papa, Jr. At a council meeting last week, Township Attorney Thomas Murphy explained that Papa’s voice could be heard on the tape, that Papa had stopped by “Marie’s” house”, and that the recording was left on Councilman Kevin (Kennedy)’s answering machine.

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H/T Joe
Essex County Democratic Committee:

Linked at Grumpy Opinions…thanks!

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Black Conservative Kira Davis: “I Don’t Care if Cliven Bundy is a Racist”

April 24, 2014 at 12:10 pm

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