Obama Oct. 24, 2012: “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, I’m The Same Guy I Was Years Ago” –Refreshing O’s Memory W/ Video Flashbacks

October 24, 2012 at 3:07 pm

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“You know me, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.”

“You can take a videotape of things I said 10 years ago, 12 years ago and you’d say, ‘Man this is the same guy,’”

– Obama on the campaign trail in Iowa Oct. 24, 2012

H/T Jen

Oh really? Okay, if you say so.

Let’s refresh Barack ‘I’m the same guy I’ve been for years‘ Obama’s memory, shall we?

Obama to AFL-CIO: “I happen to be a proponent of [socialist] single payer universal health care.”

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Obama on gay marriage in 2004: “I don’t think marriage is a civil right.”

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Obama on Welfare in 1998: I Was Not a Huge Supporter of the Federal Plan

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Obama Leads SEIU thug Chant After Vowing to Paint the Nation Purple in 2008: “That’s how we built political power on the south side of Chicago.”

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Obama in 1998: I Actually Believe In REDISTRIBUTION – Loyola University

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Obama in 1995: “Reverend Wright My Pastor, Represents The Best Of What The Black Church Has To Offer”

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Obama in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

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Obama in 2007: Driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

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Obama 2008: “I think when we spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”.

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Obama in 2009: Promised to “cut the deficit in half” by the end of his first term.

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Did O say what he meant? Does O still mean what he said? Or does he suffer from ‘Obamanesia‘? Heh.

Last, but not least:

Obama 2011: “Well, I don’t think they’re better off than they were four years ago.”

Obama 2009: “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.

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Obama is a one term president. He said it, not me…

Update: President Flip Flop: Barack Obama’s Broken Promises, Policy Reversals and Continuous Flip Flops


August 9, 2012 at 1:06 pm


All caps emphasis …his.

North Carolina small business owner Calvin Hunter exposes the incestuous, illegal relationship between the Democrat Party and Unions. N.C. being a ‘right to work’ state has not stopped the DNC from insisting that all Democrat National Convention Event Planners, Producers, and Production Companies use union labor.

Why this Afro American small businessman and life-long Democrat will never vote Democrat again - Canada Free Press


"President Obama’s latest ad states, ” We should all stand behind small businesses”. How ironic is that when they will not stand behind my small minority owned business in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention?"

When I heard the Democratic National Convention was coming to Charlotte, North Carolina, I was very excited. An event such as this is a once in a lifetime event for someone in my business. Although the Convention would be held at Time Warner Arena which uses the local labor union to provide services that I provide, I felt that I would get more than my share of work at other facilities and hotels in Charlotte which I already do. I registered on the DNC Vendor Database and hoped that I would get a fair share of work.

I began to hear rumors that DNC officials were asking all Event Planners, Producers, and Production Companies to use union labor. I got a copy of their RFP (Request for Proposal) and read it myself. The proposal read “we prefer that you use Union labor” for our events. I was flabbergasted. You see, North Carolina is a Right To Work state, which means in layman’s terms that you cannot make anyone use union labor. For the DNC to come to North Carolina and blatantly break our Right To Work laws is disheartening. Even though the RFP is phrased as “we prefer” saying this is enough to tell anyone that wants to get a piece of this $36, 000,000.00 pie, to abide by their preference. Anyone who wants to do business with the DNC will surely not go against their wishes in their RFP. Again this is a once in a lifetime event. Most people in our business will never see an event of this magnitude in a lifetime.
This is my story and I will not be afraid to tell it. I should not be afraid to tell my story. I grew up in the projects amongst drug dealers and poverty. I should not be afraid to pursue the American Dream. I bring this illegal activity to light for all people that are afraid to speak out about this injustice. I must expose the DNC!

There is no fair chance to compete for DNC Work
America was built by small businessmen who believed in themselves and had the audacity to take a chance on the American Dream. This is the American way. Earn it! This country was founded on the principle that all people will have the opportunity to succeed as far as talent and work ethic will get them.

I was interviewed by Julie Rose from WFAE 90.7 about the DNC and their illegal forced union requirements.

After listening to the story, this is my personal message to The Democratic National Committee: What you are doing is illegal, unethical, and immoral in a Right To Work State. You should all be ashamed of your selves for discriminating against a black man! As the story says, The DNC is unapologetic about mandating union labor even though it is illegal in a Right to Work State. I WILL BE UNAPOLOGETIC ABOUT CAMPAIGNING AGAINST PRESIDENT OBAMA, THE DNC, AND THEIR ASSAULT ON SMALL BUSINESSES. It appears less than 2 months out that my company will get no benefits from this Convention. The more than 300 freelancers that work for me will reap no rewards of this once in a lifetime event by the so called Party of the working man! President Obama’s latest ad states, ” We should all stand behind small businesses”. How ironic is that when they will not stand behind my small minority owned business in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention?

I am the American Dream!

This black man, who has never asked to be given anything, has worked for everything he achieved, never complained, and contributes to the economy by developing businessmen, not victims, WILL NEVER, EVER, VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN! I AM NOW AN INDEPENDENT. Thank you, Democratic National Convention for opening my eyes to what you truly stand for. I refer to the quote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” My final message to the Democratic National Convention is WE SHALL OVERCOME SOME DAY because I am the American Dream!

For those of you who believe in giving business opportunities to small business people, please support THE AMERICAN DREAM! If you are doing an event in Charlotte North Carolina at the Charlotte Convention Center, Hotels, or any venue other than Time Warner Arena, Bojangles’ Coliseum, or Ovens Auditorium, please consider giving your business to a company that earns your business the American way, Production Management Specialists LLC! For more information about me and my business’s please visit my Linked in page.


Snipped from the WFAE article Calvin linked to:

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority gives a similar explanation for why it relies on Local 322 for events at Time Warner Cable Arena, Bojangles Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium. But those are city-owned venues, and in North Carolina it’s illegal for a government agency to contract with a labor union.

The CRVA gets around that by asking Local 322 for referrals and hiring those stagehands directly. Local 322 still takes its 5 percent cut from those paychecks. Bo Howard [Local 322 Business Agent] describes the arrangement with CRVA as a “handshake agreement.”

How cozy… Legal?


But in reality, the union is everywhere.

And Hunter’s about to lose out to it again on what he hoped would be a big business opportunity. He put himself on the vendor registry the DNC established for companies looking to do convention business, but so far, nothing’s come his way.

“No calls,” says Hunter. “Two months out and no calls. In our business two months out, no calls is not good.”

DNC organizers are unapologetic about their preference for using local union labor when possible.

The proof is in the “no call” pudding.

The ‘International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees’ is a member of Obama union goon pal Richard Trumka’s AFL-CIO.

So gird your loins Calvin…union thug repercussions are likely to follow…

#OccupyCPAC Roundup Day One

February 10, 2012 at 3:26 pm

First off a video of the protesters thwarted attempt to Occupy CPAC. When told they need to register, the overgrown Occupi children automatically fall into one of their mindless group chants. When told by police to vacate the driveway, the bleating of the Occupy sheep continues and they do not budge.

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Looks like I spoke to soon, some of the OccuScum broke through. Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller has video: CPAC turns ugly: Melee nearly breaks out when protesters and attendees clash -Hotel security later arrived and removed the protesters

Unions were so concerned about a low turnout, Big Labor Fat Cats opened their wallets.

Occupy CPAC ‘Grass Roots‘ Astroturf  Protesters PAID To Protest CPAC:

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Protesters at Friday’s “Occupy CPAC” event, organized by AFL-CIO and the Occupy DC movement, told The Daily Caller that they were paid “sixty bucks a head” to protest outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

One protester told TheDC that all the “Occupy” activists were being paid to protest, and that his union, Sheet Metal Workers Local 100, approached him about the money-making opportunity.

“I have nothing nice to say about Local 100. … They just told me ‘you wanna make sixty bucks? So c’mon,’” the protester said.

Other “Occupy CPAC” protesters were unwilling to speak on camera because they were unaware what they were protesting and what the CPAC event was about.

More on the astroturfed union presence:

Teamsters with “Stop the War on Worker” signs joined autoworkers, sheetmetal workers, firefighters, elevator constructors, UFCW, SEIU, AFSCME, UNITE. Community groups from as far away as Baltimore showed up by the busload.


Kate Thomas New media campaign coordinator for SEIU shares this photo:

Socialists R Us

Also see: ‘Occupy Unmasked’ [Update: Supporters, Sponsors & Sympathizers, Occupy Rap Sheet]

Video: Union Violence Exposed

October 15, 2011 at 11:21 am

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Sign here.

H/T Armand C. Hale at Renew America

AFL-CIO’s Trumpka (as seen in the photo) was invited to Obama’s August 2012 Rose Garden ‘jobs speech’ as a special guest.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: An Ugly History of Violence and Corruption

Also see:

Card Check –Is Not What “Democracy Looks Like”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: An Ugly History of Violence and Corruption

AFL-CIO Thug Boss Trumka’s Statement on Obama’s Debt Speech Featured on White House Website

AFL-CIO, SEIU and UAW Labor Bosses Flew to Detroit Labor Day Rally on the Backs of Taxpayers –On Air Force One with Obama

Teamsters Thug Hoffa to Obama ‘This is your army. Let’s take these Tea Party son of a bitches out.’ [Update 2: White House Refuses to Condemn]

The New “Hoffa Standard” Video: ABC’s Jake Tapper Presses WH Weasel Carney on Hoffa’s Tea Party Remarks – Zero Condemnation Zero Denunciation [Updated with Transcript]

Biden at AFL-CIO Labor Day Rally: “Keeping The Barbarians From the Gates”

Hundreds of AFL-CIO / ILWU Union Thugs Storm Port Hold Security Guards Hostage [Updated]

Video: Hitler Discovers #OccupyWallStreet Is A Laughingstock

October 11, 2011 at 10:50 am

Encapsulating the #OccupyZuccottiPark #DefecateOnWallStreetMovement in under 4 minutes.

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AFL-CIO, SEIU and UAW Labor Bosses Flew to Detroit Labor Day Rally on the Backs of Taxpayers

September 7, 2011 at 9:46 pm

To be more precise, they flew to the Detroit Labor Day rally with Obama on –Air Force One. Yes, you read that right. On Air Force One!

Caren Bohan (Reuters White House Correspondent, president of the White House Correspondents Association) reported on Twitter:

Link 1. Link 2.

Via Zip.

I’ve heard rumors that Teamsters head goon James Hussein Hoffa was also on board. But have yet to find any substantiation. Know it, show it in a comment, please.

Knowing this, I do not believe for one minute that the union thug honchos and the O did not share their work (speeches).

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Also see:

May Day 2011: SEIU Leader Marching While Waving Red Commie Flag [Video& Photos]

May 8, 2011 at 10:44 am

Solidarity! “Workers of the World Unite”!

May Day 2011 –Obama’s (purple army) the SEIU and other O fav unionistas the AFL-CIO, marched on the streets of L.A. alongside their Communist comrades.

Solidarity! “Workers of the World Unite”! SEIU leader of the pack seen waving a commie red flag.

YouTube Preview Image

Communists groups and Public Sector Union (SEIU) members march together chanting, “Legalazation or Revolution” at Los Angeles May Day protest on 5/1/2011

And what’s an extreme left get together without violent imagery?

[Featuring] an angel of God slaying a demon representing Republicans, the Tea Party and Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“We Going To Fight Together…..Because America Its Worth It!”

Then please explain the near non-existence of American flags amongst the throng. Useful idiots…
Public teachers unions…represented. Commie fist pumps in the air, like they don’t care (who sees them)! Big and bold, loud and proud! Transparency!

Another group that was present at in the march and on stage was the United Teacher of Los Angeles [UTLA] which is an affiliate of the California Teachers Association (CTA), the National Education Association (NEA), and the American Federal of Teachers, AFL-CIO…
Later, UTLA speakers and SEIU speakers joined Communists on the back of a flatbed truck and gave speeches, mostly in Spanish, to a gathering of 60-70 high school age students, many wearing the same red shirts as the Communists and the UTLA members.

Obama’s union cohorts co-demonstrating alongside their communists allies, shielded by MSM complacency.

All we need to know…

Via Ringo’s Pictures extensive photo essay (including other vids) on the May Day Commie holiday parade, starring all the usual suspects and more. Check it out, you aint seen nothing yet.
H/T Zombie — “SEIU drops mask, goes full commie” (link fixed)

In other communist/education news:

P/Oed Patriot– Commies Scared Universities May Hire “Less Controversial” Teachers Due to Judy Ancel & Don Giljum


Video: Breitbart to TrumkaObama Leftist Agitators in Madison: ‘Go To Hell!’

April 17, 2011 at 11:00 am

They whine, they screech, they assault, they threaten death.

BUT we are NOT intimated, that must…drive…them…all…mad.


YouTube Preview Image

You know what you’re seeing on the periphery and what you’re hearing? The death of community organizing.

Tea Party patriots rise above the cream, anti-American union thug scum wallow in the mire.

TrumkaObama Agitators Scream, Blow Whistles and Make Obscene Gestures During Palin Speech

YouTube Preview Image

Free speech works both ways, commies. Juvenile screaming trying to drown out voices only make our voices resonate even more and you all come out looking like the punks you are.



Leftists Booing Star Spangled Banner

YouTube Preview Image


AFL-CIO Thug Boss Trumka’s Statement on Obama’s Debt Speech Featured on White House Website

April 14, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Isn’t this special? Richard Trumka has such a special relationship with Obama that the WH office of the press secretary published his statement on the White House website. An individual (among other shoddy qualities) with socialist/communist connections AND who has been “working with European Socialists to get a “global tax” or “Robin Hood” tax passed.” That my friends is the type of man Obama confers with by his own account on a regular basis, a man whom Obama named to his Economic Recovery Advisory Board. The mind reels.

Ask yourselves, is that someone you are comfortable knowing an American president is aligned with?


Think before you cast your vote in 2012. If Obama is elected for a second term that is when his teeth will really come out. In other words, you aint seen nothing yet.



Indiana: Three [Male] Union Thugs Assault Female State Worker During AFL-CIO Protest

March 11, 2011 at 6:26 pm

INDIANAPOLIS – The 33-year-old Department of Child Services employee said she was taking a smoke break at the west end of the Indiana Government Center South building just after 12:15 p.m. when she was approached by three men who asked her to use her electronic pass to let them in the building.

When she refused, directing them toward the public entrance, she said the men pushed her, causing her to fall backward, off the sidewalk, and hit her head.

The woman flagged down a Capitol police officer to report the assault. The officer said the woman had a bump on her head and that her clothes were muddied from where she fell onto the ground.


The “We Are Indiana” rally on the steps of the Statehouse, organized by the AFL-CIO, brought more than 8,000 union workers and supporters downtown Thursday afternoon.

Anyone with information about the assault is asked to contact Indiana State Capitol Police at 317-232-3142.

Description of what the men thugs were wearing at link.