Hillary On 2nd Amendment Supporters “Minority Hold VIEWPOINT That TERRORIZES The Majority” [Video]

June 18, 2014 at 8:12 am

According to Hillary Clinton gun owning 2nd amendment supporters are –terrorists guilty of –thought crimes. These “guys“, not so much. And they are the only “minority” (as if) group of Americans she is comfortable assaulting.

“I’m well aware that this is a hot political subject. And again, I will speak out no matter what role I find myself in But I believe that we need a more thoughtful conversation. We cannot let a minority of people – and it’s, that’s what it is, it is a minority of people – hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.

– Hillary Clinton CNN Televised Town Hall With Christiane Amanpour- Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices June 17, 2014

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Hillary’s statement brings up a terrifying question: What steps would President Hillary Clinton take to prevent Americans from holding a “viewpoint?

The full exchange:



SANTA MARIA: My name is Gail Santa Maria. I’m from Maryland. I’m a teacher.

My question is about guns. I’m very concerned about the proliferation of guns in America, especially as it pertains to school shootings.


SANTA MARIA: Do you think that that reinstating the ban on assault weapons and banning high capacity magazines would do any good?

CLINTON: Yes, I do. I do.


CLINTON: You know, my –

(APPLAUSE) CLINTON: First of all, I think as a teacher or really any parent, what’s been happening with these school shootings should cause everybody to just think hard. We make hard choices and we balance competing values all the time. And I was disappointed that the Congress did not pass universal background checks after the horrors of the shootings at Sandy Hook and now we’ve had more –

SANTA MARIA: Seventy-four more.

For a woman in charge of educating children Gail sure has trouble keeping up, because that figure has been proven false in a CNN report a full 6 days before the CNN televised event on which she parroted Bloomberg’s Everytown lie. It has also been debunked by Politifact.

It certainly seems like suicides and gang violence should be delineated from “school shootings” (in which the “mass” is pretty much implied) as separate problems, no? Unless, of course, your real goal is to falsely portray an America in which wildly violent, deadly, and indiscriminate gun violence is increasing — rather than the actual trend in which it has for two decades been [CNN: sharply decreasing .]

Back to gun grabbing fascist Hillary:

CLINTON: — in the time since.

And I don’t think any parent, any person should have to fear about their child going to school or going to college because someone, for whatever reasons — psychological, emotional, political, ideological, whatever it means — could possibly enter that school property with an automatic weapon and murder innocent children, students, teachers.

I’m well aware that this is a hot political subject. And again, I will speak out no matter what role I find myself in. But I believe that we need a more thoughtful conversation. We cannot let a minority of people — and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people — hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people. And I have — you are about the fifth person in the last weeks, parents and another teacher, just interested citizens, who have said something similar to me.

So, my view is that yes, we need to thrash this out in the political realm. But the vast majority of Americans, even law abiding gun owners, people –

SANTA MARIA: Who want background checks that work.

CLINTON: — who want background checks that work, information that is shared immediately, and an awareness that, you know, we’re going to have to do a better job protecting the vast majority of our citizens, …

Hey Hill, I’m pretty sure these guys bypass background checks.

hey liberals 2

…including our children, from that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.

Hillary does not know the difference between fully automatic and semi automatic weapons. So let’s trust her with our gun rights. Heh.

The lefts usage of “assault weapons” is pardon the pun –a “trigger word”.

Officer Leroy Pyle debunks myths about semi-autos. He uses demonstrations with live firearms and congressional testimony by DEA, ATF and FBI agents to show what the truth really is.

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Fully automatic rifles are “prohibited for purchase in the US except by police and law enforcement.”

Video H/T Saving The Republic

When guns become criminal, only criminals will have guns.

Link to transcript on CNN: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1406/17/se.01.html

Also see:

Philly: Black Muslim Mom & Boyfriend Charged After 6 Yr Old Daughter Brings Heroin Stash To School [Mugshots]

June 12, 2014 at 7:14 am

muslim mom heroin 6 year old philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Twenty first grade students were taken to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Tuesday after police say a six-year-old student brought eleven packs of heroin into a classroom at Commodore John Barry Elementary School at 59th and Race Streets.

Police say they were called to the scene after a first-grade teacher saw one of her pupils playing with the packets. Two of the packets had been opened, investigators say, and one had been chewed open.

Lt. John Walker explained, “We know that one of the packages clearly looks like it was bitten and we do have one student saying that the young lady who did bring the substance to school did have that packet in her mouth.”
The mother of the drug-carrying 6-year-old declined to comment as she left the school to be interviewed by detectives. Meanwhile, police say the search of the school found no other narcotics in the school and all 20 students were examined and released.
Late Tuesday, police told Eyewitness News, they searched the child’s home and expect to file charges against the child’s mother and her boyfriend.

NBC10 Philly reports the mother Marie Hunter and her boyfriend Christopher Troy-Jenkins White have not been charged in connection with the heroin. The two are facing other charges though which include marijuana possession, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. The condition of the home was filthy and 18 packages of pot was found in the home. So not only did they leave heroin laying around within reach of children, they lived in squalor. The 6 year old and her 3 siblings are in the custody of –DHS (Department of Human Services).


Booking photos of the (unmasked) mother Marie Hunter, 32 and her boyfriend Christopher Troy-Jenkins White, 28.

The mother of a 6-year-old girl and her boyfriend face charges after the girl allegedly brought heroin to her Philadelphia elementary school.

Marie Hunter, 32, was questioned by police on Tuesday while her Viola Street home was earched. Early Wednesday, officials announced Hunter and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Christopher Troy-Jenkins White, were charged with reckless endangerment,endangering the welfare of a child and narcotics offenses stemming from the incident.

While they were both arrested and charged by police, so far the District Attorney’s Office has only approved charges against both Hunter and White for endangering the welfare of a child in relation to the condition of the home, not the heroin. The DA also approved possession of marijuana charges against White.
The 6-year-old girl’s mother as well as her boyfriend were taken into custody and a search warrant was served at her home in the Parkside section of the city. Investigators say conditions inside the house are filthy and investigators found 18 marijuana packets.

The mother remained in police custody Wednesday. Both the girl and her three siblings will be cared for by DHS officials.

Tamika Gore, a relative of the young girl, spoke to NBC10.

“She probably found it,” Gore said. “I have no idea. I know it ain’t come from her house. I know that for a fact.”

Making matters worse, according to LT. John Walker (see video report at above link) the heroin was laced with fentanyl.

The plot thickens:

Police searching the home where the little girl lived on Tuesday night say they found 18 packets of marijuana stuffed into the pocket of a shirt. The first grader, police sources say, found the heroin packets in the pocket of her pants and, not realizing what the substance was, began playing with the packets on her desk. A teacher spotted the packets, confiscated them, and notified police.

Hmm… My guess is that no heroin was found inside the home because the 6 year old had the entire stash of heroin on her.


Teachers Simple Yet Brilliant Invention Could Save Lives During Active School Shooting

June 11, 2014 at 10:13 am


(WQAD) –It’s the last thing a teacher wants to have to think about: what to do in case a shooter is in the building.

Mass shootings in the past year like Sandy Hook, and the one at an Oregon high school on Tuesday, have led a few Muscatine middle school teachers to take action, and invent a device that will protect their classrooms.

“The Sleeve” is a 12-gauge carbon steel case that fits around the door’s closer arm, securing the door from the inside. The Sleeve can withstand more than 550 foot-pounds of force, making it nearly impossible to open from the outside.

Daniel Nitzel, a teacher at West Middle School in Muscatine, got the idea from the school’s active shooter training.

“We were instructed to tie a belt or a cord around the closer arm. It seemed like a logical way to secure a door without having to go into the hallway, [but] it took us a long time to get a cord, stand on a chair, and tie a knot, which could potentially be the most important tie of your life.” said Nitzel.

“I can tell you in our training, all five rooms that the teachers were trained in; the doors were breached, the cords were ripped, and the officer who was portraying the active shooter came in and killed all of us,” Nitzel said.

That’s when Nitzel and his colleagues formed the company, Fighting Chance Solutions, and began designing blueprints for The Sleeve. He said it’s been ten months in the making, but they finally have it ready and waiting for patent.

“We look at it as a cheap insurance policy. If you have someone out in the hallway, and you have an active situation, a dangerous situation unfolding and [don't] want to go out into the hallway and lock your door, we want to provide you with a way to close that door,” said Nitzel.

Continued >>>

Chew on that gun grabbers.

Fighting Chance Solutions

On Twitter: @CloserArm
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fightingchancesolutions

California: Students Protest School District’s Anti-Free Speech ‘Social Media Contract’

August 7, 2013 at 2:51 pm

There may be hope for California after all.

The Sacramento Bee:

Jacob Williams, opinion editor of Bear Creek’s newspaper, The Bruin Voice, wrote in prepared remarks that he is furious at the policy.

Williams’ newspaper in May quoted the executive director of the Student Press Law Center, who called the contract “outlandishly illegal” and said many segments are unconstitutional. The Vermont-based center advises student journalists on their First Amendment rights.

Under the Lodi district policy, failure to comply could mean a one-time suspension from a game or club activity for the first offense. A second offense could mean a ban from any club event for the year.[...]

Lodi School District’s social networking policy at a glance via Lodinews.com:

Includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other forms of social media.

Affects high school students participating in afterschool sports and school clubs.

Prohibits language of a profane or sexual nature.

Prohibits inappropriate remarks toward teammates, coaches, students, staff members, administrators and representatives from other schools.

Photos or statements referring to violence, drug or alcohol use, bullying or other inappropriate behavior.

Admitting knowledge of an unreported theft, property damage, school or team violation.

“Liking” in Facebook lingo any inappropriate comments on Facebook or other social networking sites. [FALSE]

Re-tweeting indicates your approval of inappropriate comments. [FALSE]

“Sub-tweeting,” which is not identifying a bullying victim, because someone might be able to figure it out.


First offense results in suspension for one game or event from the activity in which the student participates.

Second offense calls from student’s removal from the team or activity for the season.

— Source: Lodi Unified School District

The criteria is far to broad, making district administrators a veritable cadre of thought police. Just say no.

Breaking: Ohio: Chardon High School Shooting 4 Students Injured [Update 6: 1 Dead, 4 Others Injured, Report: Shooter ID'd As Fellow Student]

February 27, 2012 at 7:50 am

Dear God. Such tragic news to start off the week.

Preliminary report:

(Columbus Dispatch) CHARDON, OH — At least four students have been injured in a shooting this morning at Chardon High School.
Little information has been made available.  Chardon police and sheriff’s officials said the school was on lockdown. Parents are crowding just off school grounds.

The shooting happened in the cafeteria, according to a waiting parent, Jessica Bryant, whose daughter Allison, a freshman who had seen it and texted her.

A city official sad officials don’t know where the shooter is, and the parents are being told at 8:21 that it might not be safe to remain near the school.

Police are blocking off streets near the school.


The gunman remains on the loose.

Update: WLWT’ Live Video: School Shooting Scene

Update 2:

(KSNT) –The sheriff’s office says one person, reportedly a student, suspected in the shooting left the school but is now in custody. There are reports that there may be another suspect.

Counter to the above, this report states that the police do not believe there is another suspect.

(KCTV) –One suspect – a student – has been taken into [custody]. Police do not believe there is a second gunman at this time.

Update 3:

Fox News:

Sheriff Dept ‘situation under control’ and parents are to pick up their kids at nearby Maple Elementary School.

Unconfirmed report: Three of the four students injured students  are in critical condition, one is in stable condition. And that the injured are three boys and one girl.

Local police scanners: Two people are in custody. The second suspect in custody is not necessarily a second shooter or an accomplice. He was taken into custody because he was found running away from the school which at the time the police deemed to be suspicious. He/she may have just been frightened and in a panic mode. Understandable.

Report quoting a student on the scene: The shooter a male student stood up in the school cafeteria and, “started shooting and then there was chaos”.

Update 4: Again from Fox News live report:

Local WJW Reporter on the ground who spoke to a senior female student eyewitness is reporting that there were two gunman who may or may not still attended the school. And one of the gunman was “literally chasing a student down a hallway with a gun pointed at him.” Reportedly the gunmen had specific targets they were going after.

Update 5:

The FBI is confirming that there was only one gunman. And are not saying that the gunman was a student.

John Hiscox Geauga County Sheriff’s Office: Confirmed (single) gunman was apprehended fleeing from the scene. Will not confirm whether or not the gunman was an active student.

Update 6:

(ABC) –One student has died following a shooting this morning at Chardon High School in Ohio. Four others were injured and the shooter is in custody.

“There is one deceased student,” Chardon Police Chief Tim McKenna said at a news conference. “That’s the sad news for all of us today.”

Police will not yet identify the gunman, saying only that he has not yet been charged and that he is a juvenile.
The shooter was chased out of the building by a teacher and later turned himself in to a passerby, authorities said. Police have not yet confirmed whether the gunman was a student at the school, but junior Heather Ziska told the Associated Press she just a few feet away when he opened fire and she recognized the shooter as a fellow student.

The  suspected gunman has been ID’d by Chardon High Junior Nate Mueller:

(Toledo Blade) –Police are not releasing names, but Junior Nate Mueller, who said his ear was grazed by a bullet, identified the shooter as T. J. Lane.

Update 7:

Cleveland.com has a direct quote from Nate Mueller identifying TJ Lane as the shooter:

High school junior Nate Mueller, who was hit in the right ear, identified the shooter as T.J. Lane.

Mueller said he and his friends, including Russell King, Nick Walczak and Demetrius Hewlin, were sitting at their regular cafeteria table when T.J. approached them about 7:30 a.m.

Nate said he heard a gunshot behind him. He turned and felt a sting on his ear.

“My friends were crawling on the floor, and one of my friends was bent over the table, and he was shot,” Nate said. “It was almost like a firecracker went off. I turned around and saw [T.J.] standing with a gun and I saw him take a shot.”

Nate, who has a scratch on his upper right ear, said he ran out of the building, hid behind a car and called 9-1-1.

Nate said his group was friends with T.J. through middle school, but in high school, T.J. went a separate way.

Russell, he said, had recently started dating T.J.’s ex-girlfriend, who is home-schooled.

Also from Cleveland.com a yearbook photo of TJ Lane here.

All of Update 6,  should be filed under allegedly at this time.

Developing. I will stay on it throughout the day, and post updates as more information becomes available. Refresh page for updates.

Hamas Meet Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ – Israel Fighting Jihad Fire with New Multi-Million Dollar Missile Defense System

April 7, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Today in retaliation to the Hamas strike that hit an Israeli school bus, Israel deployed for the first time it’s new ‘Iron Dome’ anti-missile defense system. And much to the dismay of the barbarians in the Gaza Strip (and Israel’s delight I am sure), it’s maiden deployment was a successful one.


(Fox) Israel’s defense minister says the military has activated a new missile-defense system for the first time, and officials believe it successfully shot down an incoming Palestinian rocket.

Ehud Barak said the Iron Dome fired at a rocket launched from Gaza. He said it appeared to have scored a direct hit, though officials were still waiting for final confirmation.

The Israel-developed Iron Dome system has raised hopes in Israel that the army can find a solution to halt years of Palestinian rocket fire.

Israel deployed the first Iron Dome battery just a few weeks ago as tensions with Gaza militants were rising. Officials have warned the technology is young, and the system will not fully protect Israeli cities.


In what appears to be a clear escalation of the Hamas-Israel cross-border attacks along the Gaza Strip, a possible anti-tank weapon fired by militants hit a school bus that just minutes before had dropped off 30 children.

Two people were wounded in the attack on the bus, including one critically, Israeli officials said. For the next two hours the area came under heavy rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza.
Israel has been warning that Hamas is accruing more sophisticated weaponry and the damaged bus shows a large hole near the engine consistent with a guided missile. This would be the first time Gaza strip militants have used such a weapon that would have been smuggled into the Gaza Strip presumably from Syria or Iran. Israel recently intercepted a container ship in the Mediterranean Sea containing tons of Iranian weapons it said was destined for Gaza >>>

Israel pounds Gaza, kills 3 after missile hits bus

As the rockets flew over the border, Israel’s Iron Dome short-range missile defense system intercepted a projectile heading for the southern port city of Ashkelon, in what was the first time the system has ever been successfully used in a combat situation.



The bus attack was the first time an anti-tank missile had hit a civilian target in Israel, prompting Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak to order the army “to act swiftly” in response.

“An anti-tank missile was fired directly at the bus,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP shortly after the attack on the school bus which was passing in front of kibbutz Nahal Oz, just across the border from Gaza City’s eastern flank.

A spokesman for the Israeli medical services said a 16-year-old boy was critically wounded in the attack, while the bus driver sustained only light injuries.

Television footage showed the yellow bus with the back end badly damaged and the windscreen blown out, as a small teddy bear lay on the ground among shards of glass and pools of blood.

The bus had just finished dropping off dozens of schoolchildren.
Immediately after the bus was hit, militants in Gaza fired at least seven mortar rounds at the area, complicating efforts to evacuate the teenager and the bus driver, an AFP correspondent said.

Smoldering evil: Smoke rises from a Hamas training camp. Israel retaliated after Hamas hit Israeli school bus with anti-tank missile.

By early evening, the army said at least 45 mortar rounds and rockets had slammed into southern Israel, one of which scored a direct hit on a house.

But one rocket aimed at Ashkelon was shot down by the multi-million-dollar Iron Dome system, which first went into operation on March 27, in what was the first time a short-range interceptor has been deployed anywhere.

As the rocket flew through the air, the interceptor missile streaked up into the sky to hit it, their two trails converging in an explosion, an AFP correspondent said.

A military source confirmed to AFP it was the first time Iron Dome had hit a rocket in actual combat. >>>