Pro-Union Activist Threatens Michigan Gov. Snyder: “We’ll be at your daughter’s soccer game…” [Video] Update: Tweet: Rightwing Ready To Crucify Me, Bring It On, Mean’t What I Said”

December 15, 2012 at 9:16 am

The threats and intimidation were spoken by a (so called) man of the cloth…no less. Yeah, Jesus Christ was all about stalking and frightening children for the ‘better good’.

“By any means necessary!”

(Michigan Capitol Confidential) –LANSING — A speaker at a union protest against right-to-work legislation said if Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bill he would get “no rest” and that protesters would be at his “daughter’s soccer game.”

The Rev. Charles Williams II made the comments Tuesday to loud cheers before a group of thousands of union workers.

After his promises to harass Gov. Snyder, he introduced Rep. Richard Hammel, D-Mt. Morris Township, and House Minority Leader Tim Greimel, D-Auburn Hills. Williams is a Detroit-area pastor and left-wing activist.

Gov. Snyder later that day signed a bill into law making Michigan a right-to-work state. One of his daughters is a 16-year-old high school student.

“Just know one thing, Rick Snyder: You sign that bill, you won’t get no rest,” Williams said.

“We’ll meet you on Geddes Road [Where Gov Snyder lives with his family -ed.].

We’ll visit you at your church. We’ll be at your office.

“Because Michigan workers will not take it laying down — by any means necessary!” he said.

Continued >>>


I know men of God, and you are no man of God.

Rant Of The Day! On The Subject Of Racist Union Thug Cowards & Clint Tarver

December 13, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Racist Union Thugs Demolish Clint Tarver’s Business by CommonSense

Link at YouTube

Union Thugs Demolish Lansing,Michigan Hot Dog Vendor Clint Tarver’s Equipment [Photo] Update: “N*gger, Uncle Tom” –Slurs Confirmed

Michigan: AFL-CIO Union Thugs Demolish Hot Dog Vendor Clint Tarver’s Equipment [Photo] Update: “N*gger, Uncle Tom” –Slurs Confirmed

December 12, 2012 at 9:12 am

“Civil war

I support Clint:

Early today[December 11, 2012], Clint Tarver, known as “The Hot Dog Guy” here in Lansing had his business attacked and destroyed by out of line and out of control protesters near the Capitol.

Everyone who has passed the hot dog cart knows what a kind and caring individual Clint is. He never fails to bestow a smile or friendly greeting. In no way [did] he provoke this attack, nor any of the behavior displayed toward him.

Beyond the Cart: The Story of Clint Tarver:

Regardless of your position on current legislation, rebuilding Clint’s Hot Dogs is something we can all support. Please give what you can to get this deserving businessman back out there!

If you would like to help Clint get back on his feet ==>DONATE HERE

Update: Racist, violent, destructive monsters.

Update 2: The plot thickens!

The woman (Lorilea Susanne) who set up the fundraising page for Clint has spoken to his wife. Apparently Clint was hired to provide catering for the Americans For Prosperity tent which was also destroyed by union thugs.

*UPDATE* 11:40am – I have spoken with Linda Lee, Clint’s wife. She says he is absolutely overwhelmed with our support, even more so than by the events of yesterday. I would like to clarify the events, however. Clint hired as a caterer for the AFP tent which was torn down. He was much more concerned about the others, and particularly helped to get the women out of the tent. It was when he returned to gather his equipment that the taunts and racial slurs began. He says the working people did not respect the working man. He was not there to be political; he was just there to serve. This is the Clint we know and love. Please, let’s respect him and leave our political opinions out of this. This is about our support for Clint.

Emphasis hers.

Update 3:


Romney’s Saturday started off well. He was the star of the Ingham County Lincoln Day breakfast, an eggs-and-coffee-and-county-commissioner-placards affair in the dining room of a Lansing, Mich., country club.

Before he spoke, Republicans heard The Star-Spangled Banner sung by the Old School Fellas, a zoot-suited amateur doo-wop group. Mitt’s a good, Christian man like I am, explained Clinton Tarver, wearing the reddest of the zoot suits.

Update 4: AFP Michigan organizer Annie Patnaude discusses the attack. She was onsite and witnessed the incident.

Update 5: Dana Loesch speaks with Clint.

Update 6: $23,771 raised so far. God Bless you one and all.

Update 7: Lee Stranahan’s in person interview with Clint The Hot Dog Guy. Topic:  The union mob racist attack and the the attack on the AFP tent in Lansing. At first Clint was caught in the crossfire then the vicious union mob turned their racist anger towards him. He was working for the enemy –Americans For Prosperity. Thus deserving of their wrath.

Stacy McCain:

Good Lord. Of course, they have no sense of shame, but are they also completely lacking a sense of irony? I mean, the Left has spent nearly four years building their Tea Party is racist meme, and the AFL-CIO brutes who were nearly all white, as Stranahan reports and video verifies if decide they just waste all that liberal media propaganda in order to terrorize a guy whose only crime is serving hot dogs?


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Now, I do hope somebody will explain to me how this isn’t racist. An overwhelmingly white crowd goes after a black man who’s just trying to make a living. Defend yourselves, racists.

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Video: Chicago Teamster President Supports Marching In Solidarity With Commies on May Day

May 3, 2012 at 4:04 pm

“That is the 99%, that is all of us.”

YouTube Preview Image

Teamster Local 743 President Donnie Von Moore supports marching [in solidarity] with communists, socialists, and anarchists at the May Day march in Chicago. May 1, 2012.

#OccupyCPAC Roundup Day One

February 10, 2012 at 3:26 pm

First off a video of the protesters thwarted attempt to Occupy CPAC. When told they need to register, the overgrown Occupi children automatically fall into one of their mindless group chants. When told by police to vacate the driveway, the bleating of the Occupy sheep continues and they do not budge.

YouTube Preview Image

Looks like I spoke to soon, some of the OccuScum broke through. Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller has video: CPAC turns ugly: Melee nearly breaks out when protesters and attendees clash -Hotel security later arrived and removed the protesters

Unions were so concerned about a low turnout, Big Labor Fat Cats opened their wallets.

Occupy CPAC ‘Grass Roots‘ Astroturf  Protesters PAID To Protest CPAC:

YouTube Preview Image

Protesters at Friday’s “Occupy CPAC” event, organized by AFL-CIO and the Occupy DC movement, told The Daily Caller that they were paid “sixty bucks a head” to protest outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

One protester told TheDC that all the “Occupy” activists were being paid to protest, and that his union, Sheet Metal Workers Local 100, approached him about the money-making opportunity.

“I have nothing nice to say about Local 100. … They just told me ‘you wanna make sixty bucks? So c’mon,’” the protester said.

Other “Occupy CPAC” protesters were unwilling to speak on camera because they were unaware what they were protesting and what the CPAC event was about.

More on the astroturfed union presence:

Teamsters with “Stop the War on Worker” signs joined autoworkers, sheetmetal workers, firefighters, elevator constructors, UFCW, SEIU, AFSCME, UNITE. Community groups from as far away as Baltimore showed up by the busload.

Kate Thomas New media campaign coordinator for SEIU shares this photo:

Socialists R Us

Also see: ‘Occupy Unmasked’ [Update: Supporters, Sponsors & Sympathizers, Occupy Rap Sheet]

Video: Union Violence Exposed

October 15, 2011 at 11:21 am

YouTube Preview Image
Sign here.

H/T Armand C. Hale at Renew America

AFL-CIO’s Trumpka (as seen in the photo) was invited to Obama’s August 2012 Rose Garden ‘jobs speech’ as a special guest.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: An Ugly History of Violence and Corruption

Also see:

Card Check –Is Not What “Democracy Looks Like”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: An Ugly History of Violence and Corruption

AFL-CIO Thug Boss Trumka’s Statement on Obama’s Debt Speech Featured on White House Website

AFL-CIO, SEIU and UAW Labor Bosses Flew to Detroit Labor Day Rally on the Backs of Taxpayers –On Air Force One with Obama

Teamsters Thug Hoffa to Obama ‘This is your army. Let’s take these Tea Party son of a bitches out.’ [Update 2: White House Refuses to Condemn]

The New “Hoffa Standard” Video: ABC’s Jake Tapper Presses WH Weasel Carney on Hoffa’s Tea Party Remarks – Zero Condemnation Zero Denunciation [Updated with Transcript]

Biden at AFL-CIO Labor Day Rally: “Keeping The Barbarians From the Gates”

Hundreds of AFL-CIO / ILWU Union Thugs Storm Port Hold Security Guards Hostage [Updated]

Video: #OccupyWallStreet Hitler Edition! Soros Is Angry at Epic Fail ‘Day of Rage’

October 9, 2011 at 9:35 pm

YouTube Preview Image

George Soros was counting on the Day of Rage to help push the US to the brink of chaos. Leaders from SEIU, Adbusters, and ACORN all let him down miserably.

H/T ladyliberty1885

Hertz Suspends Muslim Shuttle Drivers Who Expect Pay to Pray

October 7, 2011 at 12:46 am

Bravo! Let’s hear it for non-sharia compliance in the land of the free!

(Seattle Times) — In the three years she’s worked as a shuttle driver for Hertz at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Zainab Aweis, had always taken time out of her shift each day to pray.
On Friday, she and 33 other drivers — all of them Somali Muslims — were suspended indefinitely from their jobs after they took religious breaks to pray while at work without first clocking out.
While the drivers were allowed two, 10-minute breaks during their work shifts during which they could pray, Teamsters officials said managers had agreed in negotiations that workers would not have to clock out and in, though the contact itself does not address the matter.


But Hertz said the rules aren’t new; that it had been trying for some time to enforce the terms of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settlement it reached with the workers two years ago that required them to clock out.

Two years?! Well then, that really sheds a bright light on the subject.

A Hertz spokesman said the workers had been repeatedly told they needed to clock out and that the 34 suspended workers had not complied.

“We felt it was reasonable for our Muslim employees who need to pray a couple times during the workday to clock in and clock out,” said Rich Broome, spokesman for Hertz.

Damn straight it is reasonable. Muslims should not expect pay to pray. They should do it on their own time, or find a way back to Somalia. Where they can pray to Allah FUBAR to their islamic hearts content.

Broome said it’s not about pay — break time is paid time — but to ensure that workers were staying within the 10-minute time slots, which has been a problem.

Oh, so they were slacking too.

The Teamsters represents about 79 drivers at Hertz — about 70 percent of whom are Muslim — earning between $9.15 and $9.95 an hour. They receive no health benefits, vacation or sick leave.

Some union support. But you can bet those dues are snatched right up. Speaking of which, minus dues, they are barely making minimum wage, if that.

Aweis said she was not aware the rules had changed until she arrived at work on Friday and managers told her and six other women who were about to pray that several other workers had been sent home that day for praying.

Ignorance is no excuse. Though I doubt that is the case, she is probably lying in hopes to scoop up some moolah via teh legal jihad.

“I like the job,” Aweis said. “But if I can’t pray, I don’t see the benefit.” [...]

No one said you can’t pray, the company refuses to pay you to pray. Besides the MAIN benefit of having a job, is the paycheck that comes with it, you muslim twit.

The New “Hoffa Standard” Video: ABC’s Jake Tapper Presses WH Weasel Carney on Hoffa’s Tea Party Remarks – Zero Condemnation Zero Denunciation [Updated with Transcript]

September 6, 2011 at 7:39 pm

YouTube Preview Image

Update: Transcript of the discussion on the as coined by Tapper the new “Hoffa Standard

Jake Tapper: And lastly, Jay, in January, President Obama said after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords,

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.”

Did he mean that?

Jay Carney: Of course he did.

Jake Tapper: Then, where do the comments by the Teamsters president fit in with that?

Jay Carney: First of all, those weren’t comments by the President. Secondly, as I think it’s been reported…

Jake Tapper: …comments by a union leader, at an event that President Obama spoke at…

Jay Carney: I understand that there is a ritual in Washington that, you know, somebody says something, and you link the associations, and then everybody who has an association with him or her has to avow or disavow. The President wasn’t there, he wasn’t on the stage, he didn’t speak for another twenty minutes, he didn’t hear it. I really don’t have any comment beyond that.

Jake Tapper: Okay, well, some of us covered the campaign, and recall a time when somebody made some harsh comments about then-Senator Obama during the introduction at a McCain rally, and the Obama campaign was offended, and expected an apology, Senator McCain came out and did so.

Jay Carney: Mr. Hoffa speaks for himself, he speaks for the labor movement, AFL-CIO.

[Hoffa is the president of the Teamsters you idiot! –Ed.]

The President speaks for himself, I speak for the President. What the President was glad to do yesterday was the opportunity to present his views on the importance of working Americans, and on the importance of taking measures to help working Americans, to create jobs and grow the economy.

Jake Tapper: So the precedent you’re setting right now for the 2012 election is, the Republican candidates are the ones to pay attention to. Those who introduce them at rallies, their surrogates, we don’t have to pay attention to anything that they say.

Jay Carney: Jake, I think I’ve said what I can say…

Jake Tapper: Is that the standard now?

Jay Carney: (inaudible)

Jake Tapper: I’d rather not have to do this Washington kabuki every time something happens, but if that’s the standard, if that’s the standard…

Jay Carney: The standard is we should focus on the actions we can take to grow the economy and create jobs, instead of focusing on kabuki theater.

Fred Lucas: Does the President find the comments appropriate?

Jay Carney: Can we move on?

Sure we can “move on” or more to the point; you, Obama and all of the rest of the toads in the Obama Admin. will be ‘moving OUT’ come November 2012.

H/T Eric Brockway

The Obama Administration’s two sets of rules rule.


Teamsters Thug Hoffa to Obama ‘This is your army. Let’s take these Tea Party son of a bitches out.’

Teamsters Thug Hoffa to Obama ‘This is your army. Let’s take these Tea Party son of a bitches out.’ [Update 2: White House Refuses to Condemn]

September 5, 2011 at 6:32 pm

New tone! Civility!

YouTube Preview Image

Full transcript:

“We like a good fight. And you know what, they got a war and they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner and it’s going to be the workers of Michigan and America. We’re going to win that war. All the way. But it starts with your involvement. It starts with next November. We got a bunch of people there that don’t want the president to succeed. And they’re called the tea party. The people that don’t want him to do anything right and he’s working hard for us. And president Obama is frustrated by what’s going on. Well guess what. We got the vote. And the answer what we say is, ‘we remember in November.’ We will beat the tea party and give this country back to workers and America. We can do it together. And we also gotta talk about jobs. I get so tired of these people who sit on these big corporations that send our jobs to Mexico. They send our jobs to China. And they have the audacity to say ‘where are the jobs?’ Well I got news for you It’s time to bring those jobs back to America and put America back to work. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

“We’re going to hear from President Obama in a few minutes. And I’m so glad he’s come to Michigan because this is where he sees the real America. He looks out on this army of people and you know what I say, ‘President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march.’ And, President Obama we want one thing – jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs… That’s what we’re going to tell him. When he sees what we’re doing here he’s going to be inspired. But he needs help. And, you know what. Everybody here’s gotta vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize – Let’s take these sons a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong. Thank you very much.”

This is what happens folks when union goons find their backs against the wall, they incite violence.

And Obama is as proud as any Union labeled pol could be.

Update 2: Not even a lame attempt at spin. Interesting…

(Political Punch – ABC) –Despite President Obama’s repeated claims to change the tone in Washington, the White House had no comment this afternoon after Teamsters Union leader James Hoffa, speaking at an event before President Obama, said of Tea Party activists that, come November, Democrats should “take these sons of bitches out.”

Warming up the crowd before President Obama’s Labor Day speech in Detroit this afternoon, Hoffa warned the largely union crowd that the Tea Party was waging a “war on workers.”
Should President Obama do the same regarding Hoffa comments about the Tea Party? The president has repeatedly called for increased civility in American politics. “Only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the challenges of our nation,” the president said in January.

I do believe there is hope for civility. I do believe there’s hope for progress,” Obama said after last November’s midterm elections. [...]

Also see: