HA! Quran Burning Pastor Terry Jones Wears A “Nuke ISIS” T-Shirt to Court

October 10, 2014 at 2:00 pm


Pastor Jones; sacrificial infidel to appease the cult of the Moon God and their most fervent ally Barack Obama.

Oh, and the charge of “illegally carrying fuel” is…psst…a veiled sharia blasphemy charge of ‘burning the un-holy quran’.

terry jones nuke isisBARTOW (FOX 13) -Pastor Terry Jones, known for burning Korans, was back in a Polk County court Tuesday morning.

He’s had court date after court date in relation to the stunt, and after what happened Tuesday morning, it seems likely more could be coming down the line.

Wearing a shirt that said “NUKE ISIS,” Jones appeared before the judge this time because the state is asking for a second chance.

The state charged Jones for illegally carrying fuel back in 2013, when he unsuccessfully tried to burn nearly 3,000 Korans on to mark the September 11th anniversary.

A judge dismissed the charge, but now, the state is asking if a higher court will approve him being charged again.

“I am definitely surprised…The judge reviewed it; the judge threw it out,” said Jones. “They know they didn’t have any kind of chance from the very beginning, and they are just continuing to drag it out — I think just trying to wear us down.”

If he’s convicted of illegally carrying fuel — a felony — he wouldn’t be able to carry a gun. Jones says he has received several death threats, and needs the gun for protection.

Jones is also charged with a misdemeanor for showing a concealed weapon.

Velvet Hammer (crosspost)

Dr. Terry Jones Announces Worldwide Burning of 2,998 Un-Holy Qurans September 11, 2014

August 28, 2014 at 11:38 am
glenn mccoy obama quran burning
August 28, 2014
Worldwide Burning of 2998 Korans on September 11, 2014
13535 Citrus Way, Brooksville 34601

TIME:  6pm to 8pm
On September 11th, 2014, to remember those who were murdered by radical Islam, and to send Islam a very clear warning, that they will not get their foothold in the American Constitution as they have done in Europe, we will be holding an international burning of 2,998 Korans, representing one for each individual who was murdered in the September 11th, 2001 attacks.The radical hand of Islam shows itself with violence against anyone who dares to stand up and speak the truth.
Radical Islam will not be stopped by the appeasing attitude of the present Obama Administration, but only by a show of force and determination.
We at Stand Up America Now will not back down. We will not be silent.
Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”
Thank you,
Dr Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

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Watch ‘Muhammad The Innocent Prophet’ The Film That Resulted In Spain Revoking Filmmaker Imran Firasat’s Theo-Political Asylum

December 27, 2012 at 1:18 pm

The Innocent Prophet by Imran Firasat, an ex-Muslim, and Terry Jones is an accurate historical portrayal of Muhammad, of his life, his actions and his teachings. It answers the question, “Why is Islam a violent, oppressive religion?”

The movie reveals that from Islam’s very beginning, its very foundation is based upon greed and the insanity of one man called Muhammad. His obsession with power, violence, money and sex has given us a religion that must be stopped because it is the greatest threat to world peace and coexistence.

Muhammad The Innocent Prophet

(YouTube) –”The Innocent Prophet is the film that will help Muslims know the true face of Muhammad, as the creator of the false religion of Islam to achieve his own goals. It’s time to clear all doubts and accept that Muhammad was not a prophet but was a mobster, murderer, abuser of children and a self-proclaimed prophet.”

Stand Up America

Imran Firasat faces criminal charges and deportation from Spain. He is a Pakistani ex-Muslim who was welcomed into Spain for protection from Islamic violence. As a result of his speaking out against Islam and revealing the violent nature of the religion, his co-producing with Stand Up America Now of the film called The Innocent Prophet, and because he converted from Islam to Christianity, he faces certain death if Spain sends him back to Pakistan. This is again a result of Western Society bowing to the fear and intimidation of Islam and shows the very nature of Islam.

Spain is citing Penal Code 510 as a reason to prosecute Imran. This Code refers to inciting or provoking hatred or violence, which Imran has not done. Spain’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has threatened to revoke Imran’s asylum status, stating that his youtube, The Innocent Prophet, is “destabilizing” because of the “extreme indignation and sensitivity” of the world’s Muslims.

These unjust threats by the Spanish Government show the very importance of our standing up against a brutal totalitarian system of religion and government called Sharia. Under Sharia, apostates and those who are seen to insult Islam deserve death. Let us act now, before our Western society becomes a victim of the very violence of Islam that we are attempting to fight.

Imran was served on December 22.
Facing Death for Free Speech in Spain: Interview Imran Firasat on The Innocent Prophet

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Must Watch: Silent Conquest – The End of Freedom of Expression in the West

November 24, 2012 at 9:32 am

Wake up and smell the suppression of speech. The right to free speech is being snuffed by progressive dhimmis and their Islamic slave masters.

Silent Conquest.com

After a successful online pre-election screening, Silent Conquest has attracted the attention of distributors who want to get the film and the important issue it addresses to the widest possible audience.
Updates on the official release date will be available on www.silentconquest.com and on www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org.

In the meantime, please do your part to protect our liberties by sending a link to the trailer to your friends, family, and colleagues.

“This restriction of freedom of speech is now becoming official policy.” ~ Frank Gaffney, Founder & President of the Center for Security Policy, from the documentary Silent Conquest.

H/T Blazing Cat Fur

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As long as I am an American citizen and American blood runs in these veins I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject.”
- Elijah Parish Lovejoy(1802-1837)


Obama Won’t Denounce ‘Piss Christ’ But Has Repeatedly Denounced Anti-Islam Movie ‘Innocence Of Muslims’

September 22, 2012 at 8:42 am

koran_bible glenn mccoy

All we need to know.

(Todd Starnes – Fox News) –Religious groups are blasting President Obama for not condemning am anti-Christian art display set to appear in New York City and one Republican lawmaker said he is fed up with the administration’s double standard and religious hypocrisy.

Piss Christ,once branded as a deplorable, despicable display of vulgarity, will be displayed at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in Manhattan on Thursday. The artwork features a photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine.

The artwork debuted in 1989 and was funded through prize money provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. [taxpayer funded -ed.] The art gallery hosting the retrospective salute to Andres Serrano is privately owned.

Religious groups and some lawmakers have already started sounding off and making comparisons to the controversy over a recent anti-Muslim film. The Innocence of Muslims…

It also brought strong rebukes, condemnations and apologies from President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a host of administration officials.

The administration tried to have the film removed from YouTube “ but Google rebuffed their request. The State Dept. spent $70,000 on a Pakistani television advertisement rebuking the film. And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff personally telephoned a Christian minister in Florida to ask him to withdraw his support of the film.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R, C-NY) wants to know why President Obama hasn’t denounced the exhibit and said he’s fed up with what he called the administration’s religious hypocrisy.

The Obama administration’s hypocrisy and utter lack of respect for the religious beliefs of Americans has reached an all-time high,Grimm told Fox News. I call on President Obama to stand up for America’s values and beliefs and denounce the Piss Christ that has offended Christians at home and abroad.

So will the Obama Administration condemn the anti-Christian art display? Will they air a television ad denouncing the exhibit? Will the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ask the gallery to cancel the exhibit?

The White House did not return calls seeking comment. Neither did the Pentagon.

The State Dept. referred to a previous statement Clinton made in reference to the anti-Islamic film.

America’s commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation, Clinton said. And as you know, we are home to people of all religions, many of whom came to this country seeking the right to exercise their own religion, including, of course, millions of Muslims. And we have the greatest respect for people of faith.

Americans of Christian faith take note of how the statement mentions Muslims and NOT Christians. Yet that is the official response. For the state dept to respond to the inquiry with the statement they released bowing to Islam, is not only a blatantly transparent dodge, it is an egregious insult. And conspicuously absent is any reference to ‘free speech’….what…so…ever.

Grimm said the lack of response from the White House is unacceptable.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten the controversy that surrounds this deplorable piece depicting a crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine,Grimm said. It outraged Christians in American and throughout the world.

Grimm, who is Catholic, said he found the artwork to be vulgar and offensive, just as many in the Islamic world found Innocence of Muslims to be highly offensive.

Like most Americans, I condemn both yet remain tolerant as the First Amendment demands,he said. Unfortunately, this administration has yet to echo these views in regards to the religiously offensive art here at home.

Continued >>>

Official Obama admin. statement on the recently published Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons via Obama press secretary Jay Carney:

We are aware that a French magazine published cartoons featuring a figure resembling the prophet Muhammad, and obviously we have questions about the judgment of publishing something like this,Carney told reporters during a midday press briefing at the White House. We know these images will be deeply offensive to many and have the potential be be inflammatory, Carney said in a prepared statement.

Again not a single reference to ‘free speech’.

Lastly, this phrase is screaming for correction.

“..a figure resembling the prophet Muhammad,”

‘A figure resembling [Islam's] prophet Muhammad.’

Much better.

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Video: Muslim Cleric Tears Bible Apart “Next Time I’ll Urinate On It” –Stands By While Cohort Burns It

September 18, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Muslim Cleric Tears Bible At Protest Outside the US Embassy in Cairo

(AINA) — During the demonstration which was held in front of the American Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday, 9/11, a Muslim cleric named Abu Islam tore and burned the Holy Bible in front of thousands of Muslims. His action was met with applause and anti-Christian cheers from the demonstrators. Before leaving the demonstration and getting into his car, he told the crowds “next time I will urinate on it.”

YouTube Preview Image

The video above shows the Muslim cleric tearing the Bible. The video says:

  • 0.02 “the overwhelming Book, the Book of Truth and Peace. The place for these words and this book is over the heads because it is the real inspiration… (He places the Koran on his head) voices chanting Allahu Akbar.
  • 0.30 He Says: message to the Egyptian Christians. Out of respect and politeness to the Egyptian Christians we will not do the same like what they did to our God’s book , we will be generous towards you today and say we will respect you “momentarily.” We will respect this book which is in the Arabic language.
  • 0:54 Demonstrators’ chants “Coming, Coming O Islam”
  • 1.09 Abu Islam holds another bible and says: This is the book the dog Terry believes in, as well as those dogs with him the Egyptian Christians in America.
  • 1.19 Abu Islam: Today I can only TEAR IT APART. He starts tearing the bible and throwing the leaves towards the mob, amid chants of Allahu Akbar and “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Mohammad is coming.”
  • 2.06 Abu Islam saying: to all the cross worshippers around the world we will not keep quiet . Today, we tore it.
  • 2.13 a man in blue beside him burns the bible raising it for everyone to see.
  • Abu Islam: Salamu Aleycom (Peace be with you) and leaves, with mob chanting “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Mohammad is coming.” “Governing, governing, O Koran.” “Coming, Coming O Islam.”

In an interview today with The Mohit newspaper, Abu Islam denied burning the Bible, he said “I tore it apart and threw it to the demonstrators to step on it with their shoes.” He added, “Next time I will make my grandson urinate on it…”

Continued >>>

Now if one were to subscribe to the the left-wing argument that filmmakers are to blame for violence committed by those offended by a video’s content. Then if thousands of Christians after having viewed this video, went on a violent rampage assassinating diplomats, torching embassies etc., they would be justified in doing so.

Disproportionate response you say?


That concludes your daily dose of perspective.

Velvet out.

H/T Pamela Geller

Disturbing Video: Dearborn Muslim Mob Shout “Allahu Akbar” Stone Christians -Cops Turn A Blind Eye, Bow To Allah

June 27, 2012 at 11:08 am

Otherwise known as “Dearbornistan” and with good reason. Dearborn, Michigan is home to THE largest population of Muslims in the United States AND the largest Mosque as well.

Adherents of the so called ‘Religion of Peace’, are as peaceful as rabid wild dogs.

Free speech enrages Muslims:

Part of the reason they throw things is, that you tell them stuff that enrages them.You are a danger to the public safety. You’re disorderly.
~Deputy Chief Dennis Richardson – Deputy Chief of Operations Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

The non-violent Christians are a danger to public safety NOT the 200 angry Muslim children throwing objects. Got it?

Free speech jeopardizes and affects public safety (because Muslims become violent when faced with free speech):

You are jeopardizing public safety…[your] signs are affecting public safety
~ Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar – Director of Law Enforcement Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

(Warning: F-bombs are dropped)

June 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival
YouTube Preview Image

“Rewarding riotous behavior”

“They can’t spare two cops to stay with us, but they can spare FOURTEEN to kick us out.”

“They kick us out of the festival because they can’t spare any police officers to protect us. ‘[But they can spare] at least TWELVE cops to pull us over during a police escort, but they can’t spare two to protect us during the festival’.

The Christians who were forced to leave by police, had every [LEGAL] right to attend the Arab festival as per a Detroit federal judge’s order; dated June 2011, and the blood thirsty Muslim savages and the subservient authorities KNEW it:

(June 2011) A Detroit federal judge signed an order allowing Christian evangelists to work the sidewalks at the festival. The decision came after a federal appeals court in May ruled Dearborn couldn’t prohibit the evangelists from passing leaflets on sidewalks inside the festival boundaries. The court found that past restrictions violated the missionaries free-speech rights.

The venue is of no consequence. Be it a Muslim gathering (above), or a pro-free speech/anti-sharia protest, Muslims foam at the mouth at any sign of criticism.
Case in point: (April 2011) Dearborn Muslims rioting at a Terry Jones (who has received hundreds of death threats BTW) appearance, objects were thrown; bottles and shoes. Riot police were brought in to contain the anti-free speech Islamic rage filled mob who broke through police barricades:

YouTube Preview Image

For good measure, here is yet another video of Muslims reacting violently when free speech is used to protest against Islam:

YouTube Preview Image

Whether it be an Arab festival, on the steps of a courthouse, or in front of a Mosque (all public spaces!), pro-Islamic totalitarian oppression Muslims insist and violently so, that American citizens do not have the right to protest against the slavery that is Islam. No right to criticize Islam = Sharia.

H/T Doctor Bulldog

If You Play With Fire, You Get Burned

April 29, 2012 at 2:42 am

Before, during and after photo set of Pastor Terry Jones’ burning the Quran and a copy of Kurt Westergaard’s Turban Bomb Mo Toon.

Elsewhere Islamists are burning Christians and Churches.

Get the picture?




View full photo set here.

Any and all post Quran burning Islamic rage, will not be because of offended feelings. The true cause, will be the audacity of arrogant Islamists, demanding all obey Islam. Violence [jihad] is their way of upping the demand. A punishment for daring to refuse to bow.


Pastor Terry Jones Worldwide Quran & Mohammed Image Burning Day Has Arrived

First Burning Mo Protest Photo!

April 28, 2012 at 2:22 pm


Then very first burning Mo image comes from a participant in Germany:

Hi Dr. Jones, I saw your video on Facebook/Youtube and have taken a photo for you showing me burning an image of Muham-Mad. Hope you like it. I really admire your passion and all your work for America, freedom and christianity! Greetings from Hamburg, Germany! — in Hamburg, Germany.

Need a mo image? Here ya go:

Charley Worange I will have 58 pictures to show you! LOL This zip file has 58 images in it, one for every nation in the OIC plus the OIC itself. Start printing and let’s get ready to burn some images of that evil bastard! http://infidelsunited.com/ImagesOfmohammed.zip

Don’t forget to tune in to Terry Jones’ live stream Quran burning protest at 5pm EST today.

Stay tuned…


Pastor Terry Jones Worldwide Quran & Mohammed Image Burning Day Has Arrived

Pastor Terry Jones Worldwide Quran & Mohammed Image Burning Day Has Arrived

April 28, 2012 at 11:08 am

The day of world wide Quran burning is in protest of Pastor Youcef  Nadarkhani’s imprisonment in Iran.
Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been sentenced to death in Iran for his apostasy from Islam and his subsequent conversion to Christianity. Muslims are OKAY with that.

Pastor Terry Jones also a Christian, threatens to burn the Quran, the unholy book of the (pseudo) religion Islam, which is the basis for the execution of Pastor Youcef. Muslims are NOT okay with that.

If Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is not released and Qurans are set ablaze, Muslims may go on a murderous rampage killing more Christians.

Got it?

Christians, the Bible and churches have been burned in the name of Islam, time and time again. Just this month in Sudan; Bibles, a school for clergy and the residence of the clerical students were burned. Egypt and Nigeria are Islamic Christian persecution hotbeds as well. One of the most  HORRIFYING examples in Nigeria occurred on July 16, 2011, Islamic jihadsts hacked Christian children to death with machetes! Burning churches and homes did not satisfy their taste for Christian persecution, though the evil foot soldiers of allah made sure to torch several to the ground while they were at it.

If Qurans are burned today and foaming at the mouth Islam rage boys murder non-Muslims in revenge, the burned Qurans will not be their reason, it will be their excuse. Islamic persecution of Christians existed well before Pastor Terry Jones ever hit the scene. “So who are the real bigots?”

Pastor Terry Jones speaking on the Worldwide Quran/ Mohammed Image Burning scheduled for today:

Embedded Video
YouTube Preview Image

(Stand Up America) –We have received reports from around the world from groups planning to participate in the Saturday event. These groups are in America, in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Texas, Ohio, Maine, Idaho and Pennsylvania.  We have also heard from groups in Africa, in New Delhi, India, Brazil, the Phillipines, Canada, Germany, Romania, and in other locations around Europe.

Together we are demanding the release of the Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani from Iranian prison. If he has not been released we will protest his imprisonment, and the cowardliness and political correctness of world leaders concerning Islam’s 1400 year history of violence, murder, rape and destruction that continues today, with a World Wide Burning of Korans and Images of the Prophet Mohammad at 5pm ET, Saturday April 28th.

A presentation will be BROADCAST LIVE at that time via USTREAM at this link: STANDUPAMERICANOW

If you are planning to participate:

Post your city, state or country on our Facebook page:

Stand Up America with Dr. Terry Jones

And those with Twitter accounts can Tweet for Youcef.

While you wait for today’s Quran/Mo torching, here is a Danish video from 2007 of the burning of a Mo effigy:

YouTube Preview Image

Translation of the Danish text at link.

Final thoughts:

Connie Brimmer

Did anyone ever think that perhaps Muslim violence around the world set off a Qur’an burning & not the other way around?

A very astute observation. And what causes Muslim violence? The Quran of course.

So there you have it.

Burn, evil burn. Rot in hell and take your heathen hounds of hell with you.

To be tolerant of the intolerant is the new tolerance. And I’ll have no part of it. Call me a bigot, call me an islamophobe…whatever suits your fancy. Off my back, like water on a duck. I will not be silenced, I will not back down. ~ Velvet Hammer

Update: Meanwhile the Pentagon continues to bow to it’s Islamic slave masters. Par for it’s dhimmi course.

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